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LHD cars from UK

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Periodically in the Internet you can find ads for the sale in the UK left-hand drive vehicles. Usually the seller is already in the ad title gives the appropriate mark - 'LHD' (Left Hand Drive). These machines are mostly sold for export and often do NOT have the English registration, but, for instance French or Portuguese.

Generally, it is impossible to give an unambiguous Council - is good or not the purchase of such LHD car from England.
Firstly, the Internet is very widespread fraud, based just on the sale of modern LHD cars for one reason or another have fallen in England - at a very good price. More on this I wrote in the section "Attention, fraud!".
Secondly, the prices for cars not older than 10 years with the left rudder of the often higher than for similar cars with the right wheel (although, in comparison with Germany both options can be cheaper) and buy LHD in England is simply not profitable.
And, finally, in the third, the choice of "LHD" cars in England very scanty. At the moment the primary registration of vehicles with the left hand drive of the generally prohibited, so you can find a small amount of either the "Americans", or "Europeans"to go on English roads for many years (subject to meticulous attitude of the British to the cars and the road - this is an undeniable plus :))

so, what can you safely buy in England left-hand drive?
1. Good prices can be found at the 10-15 year the French and German models of the medium price class, for example the VW Golf, VW Polo or Renault Megane. The purchase makes sense, if you need a "donor" or just a lot of spare parts for our own machines and you will be able to manage to import a car without customs clearance.
2. Small "ladies" cars Smart beginning of the 2000s the years are presented in the English market in large quantities it is in version left-hand drive. The prices are very pleasant, starting from 1 thousand pounds.
3. Most of the retro cars NOT of British production: the Italian supercar, American coupe and cabriolet and a lot of other rare and interesting old machinery is sold to the left-hand drive. For example, if you want to buy a classic Ford Mustang of the 70's - not necessarily go to the States. English the price of such car can be much more attractive, and delivery will be faster and cheaper, than from the United States.

Nikita Volgin