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This is the history of the brand VW (Volkswagen) since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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VW (Volkswagen)

The car, which was and remains popular in the world of cars. The brand has been associated with people like Adolf Hitler, Jakob Verlin, as well as Ferdinand Porsche. Since 1979, he began to enjoy a high popularity among buyers of different European countries. This car is now known under the brand of the Volkswagen. What is its history?

the Historical path of the Volkswagen

Since 1933, Hitler's demand was put forward to create a people's car. Who would be a reliable, robust and affordable for most. In 1935, Volkswagen has been fully assembled.

In 1937, at the expiration of two years of trials, he was running in a series of sales. Because this type of auto was very similar to car В«beetleВ», journalists assigned VW name Beetle. A little later it became the official name for this series of machines. Designer, engineer and was highly appreciated by Volkswagen.

In 1947, the car took part at the special export fair in Hanover. What attracted great attention of both the public and customers. The plant for the production of В«VolkswagenВ» was the first large foreign order from Holland, about a thousand of cars.

It should be noted that for this auto historical year is considered 1969. This year, the first Volkswagen with front-wheel drive.

In 1979, the year was the world-famous car Golf series of В«VolkswagenВ». It acknowledged to be the most successful and successful car. He was and economical, and comfortable, and modern. In 1980, was released Volkswagen model series Jetta. That was a compact, modernized sedan.

So, we saw that the Volkswagen, which originates in Germany, was and remains the practical and affordable for everyone who appreciates the money and quality.

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