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This is the history of the brand Jowett since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Brothers Benjamin and William Jowett created his first car in 1905. They became a double crew , which was run by the trailing arm . But almost immediately after the brothers engaged in manufacturing motorcycles in conjunction with Alfred Scott, in this connection, car production has been postponed. Issue is the prototype machine was started in 1905 only in 1910 , after Alfred Scott opened his own firm and brothers Dzhouitt also agreed to the release of cars .
Before the end of the First World War, they collected the car with the two-cylinder power unit working volume of 0.8 liters . Due to the great popularity is very simple and inexpensive modification of the model it has been postponed until the end of the war , when the lever is replaced by a familiar in our time driving.
In 1920, the company came out of the shops Jowett model with the power unit working volume of 0.9 liter capacity of 7 liters. s. In 1923 came the first four-seater firm Jowett - Long Four, and in 1924 the company has released a modification of this model , which also had four seats , but they were arranged in pairs , back to back . Closed on this car was first introduced in 1926, all vehicles produced over the years have been pretty powerful and simple, but the specifications were on one of the last places among all the vehicles produced at the time. In 1929, the company was first put the brakes on the front wheels.
Model car Jestrel, which was characterized as one of the most aerodynamic cars of the time, was released in 1933 following machine issued by the Company became sports model Jestrel, equipped with a 4- speed transmission .
In 1936 he was presented the model of Ten, which was mounted on the opposed four-cylinder engine capacity of 1.2 liters . This machine is the latest released Dzhouitt brothers . The head of the company since 1940, has become Kelkott Reilly, who began to construct a new car even during the Second World War.
The most famous model of Jowett was the model 1946 - Jowett Javelin. Its author was Gerald Palmer. Body of the car resembles the design of cars Lincoln Zephyr. Jowett Javelin equipped with a horizontally opposed four-cylinder power unit with the top flaps of 1.5 liters . The piston stroke length is 90 mm ​​and the cylinder diameter - 72.5 mm . The car was set manual 4- speed transmission , rear torsion- spring independent front and lever-spring suspension and drum brakes on all wheels. In general, car capacity 50 liters. s. could accelerate to 132 km / h. From 1946 to 1952, has raised more than 30,000 copies of the popular model Jowett Javelin.
In 1950, the company released a sporty Jowett Jupiter, which was equipped with a 60 hp engine This power unit has been specifically designed designer Eberanom Eberhorstom background for this model , previously worked in the company of Auto Union. Early in his career, Jowett Jupiter won the competition cars of the same class at Le Mans.
In 1952, the firm's management approved a draft sports car Jowett R- 4 with a body made ​​of fiberglass. Financial difficulties have prevented the implementation of plans and led to the closure of the company , in this connection, the idea of ​​a new sports car and did not realize , and the most successful model and has remained a car Jowett Javelin.

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