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BMW 2000C/CS
  • BMW 2000C/CS
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  • BMW 2000C/CS
  • BMW 2000C/CS
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  • BMW 2000C/CS
  • BMW 2000C/CS
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  • BMW 2000C/CS

BMW 2000C/CS

BMW 2000C/CS - this is the car of German concern BMW. Made in the period from 1966 to 1975gg. Belongs to the family of the BMW Neue Klasse coupé (theВ«Coupe a new classВ»). A two-door vehicle belongs to a class of Gran Turismo. Sports coupe BMW 2000C/CS took the body from the car Atelier Karmann.

Based on the platform of the family of the New Class, the company equipped sports coupe a new engine M10 2-litre. The engine in the car developed a capacity of up to 100 horsepower (with one carburetor) or up to 120 HP.(with two carburetors). In all the models used a 4-speed manual transmission. This sports coupe can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 10 seconds, and maximum speed was approaching the high mark of 100 km/h.

The design of sport-Kara was futuristic and at the same time, several contradictory. The front of the hull was double grille and headlights were for the glass obtekatelem. Metal paint body is not combined with the sporty design of the car, so in 1969 the second year of registration of the front of the chassis has been severely modified.

In the period of 1965 to the mid-1969 year were collected 11 720 BMW cars 2000C/CS, of which 9 999 had dual carburetor, 3 249 copies - one carburetor with the automatic transmission, and 443 car with a manual transmission.

Other names of this model: BMW 2000CS, BMW 2800CS, BMW New Class coupeé

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