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American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!

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Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Year: 1964
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Color: Torino Turquoise
Mileage: 103,000
Seats: 5
Engine: 7,000
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: Petrol
Power: 340
Drive side: Left-hand drive
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American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver! for sale

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American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver! Photo
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!
  • American 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2 door Hardtop Pilarless Coupe - daily driver!


It's NOT rolling shell or project for dad and son. It's a daily driver with potential for a show car.

ENGINE: V8 BIG BLOCK 429ci - 7 liters
GEARBOX: 400TH - Turbo Hydramatic (3 spd) Auto
POWER: 360 hp @ 4600 rpm. 650-712 Nm torque
DRIVE: REAR wheels
DIMENSIONS: 5. m (19. ft) long. 2. 19m (79. in) wide
WEIGHT: 2100 – 2200kg
0-60mph: 8. 5 sec.
Top speed: 120mph (192km/h)
condition: ALL ORIGINAL (!)
FULL 12 month MOT no advisories.

additional pictures:
https://goo. gl/photos/bbbzC13RJs7KVGx5A

For those who seriously thing about making their dream come true and buy their dream Cadillac – please read rest of the important info below.

Little bit history. If you a Caddy person – you can skip it. but it could be interesting for someone else.
The Cadillac de Ville was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by Cadillac. The first car to bear the name was the 1949 Coupe de Ville. a prestige trim level of the Series 62 luxury coupe. This version is the last model with tail fins. One year model as that era almost every year has different body style. Being luxury car it was competing also with Bentley ('64 S3) and Cadillac was beating Bentley with engine size. comfort ride. dimensions. you name it.
It was also a whole 1000 USD more expensive. And with its total of 143 options on a list it was one of the most luxurious cars ever made. On '64 basic models had automatic headlights. completely automatic heating and air conditioning system controlled by a dial thermostat on the instrument panel. front cornering lamps. automatic window defroster. remote control outside mirror. dual speed wipers. all four automatic windows. power brakes. power steering. automatic transmission. dual back-up lights. 6 way power seats. There are even 3 cigarette lighter sockets!
Along with the Buick Roadmaster. Buick Riviera. and the Oldsmobile 98 Holiday. it was among the first pillarless hardtop coupes ever produced. If you're a petrol head you probably know the road test made by Motor Trend magazine – they call it the best car in the World.

About my Caddy:
This particular '64 Deville is all original including white vinyl roof. light blue leather bench seat and optional. more expensive 3” white wall 4 ply cord 225 R15 tires. Engine is 429ci Big block – biggest they've produced that time.
It was imported from US on 1993 and since then till 2015 done couple of hundred miles – literally to MOT and back. It was one of the car collector toys since it was bought by his colleague who was a car dealer. He enjoyed it going on few car events around UK and then sold it to me. Since I've bought it I've done couple of THOUSAND trouble free miles. It's my daily driver and in my opinion it's the only way to really appreciate the classic car. I know you probably curious about fuel - so I've managed to make 16liters / 100km. so it will be around 19mpg. Considering its weight. shape. and Bristol's very slow (20mph limit) traffic I think it's pretty impressive. For those who are curious how is it as a daily driver – the answer is – as any other car. Yes. it's bigger than Fiesta. but parking spaces are small anyway. and people are struggling even in their old Land Rover. Personally I don't have any problems with parking it. You can see photos from link below – there are some examples. Btw going for shopping it's absolutely joy as you can put to the boot absolutely everything. I've transported a 2m long carpet role which my wife bought and it was able to not only put it into the boot. but I've easily closed the boot. Oh. yeah and there is no folded seats option. So you have an idea. American call it “full size” car.
This car is a crowd stopper wherever it goes. So if you're shy person it probably isn't for you. Once again look at the photos – it's getting crowd on each event or when parking. Literally everyone smiles. showing thumbs up or waving to you. It's awesome every time I'm driving it.
I've been of plenty shows this year including on of the biggest in Uk – among other in Prescott (this month) where Caddy was displayed in “Show and Shine” display and also was a part of parade around the track.
In Shepton Mallet it was spotted by “American Classic” magazine editor which took its picture and it was published on next issue – see the picture on link.
I've been also on smaller events like the 25th anniversary car meeting in Yate. Bristol where among 6 other Cadillacs it won the price.
Many people could seen this car in Bristol on daily basis and there are a lot of pictures and movies on the web – like the one from Sunday meeting on Queens square (I was there today as well by the way).
This car is ALL ORIGINAL. On most occasions people advert cars like original and then you can read that the car has a stereo. airbags. fancy this and fancy that … which is easy removable. This car IS ORIGINAL. Doesn't have any modern features added. It's like it was manufactured. The original dynamo was replaced with modern alternator but it could be done even in US. and also with new battery is quite common in american cars. So if you want to bring it to its glory or make a really breathtaking show car – you can do it without struggling to repair what other people destroyed. It doesn't have a bluetooth. alarm. bunch of speakers around cabin. low profile tires or 20 inch rims. Doesn't sit on chopped springs or doesn't have LED lights. Springs. bulbs etc is all original.
It's equipment is fully original – it has:
- power steering
- three stage brakes
- original blue tinted glass (all around)
- original interior with all leather bits (one tear on drivers seat – see photo)
- original cardboards. sunvisors and headliner which other Caddy owners were in shock as it looks like new.
- electric 6 way front bench seat
- original paint (it could be repaint on some point in its life but as far as I know its original.
- all trim. all chrome. each emblem etc – it's there. On one photo there is small window handle missing – it just fell off. I've got it in glovebox.
- all wheels and wheel hubs – original
- all floor pans and boot – no welding whatsoever. look at the pictures

Super solid underneath the car. I know most people advert cars like that. but my Caddy IS super solid. Come and check – it's the easiest way to do see it.
When I've bought it it has oil change and sparks changed.
As I love to work on cars I have to make few tweeks on it:
- replaced battery (2 years warranty)
- reconditioned starter motor as it was quite slow (professional job. not done by myself. Receipt for job done. )
- replaced earth cables and battery harness to have a better connection
- I've replaced two rubber bushing parts before MOT – just in the case.
- ordered and replaced railroof seals and vertical window seals as the old ones were cracked (on pictures from link you can see few pictures without vertical seals. They are mounted.
- reconditioned the wiper motor (new grease etc) – just in case.
- various element were sandblasted. primed and painted (see photos) as that was idea – if I'll recondition anything it will be done properly.
- air box is still in primer as I couldn't make up my mind about the color. so you can pain it as you like. I also prepared a fancy sticker saying that it's powered by 7 liters engine. So of course. you'll get that sticker as well.

- there was original paint flaking where the sill are. Didn't want to dive with metal exposed so I've cleaned the old paint. make a anti rust coat and painted it with special automotive paint which is quite flexible and prevents from all chips from road. You can see the pictures before and after I've done it.

What could be improved:
- This Caddy is very loud. so you have to bear this in mind. It sounds beautiful and the sound is unbelievable. If it's too loud for you – no problem. you can mount a silencers.
- Body will need some attention in a future (as you could expect from 52 years old car). It has some bubbles on pain here and there and where the vinyl roof is.
But it's not a project car! It's fully roadworthy. MOTed and starts on a button. You can use it as a everyday car and if you want to improve anything – you can do it still using the car on daily basis.
- it makes a squeaks little bit. I presume it's because rubber parts finally started to work. It's nothing disturbing. just want to be honest with whole aspect of the car.
- some of electric features doesn't work. I wanted to fix it in future. but didn't have a time to investigate it – if it's fuse or bulbs but really didn't care. All windows. lights. wipers. horn – all work perfectly so for me it's most important.
- engine is not quite dry underneath. There are oil drops time to time but it's not loosing oil. I've asked about it on Cadillac forum in US and I was told that those engines are leaking slightly and it's there thing. you can't do it anything with it. There is even an anecdote that Cadillacs are not leaking oil. they sweating power. Anyway it's so small that it didn't fail on MOT so it's nothing to worry about. Again – I just want you to have a whole picture on the car. I'm not a car dealer and Caddy is not prepared especially for sale. I've sold few cars including my classic SAAB few months ago and you can check my feedback as the new owner was so happy with the car. You can expect honest description and you'll see the same condition when seeing the car. Except the mileage as the car is still in use so the mileage will grow.
Anyway it's a 52 years old car. so there will be always something which you could improve. But it's not necessary. it's just my feeling.

What is like to dive:
- It's unbelievable. If you never driven Cadillac. you'll be surprised.
- Throttle is a crazy sensitive and I've never driven any other car with so much response. I've driven Ferrari California which had much calm throttle than my Caddy. It's rear wheel drive. massive torque and ply tiers. So no racing drivers. it's seriously quick car and needs serious approach.
- It has over 100k on the clock but it feels like all of the “horses” under the hood are alive. Caddy is really super fast. But with its toque you really don't need to use the throttle. You can spend whole day cruising 30. 50mph and it will be still on tickover. Motorway speeds are nothing unusual for him and with new seals mounted its actually very quiet inside.
You don't have to upgrade bakes as the original system is very very well. It's actually design to work in 3 stages (depending on the braking force).
No overheating whatsoever. If you know Bristol you know it's very demanding for cooling system as whole city has 20mph limit and you spending much time in traffic jams. Didn't have any problems whatsoever.
Reason for sale is genuine. It was my first yank and I've loved it instantly but I'm more like a mopar guy. So always wanted to have muscle car. Now my wife is planning a huge project and I want to support her with a funds. So Caddy sadly but has to go. So please no offers. I'll buy my next dream car with V8 but only when my wifes project will bring a profit. But please don't think I'm a desperate to sell it. If I won't get what I want I'll leave it as long as I need as it's a future investment. They won't be never cheaper. Yes. you might find a cheaper one but not in this condition and you'll still have to invest similar money to have a proper car instead of rolling project. Now you have a rare opportunity to buy a pre-muscle era car with great engine. great presence and a soul. Apart from future investment you can use it to work for you. I'm asked about wedding hire almost every day. I've even decide to do it but didn't advertise it much. so done few runs when someone wanted to make a surprise for their relatives and also few photo shoots. So the car is making money for itself. And you can use it from day one. It's ready to go. has 12 month MOT and its road tax FREE.
I almost forgot – during taking about my Caddy on US forum I've discovered that it has additional two things which are rare this days – dashboard has no cracks and there is an original jack plate / label in the boot. And it's really hard to find a Caddy which has one. So yeah. being 2 door pilarless version it's even more desired by Cadillac purists.
It's advertised elsewhere so I can be end this auction any time. First person who will see it. will buy it.
Now harsh part:
- no stupid txts please. no £400 offers. It will be ignored.
- please don't call me and moan about hard life.
- don't ask me about things which are described in auction.
- If you want to come look at the car – please bring your mechanic. wife. lawyer etc – whoever will have to make a decision.
- If you bid and won't contact me within the next hour. car will be relisted and you will be reported to eBay. Ebay will erfund me money. so I won't loose anything. But I'm a genuine eBayer and we have to erspect each other. If you are not respecting me or other potential buyers. I definitely don't want to sell the car to you. I want to make sure my car will get into good hands. But I know there are some jokes around. you know what I'm talking about.
- please don't call me that you're going for the car but can't take a cash from cashmashine. If you're serious. you'll prepare yourself earlier.
- cash on collection please. If you want to make a bank transfer – fair enough. but you could collect the car after receiving all funds.
- please don't txt/call me after 10pm and before 8am.
- please don't txt me 10 minutes before auction ends. You have plenty time to read it. contact me or think about it. Well… first person will probably buy it. so don't think too long.

Happy bidding and good luck!

If I've forgot to mention about anything – please give me a call. txt me or send me eBay message. I'll respond as soon as I can.

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