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This is the history of the brand Franklin since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Herbert Franklin, the owner of a prosperous enterprise , produces injection molded , in 1901, he met with John Wilkinson, who designed the air-cooled engine and decided to specialize in the production of cars with such engines. The first machines "Franklin" is equipped with 4 -cylinder overhead valve engine. In 1905, the program has expanded to models with 6 - cylinder engines , with seven main bearings crankshaft. In 1907 "Franklin" introduced automatic control ignition timing , and since 1912, all of its models were equipped with pressure lubrication . Cars have acquired a distinctive rounded hood, nicknamed "the crocodile snout " because of the unusual radiator.

With only 1928 cars "Franklin" were equipped with a steel frame instead of wood , but the demand for these cars has steadily declined . To keep sales plunge , "Franklin" introduced in the program and more new models, but in 1931, sales amounted to only 2,850 copies, that is, only a quarter sold in 1926. In 1932, Franklin presented a model of "V12", reached a speed of 153 km / h, but its price was so high that it is not allowed to rely on good demand . The last "Franklin" in 1935 became inexpensive "Olympic" with a traditional 6-cylinder air-cooled engine . All of its mechanical components , except the engine , manufactured firm "REO".

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