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This is the history of the brand Auburn since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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"Auburn", the American company to produce cars.

Education Companies "Auburn" refer to the 1900, when Frank and Morris Eckhart was built the first car. At first (until 1905) Auburn was the car on the high wheels. Initially, he had one-cylinder engine, followed by a 2-cylinder, and from 1917 - 6-cylinder. In 1924 the company became the owner of the industrialist Errett Lobban Cord. This point was crucial for the company - it becomes known. The end of the 20s was a time of peak popularity "Auburn". In 1926, the company absorbed the firm "Duesenberg".

Famous cars with 8-cylinder engines, and in 1932 - with V12 engines of the type emerged under the leadership of Cord. In 1929, production was launched vehicle that bears his name: Auburn Cord L-29. It was the first production car racing, having a front-wheel drive. However, with its maintenance difficulties arose, and year for the start of production of unusual and not cheap car was badly chosen - the panic began on Wall Street - so only managed to sell 4,400 copies of the model L-29, and in 1932 its production was halted.

Although the company and became famous for its high level of its products and had an excellent reputation, their cars it sold at prices below cost. For example, V12 sold less than $ 1,000.

In 1935 the company introduced a new series of models. It was fast cars with an "851" - Auburn Speedster 851. In the same year, Auburn Speedster 851 was the winner in a number of racing. Speedster model 1935 - 1937's - one of the most amazing American cars of the period. This car makes a stunning impression - torquey, outwardly dynamic, colorful, corrugated chrome tailpipes. Unfortunately, because of the suspension is too soft, he did not possess sufficient stability needed a sports car.

Neither acceptable price or attractive appearance models have not yielded the expected results to owners of the company, with sales "Auburn" was extremely small, and for the salvation of the company stood on the brink of collapse, had to be something more than a designer style and high technology.

Under these conditions EL Cord decided to release a sensational new model at its core is a small "Duesenberg", designed in 1934, but not put on production, - Auburn Cord 810. This car and its modification Auburn Cord 812 have held on a pedestal in the U.S. until the 60s.

Auburn Cord 810, this wonderful car, had a great design thanks to Gordon Buehrig: lights protruding from the wings, having a structure similar lighting devices used on the runways of airfields, the absence of external footrests and traditional radiator grille, body hidden in the door hinges and awning, completely hiding the body overboard.

Automobile companies boast an impressive design, good stability when cornering, were not very reliable, though they cost twice as much car "Cadillac". For two years the firm have been disrupted, and this led to the collapse of the empire "Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg". In 1937 it ceased to exist.

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