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This is the history of the brand Heinkel since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Ernst Heinkel , as well as Willy Messerschmitt , was a famous German aircraft . Thanks to him before and during the Second World War, was released on 10,000 bombers and fighters.
After the war, Heinkel switched to producing scooters , selling more than 100,000 copies. In 1956, the company " Heinkel " produced the first car of its own design , which was similar to the model of BMW Izetta , but was powered by a single-cylinder engine , which the company " Heinkel " developed for its scooters. With a weight of only 245 kg car it could reach speeds of 85 km / h There are two models - the Cabinet - 175 and -200 . The figures mean displacement four-stroke engine develops power of 9.3 and 10 liters. s. at 5500 rev / min. With full throttle , it was extremely noisy. Gear change box had four forward gears and reverse. Independent suspension - front - on rubber rings and back - for coil springs. Hydraulic brakes affect only the front wheels, while the handbrake acting on it. At four-wheeled vehicle rear wheels were located as close to each other so that they create the impression of one wheel .
In contrast to the model BMW Izetta , completed with a hinged steering column , a model Heinkel was set fixed column, making it difficult to get in and out . Company BMW has patented its system to " Heinkel " has not learned from the invention benefits. Behind it was possible to put the two children, but they were forced to climb back over the back of the front seats . The same acrobatic maneuver was required to check the engine oil level through the slot in the rear weatherstrip tool bar . Since the vehicle can move on three wheels , the fourth can be used as a backup to replace any of the other three , so the spare wheel is provided .
In 1958, the demand for mikravtomobili in Germany fell, but the company " Heinkel " was not in a position to finance the development of larger machines. Entrepreneur Ernst Heinkel by this time was too old and sick to successfully grow their business. January 30, 1958 , he died at the age of 71. His death marked the end of German cars , " bubbles ", but the British company "Trojan" has acquired the rights to produce them , and in 1966 you started up three-wheeler model Troyan- 200 .

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