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This is the history of the brand Henry J since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Henry J

Henry J - this passenger car produced Kaiser-Frazer in the years 1950-1954 . It is named in honor of the company's founder , Henry John Kaiser . Production model with a 6- cylinder engine was launched in July 1950, Labor Day began production version with 4- cylinder engine . Official sales began with the Sept. 28, 1950 .

activities to create a new car was owned by Henry Kaiser . He hoped to increase production of its car plant , releasing a cheap car that could be available to people with an average salary . To finance the development of the project , the company received a federal government loan in 1949. Kaiser-Frazer pledged to create a car , the cost of which would not exceed $ 1,300 ( at prices of 2011 - $ 11,860 ) . He had to accommodate five adults , speeds up to 50 miles per hour (80 km / h) and go on sale no later than 30 September 1950 .

To be effective Henry J was developed using as few components. Early cars assembled from stamped parts , had no lid , so you can get there was only a folding rear seat. Another measure aimed at reducing costs was the creation of a two-door body with fixed rear windows . Also in the basic version does not have the glove box on the dashboard, armrests , sun visor on the passenger side and flow ventilation.

4 -cylinder engine had a displacement of 134.2 cu. inch ( 2.2 L) capacity of 68 liters. s ( 51 kW). 6-cylinder engines had a volume of 161 cubic meters. inch (2.6 L ) and 80 liter capacity . s. (60 kW). Engines supplied Willys-Overland; 4- cylinder engine was similar to the CJ-3A, used on the Jeep, but with a few changes some of the details , but the cylinder head and internal parts were interchangeable with the CJ- 3A.


Henry J did not live up to his expectations. Model Chevrolet (Chevrolet 150 ) and Ford, which cost a little more, have more spacious and comfortable lounges. During the 1951 Kaiser-Frazer began to produce cars with the trunk lid and other supplements as part of «Accessory Group» ( optional) . The main emphasis in the advertisement has been on low fuel consumption, while the prices are set by the War Production Board (War Production Board) up 27 cents a gallon. Gasoline consumption Henry J was 25 miles per gallon (9.7 l/100 km) , allowing him to win the Mobil Economy Run.

In 1952, Kaiser began selling cars through Sears under the trademark Allstate. They were almost identical except for the Henry J grille ornament on the hood , wheel caps , name badges , interior , tires and battery. Two years later , Sears collapses sales Allstate. From 1951 to 1954, this car was also sold in Japan under a licensing agreement with East Japan Heavy-Industries, which was part of Mitsubishi.

Each year, sales fell. Although Henry J was inexpensive , the cost of its production exceeded sales. Henry Kaiser had hoped to increase profits by producing more cars. In the automotive market dominated by the "Big Detroit troika » - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. But the post- production costs were prohibitive for small automakers.

Following the acquisition of Kaiser-Frazer assets Willys-Overland in early 1953 , it was decided to discontinue the Henry J from 1953 model year. The remaining machines were sold very slowly until 1954.

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