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BMW Isetta
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BMW Isetta

Isetta - car extra small class, published in the postwar period. Isetta was one of the most successful mikroavtomobiley, made in the period after the Second world war in the years when the cheap transport on short distances was most needed. In spite of the fact that the design was created in Italy, it was built in a number of countries, including Spain, Belgium, France, Brazil, Germany and the UK. Due to the shape of eggs and Windows-bubbles, he became known as the car-bubble, this is the name of the later borrowed other similar vehicles.

The machine was designed only for two people and had a very small engine capacity of 9,5 HP. Most of all, this car was like a motokolyasku. In 1955, the Italian manufacturer В«IzettyВ» has decided to sell the license for its production, to proceed to the issue of the most prestigious sports cars. The company BMW decides to acquire the rights to the production of this car. BMW has been able to improve engine power В«IzettyВ» to 13 HP., that contributed to the increase in the speed of the machine. В«IzettaВ» proved to be very suitable vehicle for the city. In 1956, had the Suez crisis, which has led to an acute shortage of gasoline. In the current situation economical В«IzettaВ» proved to be very popular. Until 1964, the BMW released 160 000 of these vehicles, by that time the other automobile companies began to produce cars a little more expensive than В«IzettaВ», but unlike her, they already had the form of a full-fledged car. But despite this, the expected result was achieved - the production of В«IzettyВ» has allowed to improve the financial position of the group.

BMW Isetta was in 1955, the first car of mass production in the world with consumption of 3 litres of petrol/100 km. He became the best-selling odnocilindrovym car in the world, with the result 161728 units sold.

Concern BMW supplied to the market 3 version of the machine - Isetta 250, Isetta 300 and Isetta 600 (twin version, also known as the BMW 600). Isetta 600 had the same design, but the longer wheelbase to in the passenger compartment enough room for 4 passengers. All were released about 34 thousand four BMW Isetta, before production was stopped, unable to withstand the competition with the VW Beetle.

Other names of this model: Iso Isetta, VELAM Isetta, Romi-Isetta, BMW Isetta 250, BMW Isetta 300, BMW 600, BMW Isetta 600

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1957 BMW Isetta Cabriolet
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price: $59,000.00
1957 BMW Isetta 300
1958 BMW Isetta for Sale
price: $45,900.00
1958 BMW Isetta
1957 BMW Isetta Cabriolet for Sale
price: $11,100.00
1957 BMW Isetta Cabriolet

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