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1980 Triumph Other

Sale price: $23,995.00 make an offer

Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Other
Year: 1980
Type: Convertible
Color: Red
Mileage: 853
Engine: 4
Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Gas
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1980 Triumph Other for sale

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1980 Triumph Other Photo
  • 1980 Triumph Other

1980 Triumph TR7 Triumph TR7 Red Convertible var photo_list = document. getElementById('photo_list'); var mouse_on = 0; var photoIndexTracker = 0; var pictures = new Array(); pictures[0] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/aa/x5/cO/Wt/Nt/QW/Y2/5c/13/VP/Yw_800. jpg"; pictures[1] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/Gq/dY/4n/QF/01/NS/0O/tY/Zr/rc/Nw_800. jpg"; pictures[2] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/GC/ue/jp/qc/q2/9F/nw/pj/og/gF/Bg_800. jpg"; pictures[3] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/wH/Qd/yd/FJ/E2/IH/1I/O2/4N/7X/vg_800. jpg"; pictures[4] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/Gt/1I/m2/IK/MI/WQ/ly/IE/FJ/zl/3A_800. jpg"; pictures[5] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/hz/BO/01/np/2N/GX/iY/Fi/gj/t2/cg_800. jpg"; pictures[6] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/5Z/Xt/LS/hu/A2/LN/NR/xq/Y0/uZ/Xw_800. jpg"; pictures[7] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/bD/su/3Z/jJ/Km/eQ/Ur/m1/ny/Im/CA_800. jpg"; pictures[8] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/r4/w8/qM/dq/vC/TN/er/Z8/1i/bZ/Lg_800. jpg"; pictures[9] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/CT/Q1/So/vT/Zt/zz/NH/NR/wf/YA/Eg_800. jpg"; pictures[10] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/ne/bU/iJ/Sr/u7/Id/Ec/cN/Qm/Av/nA_800. jpg"; pictures[11] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/Vl/nP/fk/6R/6J/Rq/Fd/VG/jD/ql/EA_800. jpg"; pictures[12] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/19/h4/D1/NW/fI/Lc/kK/8S/Cj/OC/Pw_800. jpg"; pictures[13] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/39/K5/un/uN/bE/81/QY/xE/Q2/x8/XQ_800. jpg"; pictures[14] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/ak/Xv/q6/iz/u2/UN/H1/Yd/NX/nP/nA_800. jpg"; pictures[15] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/AY/8L/xg/r2/Cz/6y/qC/tt/rC/nP/Hg_800. jpg"; pictures[16] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/RR/sO/kC/Nn/eD/F1/Xz/1v/sg/2P/Og_800. jpg"; pictures[17] = "http://s3. amazonaws. com/photos. ecarlist. com/Y2/0b/gs/Ow/de/79/de/K1/Sl/C9/wg_800. jpg"; 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Radical Motor Sports of New Jersey

(201)-934-8888 Below are a few of the other vehicles currently available from Radical Motor Sports of New Jersey Radical Motor Sports Of New Jersey

We offer Northern New Jersey’s most diverse and competitively priced pre-owned inventory in conjunction with being proud to serve the Northeast region as a Radical Sports Car franchise for dedicated track enthusiasts. Our knowledgeable sales and service staff is available Monday through Saturday to aid you in finding your dream car.

Why buy from Radical Motorsports?  Our entire inventory is handpicked from our wholesale facility to ensure only our finest cars go to retail.   With hundreds of cars in our wholesale facility and space for only 70 cars on our lot. we keep only the best for retail sale.

Our vehicles are:

          • In excellent condition on the inside and out

          • Clean CarFax cars. with most being 1-owners

          • Non-smoker

          • Low mileage

Our committed group is led by our founders. General Manager David Butler whom leads our Sales Division. Joseph Frohlich formerly of Corinthian Motors in Ramsey. New Jersey leading our Service Division and Bruce Iannelli of European Auto Wholesalers supplying us with the
highest quality European. Domestic and Exotic automobiles. Together they offer a great wealth of experience and knowledge in all facets of the industry.
Please take the time to visit us and allow us to earn your business at our modern sales and service facility located at 815 Route 17 South in Ramsey. New Jersey.

For our latest news and updates. follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

https://www. facebook. com/RadicalMotorsportsofNJ/?fref=nf

https://www. instagram. com/radicalmotorsportsnj/


Dave Butler - General Manager                                 Joseph Frohlich- Service Manager


Terms And Conditions

10% Deposit Required Within 24 Hours.   All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes. any finance charges. span > $379. 00 Document Preparation Charge. and any emission testing charge. The price for listed vehicles as equipped does not include charges such as: License. Title. Registration Fees. State or Local Taxes. Dealer Prep. Smog Fees. Credit Investigation. Optional Credit Insurance. Physical Damage of Liability Insurance. or Delivery Fees. DEALER makes no representations. expressed or implied. to any actual or prospective purchaser or owner of this vehicle as to the existence. ownership. accuracy. description or condition of the listed vehicle's equipment. accessories. price. specials or any warranties. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to the sale of this vehicle.

Ad created by DealerSocket Inventory+. Call 877-487-5822 to find out how Inventory+ can service your dealership.

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