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This is the history of the brand Ferrari since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The car with the perfect and unique beauty, which has no equal among sports cars. A powerful car with legendary past and exciting future. This Ferrari. With what started its history?

History of the famous Ferrari

Ferrari is an Italian company, which paid particular attention to the issue of racing and luxury cars, which was the emblem. Where there was an emblem of the Ferrari - В«black standing up on its hind legs stallionВ»? There are two versions. On the first of them, Enzo Ferrari received as a gift to the races, by the way, it was his first victory, which became a rearing horse. On the second, the Countess Paolina proposed Enzo: В«Do, please, the emblem of the Ferrari vzdyblennuyu horse. It will bring you good luck!В»

In 1929, was founded enterprise В«Skuderiya FerrariВ». After four years it became the engineering and sports Department of the well-known in the time of В«Alfa RomeoВ».

In 1940, Ferrari has terminated its relationship with Fiat, with which Enzo Ferrari for a long time worked.

1946 year was marked, was established their own production of cars. Appeared car company Ferrari. The cars on the run was a 113 victories in the Grand Prix, as well as 9 champion titles.

And who were the forerunners of the Ferrari? It is a sports model В«125 GTВ» with powerful indicators: 12-cylinder V-shaped engine working volume of which was 1497 CC with a capacity of 72 HP. It was followed by a series of models В«125 SВ», В«126 SВ». With verhneraspolozhennym shaft at each cylinder head. It engineer-constructor was known Gioacchino Colombo.

In 1968, was released famous model Daytona. They can develop a speed of up to 282 km/h. And was recognized as the best in the world as for its functional and high-speed capabilities.

Ferrari is an auto with a bright history and the distant future!

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