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BMW 501
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BMW 501

BMW 501 - this luxurious 4-ehdvernyy sedan, was manufactured by BMW in the period from 1952 to 1958-th year in Germany. Presented for the first time on a Motor show in Frankfurt in 1951 the second year, the BMW 501 was the first car, produced and sold by the BMW after the Second world war. A series of 501 and all its modifications, including 502, received the title of В«the Angels of the BaroqueВ» (Barockengel).

The serial production of BMW 501 only began in the year 1962. In the beginning of the production of the car was set weak 6-ticilindrovyy engine with the capacity of 65 HP., the volume of 1971 cm³ and razgonyavshiy the car up to 135 km/h. The volume of the fuel tank was 70l. From the very beginning the machine was offered with chetyrehskorostnoy transmission.

In the model used curved glass and details of the light alloys, therefore, it was considered a rather modern to post-war times. The design of the BMW 501 was beautiful and original. However, in 1955 the second year of the car has received more suitable to their dimensions engine: 6-ticilindrovyy motor volume 2l and capacity 72l.s.

Superior technical performance of the BMW 501 contributed to the increased popularity of the model among police and firefighters in Germany.

Releasing 3 444 instance, BMW has officially stopped the mass production, however, to special order was collected an additional 51 of the car before 1964 the first year.

Other names of this model: BMW 2.6, BMW 2600, BMW "Baroque Angel", BMW 501 V8

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