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Track days in the UK

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1. In Britain there is a notion of "Track days" - this is the "race" for those who just with friends in his car arrived at the circuit, paid money, and a few hours of chasing circles, sharpening skills, competing with friends at the time of the circle, then to go in the evening in the pub and in a good laugh over each other. Even the largest in the UK Silverstone circuit, the owner of Formula-1, a few days a month open to all comers.
Below I publish a report with photos and impressions on the participation in such races of our compatriots.

One of the important parts of our mandatory programme of stay in England was the participation in the track day at one of the numerous circular routes of Albion, and their on such a small island – more than 50. Not like in Russia, one, two and… far between.

Index on the road Bedford 

this Idea came to us in the head has long – each time when we are somewhere in Europe and the enslavement of “in the steering wheel”, we try to ride on one of the rings: it's interesting to try a new route, to see how everything is organized, get acquainted with new people, see who and on what and, most importantly, how goes.

In the UK this whole system was centralized. In the Internet there is a magical site:, it provides information on all routes, prices and dates, and you can pick up event not only for its taste and purse, but also by geographical location.

by the Way, the wallet. But if you decide to book a place, please see the price: it varies from 75 pounds with the car in a day up to 425! Of course, the average price varies in the limits of 99-150 pounds, but this is not so bad for a day of happiness.

In our dates of stay in England fell out several activities (they are held not only at weekends but on weekdays as well). However, according to all indicators most of all we liked the track-day on the route of the Grand Turismo in Bedford. Firstly, close (in 30 km from the place where we lived), and secondly, interesting picture of the slopes, in the third, quite humane price tag. Yes and place as long as I had.

Track in Bedford long (of 3.6 miles), wide (from 10 to 15 meters) and with a very attractive profile, in which there are long прямики with the possibility to disperse, and the pins, and just interesting series of turns.

Map of the rings Bedford

Perplexed us of one thing: we were going to participate in a rented car, and recently, for example, on the same ring Нюрбургринга in Germany often present representatives of the companies-lessors who are caught negligent perpetrators of contracts (in almost every contract with the rental company stated that the car cannot be used at the Nurburgring). Here, after a long and vague negotiations we finally received a letter, in which we direct text said: “if you want to arrive by rented car: come, nobody cares!”

However, after this time limit the participants (100 cars) was recruited and we decided to go, relying on Russian “good”. And don't make a mistake.

a Car on a highway

a Car on a highway

Mazda Miata and the Lotus Elise

the First thing that struck us was already at the entrance to the circuit – the abundance of scurrying hither and thither Катерхемов. When we arrived to the place of starts, the number of square meter already was simply overloaded. However, what surprised? This is their homeland.

Caterham Classic

Caterham Academy

Despite the fact that we came almost already after the lunch break, we still took the price of the full day – 119 pounds. Every additional driver – another 25. Each passenger – 15 more. The helmet – 10. By the way, the helmet can be rented by far not at each event. For that money you can ride all day, i.e. from 10 to 17 with a break for lunch. Due to the length of the rings, restrictions on the number of cars, the lump sum of being on the road no: though all 100 let go. But so, of course, does not happen: someone is resting, someone dressed with, someone repaired, переобувается or readjusted. But if an accident occurs, the race stopped and all removed from the road, while not all will result in the order. This may drag on for 10-15 minutes, maybe half an hour or longer. We, for example, one time we waited 40 minutes.

Mini One

Audi A8

Subaru Impreza WRX

Honda S2000



Provided and “more  entertainment – for 35 pounds you can take a couple of laps around the track on a formula under the title “Slick cat”. By the way, to eat and fill up you can not leaving the territory of the rings.


alpha prepare to exit

For a start we have been asked to fill out a registration form, checked driver's license and had instructed on the behavior of the track – since we arrived later. Then given the bracelet, helmets, and one of the professional pilots rolled each of us in 2 laps around the track on the white with the black “Logan”, to show and tell you everything on a live example. But to be honest, he drove so fast and cool that focus on the points of entry into the turn didn't want to, but I just wanted to enjoy the movement. Then we were sent to float freely. 
Our blue gun Nissan Note, in my opinion, even hiccup in surprise when he was taken out of the ring.

Nissan Note 

We especially do not лихачили: firstly, the route of the strange and learns not to fast because of its length and number of turns and эсок, secondly, the car is not the most appropriate. After the 3rd round already a little swim rubber, but the brakes on it originally was. Maximum disperse we been able to make it to the straight up to 95 miles per hour, but what is the speed for such a ring? Especially if you have around you scurry Lotus, Caterham, Porsche and other ingenious inventions ring automotive industry!

the Lotus Elise 111S

the Lotus Elise

Porsche 911

the Lotus Elise

Dodge Viper


Toyota MR-2

Lotus 2-Eleven

the Rules better strictly follow. We have in the eyes of one of the Caterham received two consecutive black flag and was immediately removed from the road. Well and in the rest felt a firm hand of the organizers.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Lotus little issued on the curb

However, the pleasure was received and on the spending we are not spared. Sorry only that we have under the fifth point was not his Caterham – the route of Bedford just called to test it on speed and steep turns…