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This is the history of the brand American LaFrance since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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American LaFrance

American LaFrance is one of the oldest companies in North America and is a manufacturing business unit of Freightliner Corporation, is part of the Daimler Chrysler. Throughout the history of the tape own 168 American LaFrance manufactures the most famous American brand of fire trucks .

The organization is one hundred percent dedicated itself to producing cars and samgoo efficient equipment capable of providing fire fighting even the largest category of complexity. American LaFrance - this is pride of American fire , symbolizing the way at the same time , the strength and modern facilities . Many exhausted mshainy made ​​exhibits of private collections as symbols of American nationhood .
Not by accident in 1995 , estimating the leaders of the American automotive industry with a view to buying , Freightliner Corporation stopped by personal choice as a time for American LaFrance. As is clear , Freightliner has always been famous for its engineering and design advice and manufacturing facilities , and LaFrance - the original machine , to which over long years as Americans are accustomed . Alliance promised to be much the spirit of mutual benefit and grouping before admired companies had a positive impact on the development of new production concepts, new technology development and production of all-new models of cars Freightliner Business Class and specialized the art American LaFrance.

Annals of tradition and American LaFrance
American LaFrance manufactures special-purpose cars and fire equipment since 1832 . That would not be producing organization , ranging from hand pumps, ending with the most modern machinery , throughout its history American LaFrance is a trendsetter of style and trends of the automotive industry. With the progress in improving the technology of fire fighting, for many years, American LaFrance company develops cars , engines and telescopic ladders .

At the end of 1873 LaFrance Manufacturing Company develops and implements paramount rotary steam engine to the water supply . The discovery is patented and the organization changes its name to LaFrance Steam Engine Company and becomes the owner of an exclusive right to manufacture fire trucks with a steam boiler .

Next novelty was not long in coming. In 1882, LaFrance signs manufacturing agreement with Daniel Hayes. In the end, made ​​the first telescopic ladder that can run for 85 feet in height. Staircase hand picked and desperately slowly , but but despite all of the above makes it possible to put out to devour the attics of houses.

In 1984 guodu LaFrance is the howl of a new development - the reciprocating steam engine. In 1988 the engine improves and vividly advertised with the slogan : " We guarantee that within 5 minutes, cool moisture will turn into 80 pounds two! "

LaFrance is a leader
In the early 20th century , with the introduction of the production of engines and other fire equipment by U.S. manufacturers , competition in the production of fire trucks exacerbated to the limit. In order to stay afloat and save its name LaFrance enters the holding received the name of American LaFrance Fire Engine Company. Under the new trading Mara American LaFrance organization continues to design and build even more powerful engines and more reliable accessories.

New extendable ladder using springs soon become a standard and smartly used fire services across America until the appearance of telescopic hydraulic ladders. The stock is replenished fire Raseta new pump , a new modification of arms and equipment to supply water to a height not less .

The phenomenon of fire trucks
In 1900, American LaFrance invents and collects fundamentally new engine , the talented right Actuators car in the course of the water and wind . The general idea of ​​how to use the engine was a success and by 1910 the company see fresh gasoline engine that performs is a "combined " feature. At the same time improved staircase with feed hose elevation and pumps. The company receives government contracts and becomes a symbol of strength. Sadly, the change of leadership and priorities LaFrance 2 decades becomes not so much a car manufacturer , however the equipment for fighting fires. In 1931, American LaFrance is a 12- cylinder V- engine with 240 hp with ability to pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute . Was a revolutionary discovery as vividly bought and installed on buses, public transportation and even tanks of the U.S. Army .

"Cosmopolitan" 1904 American LaFrance steam engine
Curiously, almost every year the firm represents the market next personal development . In the postwar years, continues to successfully improve the system of engines and equipment. On the turbine engine is put on machines installed rear-mounted ladder entirely new system.

In 1973 , the anniversary of the centenary of the founding of Internatsionalnaya Fire Protection Association , American LaFrance is a completely new development - a fire truck series Century. For the first time applied to one hundred percent of the welded system , water tank , stainless steel, mounted behind the cab compartment fire brigade .

In the early 90 's, the company is in financial difficulties and needed to adjust its structure. The program of development of the company , personal development and the emergence of American LaFrance Century Series production is largely consistent with the strategy taken to arms corporation Freightliner. For example, all across America until now successfully used machinery American LaFrance, issued more than 30 and more years ago. Theoretically , with the purchase of American LaFrance concern Freightliner would make up for the missing link in the chain of production of the full range of specialized equipment the United States.

American LaFrance Century 2000 ( modified form of a series of Century)

American LaFrance is part of Freightliner
In 1995, Freightliner buys part of American LaFrance and all AkzoNobel brand, what was once the pride of the whole of America. In the end, were made thorough reorganization changes and elaborate the priorities. The emphasis is on upgrading the chassis , pumps and ladders. In autumn 1996, IAFC on display in Kansas City to see a new kind of car fire - LaFrance Eagle. Changed the structure of the frame and suspension set fundamentally regular dvuhsektsioznnnye pumps . A year later , the front door is in Cleveland invention of a new production corporation Freightliner, where on this day, continue to be produced American LaFrance. On the vast territory of the plant are not just ordinary sborchnye lines , offices and classrooms, as well as offering corporate museum.

In 1999, the FDIC exposure to Indianapolis to see the product development somvestnoy -American LaFrance Eagle Conventional. This is the only fire truck crash that took place - the test according to European standards ECE R- 29. At the moment, American LaFrance plays a significant role in American industry in the proizvdstva rescue , a key and auxiliary fire equipment. Impressive batches manufactured ambulances . Agreements were signed with new dealers and service centers. At this time, an affiliate of Daimler Chrysler Financial Services is responsible for the leasing of machinery and equipment under the brand name American LaFrance.

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