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BMW M3 1992
  • BMW M3 1992
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  • BMW M3 1992

BMW M3 1992

The model was first introduced in 1988 and was specially developed for races on the circuit. Model of the MoH have improved in the 1990s, and in 1993 there appeared a model ABL 3-series. The combination of elegance, ease of management, and the awe power made it very sellable. In front of the standing MacPherson suspension, rear suspension was mnogorychazhnoy and performed most of the work. Wide 432 mm wheel disks and ultra - low profile tyres improved steering control of the vehicle, without lowering the quality of the ride. The engine was a high-tech, included two upper camshaft and system VAN0S (installation of alternating the moment of opening and closing of the valves) for the improvement of torque for a small number of revolutions per minute at the time, as were valid 7500 rpm, while the maximum values of torque are achieved at a lower quantity of revolutions per minute. Maximum use of the greater part of the energy helped manual six-speed gearbox and a control system by force of coupling of wheels with road, but even if the latter was turned off, the car remained manageable during the smooth movement of a smooth surface. Only a very few closed sports cars with two doors could offer the performance and usability.

Maximum speed:

224 km/h

0-95 km/h:

5,6 seconds.

engine Type:

ryadnnyy 6-cylinder

the working volume of the engine:

3201 cm3


manual 6-speed

the Maximum power:

239 kW at 7400 rpm

the Maximum torque:

349 Nm at 3250 rpm


1523 kg


7 km/l

Other names of this model: BMW E36 M3, BMW M3 GT, The BMW M3 GT2, BMW M3 GTR

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from SERGIO, dated 20 june 2016
What a nonsense written there in the description.
Guys be professional and do some research before making comments like this below:

The model was first introduced in 1988: wrong

Gearbox: manual 6-speed : wrong

volume of the engine: 3201 cm3 wrong

well too many to list !!

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