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This is the history of the brand Bristol since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Auto known high level and class with a rich set of equipment for. The creation of which used only the most high-quality materials. This Is Bristol. Where appeared the mark of the car?

The history of the great English car

In 1910 the company В«BristolВ», which was founded by sir George Vaytom, was engaged in manufacturing and sale of the aircraft, as well as aircraft engines. After 1945, the company launched mass production of its vehicles. Among them were the sport.

In 1949, Bristol released 401-th model. Its peculiarity is in the fact that the hull was made of thin metal tubes. The design of different smoothness and suppleness. Up to 1953, this model has been very popular.

In 1960, the company began to cooperate with British Aerospace. After that, the cars Bristol began to use the world-famous American motors Chrysler, as well as the Italian body of the company with a famous name Zagato.

In 1973 the company was sold to Tony Gruku. It was a famous racer, which became the sole owner of Bristol and was known scrupulous attitude to production machines.

In 2001, the company В«BristolВ» is the only manufacturer of cars of this type, as a Deluxe-class. And was the property of the United Kingdom.

In the 2000s was released on the legendary model Bristol Fighter t Which had forced the 8-litre engine, the maximum speed of which is about 435 km/h. Acceleration up to a hundred km/h takes approximately 3.5 seconds. This is the pride of the British manufacturers in the field of sport cars.

В«BristolВ» - this is the car, conquered the world with its power, design and multi-function equipment.

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