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This is the history of the brand Austin-Healey since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Austin-Healey - the automobile of mark, which acted in the 1953-1971 years. In fact, Austin-Healey is not a separate company, but is a joint project of the British Motor Company and designer-designer Donald Healey. Specialized Austin-Healey purely on the issue of a sports car. Interestingly, the British Motor Company at the time of its prosperity has already been engaged in the creation of sports cars, but for some reason drawings were pushed to the back burner. The creation of brand of the Austin-Healey was an excellent occasion to get them off the shelves and significantly reworked.

The first series of the car has received the name of the Austin-Healey BN1. Machine is equipped with 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 90 horsepower, had a 3-speed manual transmission and drum brakes on 4 wheels. The first series of sports cars Austin-Healey is comprised of 10 000 copies. Series Austin-Healey BN2 brought to market in 1956, and motor vehicle acquired advanced carburetor, which allowed to squeeze the already 110 horsepower. This series Austin-Healey is also reinforced suspension.

Another model Austin-Healey 100-6 appeared in 1956 with a 6-cylinder engine, vypuskavshayasya since 1958, also in 2-local variation. Maximum speed of this machine amounted to 170 km/hour. It replaced the Austin-Healey 3000 in 1959, apart, however, from the 100-6 does not enjoy. However, it is with this model began to use the code Mark I, when in 1961, have developed an improved version of the 3000 Mk II.

The first successor of the Austin Seven, proizvodivshimsya BMC before the war, became a small sports car Austin-Healey Spritebecause of its unusual design gained a nickname В«theFrogeyeВ». Liter engine Austin-Healey Sprite with a capacity of just 43 horsepower allowed the car to develop speed of 134 km/hour. Version of the Mk II began to look less eccentric headlights were close to the fashion of the time, but the engine power increased to 56 horsepower.

The production of cars Austin-Healey has been completely stopped due to lack of demand on them already in 1971. This is probably due to the long downtime in the field of creation of new models of sports cars, as well as to the absence of "heirs" in all cars, issued initially.

The brand is known for its miniature В«glazastymiВ» coupe Sprite.

Find the car of the brand on the British auction is extremely difficult, but possible. The prices can be very different, depending on the machine status and ending with its В«historyВ». Austin Healey the beginning of 60th years will cost at least 30 thousand pounds.

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