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This is the history of the brand Simca since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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French car, which was popular in the 40-ies and 50-ies. In due time worked closely with the Ford. He was and race, and the usual malolitrazhnym auto. This Simsa. Automotive history of this brand is associated with an Italian. What was his name? And what were the important historical events in the life of the auto Simsa?

History Simsa

In 1934, the great organizer of the Italian Henri Theodore Pigocci created in France, the industrial society, which specializes in the production of cars and car bodies. In the same year they released the first car brand 6 CV.

In 1936, the car is available under the name Simsa-5. All the cars, which were created at that time were practically the analogue of the Fiat.

In 1939 Simsa-Gordini 8, vehicle, designed Gordini, took the first place in the race at Le Mans.

In 1951, has developed a new modern car Aronde, which was designed by our own engineers of the company В«SimkaВ». It was the Europeans auto with the monocoque body. This year there were produced and sold 20 thousand cars of this brand. And after 8 years the volume of sales amounted to more than 100 thousand.

In 1954, the company Simsa acquired the French branch of the American company Ford.
Approximately in 1962 published a model Simsa-1000. The engine was located at the rear, but the form was edgy. For about 10 years, the company had sold more than 1 million cars of this brand.

the year 1986 was historical for the company. Was developed Simsa 1100. She had a cross powertrain and engine, which was considered convenient, advantageous location of the parts for the car.

Simsa is a French car, which is in the middle of the XX-th century enjoyed a great popularity. For this car for a long time stood Italian Pigocci, who ran about 30 years.

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