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This is the history of the brand BMW since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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BMW rightfully considered to be among the best in the world. For the first time this brand appeared in 1917, when Karl RAPP and Gustav Otto registered the company В«Bavarian motor worksВ» - Bayerische Motoren Werke or, in abbreviated form, BMW. Since that time, and the beginning of its history the famous automobile company, the products of which has earned the love and respect for the millions of motorists.

The company BMW is not immediately began to produce cars, it originally specialized in the production of aircraft engines. But after the defeat in the First world war Germany was not allowed to produce their own aircraft engines, so RAPP and Otto switched production to issue of motorcycle engines. Eventually it was decided to make not only the engines, but the motorcycles, the first model in the BMW was collected in 1923.

A little later the owners of the company decide to engage in the production of cars. Because of their own experience of designing cars from owners of BMW was not there, they have purchased a license for production of cars of mark В«AustinВ». The idea proved to be successful, fell from the plant conveyor machines enjoyed great popularity. The original model engineers of the BMW modernized and began to produce under the trademark В«DixieВ». By 1928 was issued more than 15 thousand of these cars. It was in 1928, the name of the В«DixieВ» was abolished on radiators produced by machines first appeared in the now well-known throughout the world of letters - BMW.

A distinctive feature of BMW cars in the steel quality motors, which is not surprising, because the company previously specialized in the production of motors and has in this case a great experience. At the Berlin motor show, 1933, the company unveiled its new model BMW-303 with in-line six-cylinder engines of the 1.2 liter. In those days it became a real sensation. It is on this machine, BMW for the first time used the element of design of the radiator grille in the form of two В«nostrilsВ», which became the brand symbol of the cars of this brand.

The thirties of the last century became the time when the company BMW has managed to declare itself as about one of the leaders of the automotive industry in Europe. The development of the company prevented the Second world war, but since then BMW has caught up with the rapidly lost position, firmly taking a place among the leaders of the world's automotive industry.

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