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This is the history of the brand Cadillac since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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One of the most famous and prestigious car brands of American cars is a Cadillac, which became a symbol of financial success and high status of its owner. The history of this world famous brand was started in the far 1903, when the talented engineer Henry Leland and successful businessman William Murphy founded the company Cadillac Motor Car Company, presenting its first car at an exhibition in new York.
In spite of good design features, Cadillac model And was not very popular among their owners, and only in 1905, when the company released the car of mark D with four-cylinder engine and aluminium casing, he starts to win the sympathy among the population.

Soon after the successful company draws the attention of such an industrial giant of the industry, as General Motors, which in 1909 fully buys a Cadillac and became its rightful owner. Thanks to new funding engineers continue to improve vehicle, which in 1910 goes with electric starter, and in 1922, is equipped with a rear-view mirrors and the caretakers.

'll Cadillac LaSalle takes part in car races of state Indianapolis, officially opening in the summer of 1927. The next 30-s and 40-s of the XX century brought the car of a wide success because it was at this time there is a qualitative modernization of the front suspension of, is being developed automatic gearbox, the car is equipped with a new cost-effective V8 engine, and its management becomes an easy and affordable for everyone.

In 1953, the company celebrates its semi-centennial anniversary, released by this time about two million cars. In 60-th years of the Cadillac continues to improve not only the basic units and aggregates, but also the design of the car, still winning the hearts of the wealthy people, and also turns into a recognizable mark of the car not only on the roads of America, but all over the world.

High-quality Assembly, reliable components and assemblies, as well as the high quality of the vehicle allowed to brand Cadillac enter the 10-CG of the most prestigious cars in the world. Today Cadillac - it is a symbol of success and stability of the society's elite.

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