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This is the history of the brand White since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The story of "White" began in 1859 when Templeton , Massachusetts State , Thomas Howard White with George Baker and D ^ Arcy Porter founded the company "White Manufacturing Company" and started producing hand- sewing machines . In 1866, the company relocated production in Cleveland , Ohio, where he continued to produce sewing machines by selling them at ten dollars apiece. After ten years, the company will expand production and began producing lamps and fixtures on paraffin candles , roller skates and bicycles. Manufacture of bicycles had such a great success that by the early 1890s, became seriously consider the issue of release of cars.

Around 1900 the three sons of the founder to share beginnings organized the production of cars. Thomas White befriended by providing some capital and paying the costs of the examination of these outputs. The first car built by White, like many issued after him, was equipped with a steam engine.

In 1900, it collected about 50 cars , dubbed "Stanhopes". These also included two truck - van for the transport of confectionery.

By 1906, "White" has become a recognized leader in steam-powered cars , all were released in 1534 such cars. From 1909 to 1910, "White" was selling cars with steam and gasoline engines , and soon completely over to manufacturing vehicles with the more popular gasoline . Already by 1911 , the company equips its vehicles exclusively petrol engines.

"White" produced production cars such as car care, buses and fire trucks , all machines were installed pneumatic tires .

After the outbreak of World War II truck "White" was chosen as a staff for the U.S. Army . A total of 18,000 trucks were built "White" in various versions , which took part in the fighting in Europe. Some of these machines were used "home" for learning.

By the end of the war "White" sector reduces the production of military vehicles and begins to ramp up production for the production of trucks with cardan drive instead of a chain drive . In 1921, he was raised first bus chassis , and a few years later there were air brakes . In 1928, the assembled truck Model 59. It was the car with the engine located front of the cabin , with a payload capacity of 3 to 4 tons, which was also the first time equipped with a six-cylinder engine . By 1930, the "White" produced a more powerful three-axle trucks with a load capacity of up to ten tons.

The economic crisis has plunged in the bankruptcy of many manufacturers of trucks . "White" was able to take control of one of the victims of the crisis , "Indiana Truck Company", whose production facilities were relocated to Cleveland.

In 1934, the "White" has launched a 730 -series - a truck with cab above the engine , equipped with 12 -cylinder engine. The machine is not among the most popular models of the firm , however, marked the beginning of future vehicles with nadmotornoy layout of the cabin and a six-cylinder engine.

In the mid- 30s in the design of trucks began to dominate the aerodynamic shape . In the late 30's to the "White" asked the Count Alex de Saknovski with a request to design a truck , known today under the name of "Labatt ^ s Beer". The car was supposed to be like a truck "White" model 818 with a cabin , located on the engine and have a trailer fitted on the aerodynamic shape to the cockpit. This extraordinary truck was delivered brewer in 1937.

The next year, "White" started installing a new generation of petrol engines "Superpower" with side-valve , which remained popular until the 50s , when their name was changed to "Mustang".

C beginning of the Second World War "White" was obligated to supply commercial vehicles for the army . The vehicles intended for routine use , but some of them released as armored vehicles and self-propelled semi-tracked on the go. Last participated in many combat and worked well . Many of the machines hitherto used in different parts of the world .

Not all products are "White" was intended for military purposes. In 1940 he was put into production a series of WA, which replaced the machine 700th and 800th episodes 30's release. After the war , a series WB, cars which did not differ from each other , except for the cab ventilation .

In 1949, the "White" produces a series of WC, and although the cars in this series in appearance as a whole did not differ from the previous series of cars , for sale offered two options to enjoy success . Machines equipped with either a gasoline or diesel engine , and also offers the option of a built-in bed. These cars were popular among drivers and companies who committed transnational vans transport over long distances, as well as in "JHRose Truck Lines", a major transportation company on the transport of petroleum products throughout the state of Texas.

Carrying capacity of these vehicles has been improved through the cramped interior of the cabin. In the 40's and 50's this was the only design solution , because at that time acted regulations that impose strict limits on the size of the vehicle.

At about the same time that it launches the series WC, was ready to take place "premiere " of another car with a dramatic story - it is a 3000 model . This car was equipped with a more comfortable cabin , located on the engine , and as the machines Series W, offered in option for transcontinental transportation , with built-in bed. The car was equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. It seemed that the 3000 open ignored their time, however, was discontinued because of too high cost of manufacturing cockpit with complex aerodynamic shape .

In 1957, the "White" bought "Reo Motors", mainly for possession of a gasoline engine "Reo" with overhead valves. This company intended to replace the well-known engine "Mustang", which was renamed the "Supermustang". The next year, "White" bought the company "Diamond T". "Reo" and "Diamond T" together and offer their cars on the market under the name "Diamond Reo".

In 1959, there was a truck "White" series of 5000, which looked quite unusual, to say the least . This model was a failure in terms of quality , service and demand. Cab differed that was made of fiberglass , and accidents strength did not differ . Door does not close properly and did not provide the tightness of the enclosure in the rain. Model 5000 is available only up to 1962 , and was replaced by a 7000 model .

The model was made from 7000 aluminum, which makes both the production technology and repair. Particularly popular car purchased Midwestern states and Eastern United States . The cabin was carried out in two versions , including the option of sleeping , and many drivers had pernicious nickname "Japanese " Freightliner ".

In 1972 appeared "Road Commander", which has seriously been crafted before 1975. It was the first truck of "New Family " proposed "White".

Fast forward a few years ago. In 1966 , new truck series 4000 and 9000, which was a characteristic distinction located behind the engine stall, borrowed from the "Autocar", with a reworked front end made ​​of fiberglass , which can be pushed forward .

In the 60 's and early 70's in the "White" still believed that petrol engines still use a certain demand , and therefore the company has purchased Cummins diesels and reworked them in gasoline engines . These engines are sold under the name "Mustang III" and "White Giezel", which meant "gasoline / diezel" (" petrol / diesel engine" ) . This deal was for "White" monstrous as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) launched impose stringent rules on air pollution and air emissions from internal combustion engines. Soon the "White" was forced to join other manufacturers of transport category of Class 8 , relying on outside suppliers of engine and transmission for my truck .

In 1975, the new factory was built , and the company moved from Cleveland to New River Valley , Virginia. Another new plant was opened in Orville , Ohio, for the production of truck cabs for the "New Family " . Machines " New Family " goes into production in a few years, the first of which was "Road Commander 2" in 1975 , "Road Expeditor" in 1976 , "Road Boss 2" in 1977 and "Autocar Construcktor 2" in 1978. With the exception of the last two , these cars are proven .

The year 1980 was particularly important because there has been a decline in the activity of this giant corporation . Maybe the reason for the decline was the excessive expansion , growth or interest rates, or the introduction of new regulations for trucks . Be that as it may, for the "White" fell on hard times , the company came under Section 11 of the Federal Law of the United States.

August 11, 1981 the company re- educated "Volvo-White Corporation" took control over the production of trucks which were issued "White Motor Corporation". For "White" that was the beginning of a new era . "New Family " truck has received financial support from the new company, and the number of sales of trucks are on the decline , began to slowly increase.

In 1988, a " new family " joined "General Motors". GM withdrew from the production of his "General", the truck has proved popular across America. Now GM c huge success continues to produce trucks category of Class 7 and smaller capacity.

With additional investment GM current " New Family " for the production of heavy machinery category of Class 8 produces vehicles "Volvo", "White" "GM" and "Autocar". Overcoming any unforeseen obstacles that union truck manufacturers will produce more heavy transport vehicles , creating prototypes Class 8 vehicles needed for the twenty -first century.

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