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This is the history of the brand LaSalle since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Despite the fact that in the early 40 's Cadillac guide to consign to oblivion the romantic companion Cadillac, brand LaSalle, appearing periodically throughout the 40s and 50s concepts Cadillac LaSalle gave reason to hope for the revival of the brand .

Mark LaSalle was one of the two " other brands " GM's late 20 's, who survived the Great Depression. ( The second was a brand Pontiac). But LaSalle could not survive the 40s , even though the change after 1933 with the image of " okololyuksovogo " Cadillac's younger brother , the image of the car , the higher the average price range , which allows the vehicle to LaSalle sell well for several years.
The reason for discontinuation of LaSalle was that by 1940 , cars LaSalle were almost identical in form , fit , body types and specifications of cars Cadillac younger 62nd series. And both of these cars cost almost as much as the older model Buick, which were aimed at the same market segment. As a result, it is logical to General Motors decided that they do not need internal competition between LaSalle and two other , more entrenched brands in the market . After which followed a pragmatic decision to curtail production LaSalle.

In addition, another important factor in the fate of predreshivishim LaSalle, was a slow but steady growth in demand for high-end cars lyuksoye that was generated by the general growth of the economy in the years before World War II . With this in mind , in the Cadillac made ​​a strategic decision to leave the car segment of higher - mid-range , returning only in the luxury sector .
Such an approach is contrasted with the Packard, which continued to have high hopes for its low-cost model that after the war , as a result , deprived him of the image of a purely luxury car manufacturer , and a little later cost him his life . As one of the leaders Packard simply " gave Cadillac luxury car market on a silver platter ." As a result , LaSale fell victim to the changing times . Today , we would say that it was a niche model, which has lost its niche.
Right before the liquidation of the brand , to develop models were LaSalle 1941 model year. ( at the time, a 3-year period of preparation for new models for Detroit was the norm ) . LaSalle 1941 models were heavily perelitsovannymi 1940 . You could even say that they were almost completely new.

Cadillac designers have also developed another concept model LaSalle in 1941 .
Lights again moved into the wings , and a narrow , horizontal grille located returned to its traditional place . Nevertheless , if the patterns 40 are curved year aprons front wing , then the patterns 41 of the wings during circuit was duller .
Embossed vertical slits were again framing radiator, but they have become shorter as a result of following the general trend to attach the front of the car a more " horizontal " view. Profile model was typically GM- ovskim . The edges of the front wings were very similar to the contour of the wings stylish Cadillac Sixty Special.
On the hind wings adorned with elegant plates with round emblems , located at the level of the emblems on the wheel caps . Exactly the same design solution was used on some production models Cadillac 1941 model year.
Chrome decor also included a strip on the grounds of the wings and blestyashego lining along the side running boards . GM design chief Harley Earl thought that such a decision would make a used car brighter , which in turn will help to raise the value of the car aftermarket . That's why so many GM models in 1941 look as " brilliant ."

As kotsept LaSalle in the back notch -back , a model with a fastback body was carried to the top of Cadillac models decor 52nd series, the proof of which is a sign with a number on the front bumper.
Despite the role of the less expensive companion Cadillac, leaving LaSalle was a great loss to the many fans of GM, which continue to apply to the mark with love , even after many years. After all , the creation of the first LaSalle in 1927 , it was thus that Harley Earl brought in GM, where he founded the famous Studio Art and colors , which became the first in the automotive factory design studio .
The concept car Cadillac LaSalle II Series 1955.
Given all of the above, not surprising that some designers and even heads of GM periodically saw the revival of the brand LaSalle in the lineup of Cadillcac. And chief among them was Harley Earl, who has created two prototype Cadillac LaSalle Series II 1955 , for a traveling exhibition Motorama this year.

GM design chief Harley Earl developed the concept LaSalle II 1955 Motorama for a traveling exhibition of the same year .
Both concepts have been installed grille with vertical cells resembling Grilli is not running in the production of LaSalle in 1941 . Bumper grille flanked with vertical " bullet-shaped " bumpers on the sides. The model is also been emblem "LaS", such as to release LaSalle recent years . But the similarities of these two concepts came to an end . One of them was a two-seat roadster like the Corvette, with elliptical concave on the sidewalls , the same as in a production Corvette in 1956 . The squat rear fenders have a sharp contour of the rear wheels leaving open. Exhaust pipes were put through the chassis side rails and out right in front of the rear wheels ;
The second concept LaSalle II sedan in 1955 was in the back of the hard -top, hinged rear doors . It was one of the touches that added to the project personally Harley Earl. ( Serial Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957 also had the same door). And in spite of its 108- inch wheelbase E , the car was a six .
Overall length was equal to only 180 -minute inches and the height was barely 50 inches. This low height was achieved in part because of the 13 -inch wheels, a rarity for the Detroit show car . The characteristics of these concepts that were to soon appear on production cars have become curved windshield, similar to that which appears on production models in 1959 , and experimental aluminum engine V6, which GM was experimenting at the time.
Ellipsoidal lateral grooves on the sidewalls painted in a dark color was the same as in the roadster , but the rear wheels were opened only partially , in the style of Corvette 1953.
Factory GM press described the hardtop LaSalle II, as " a new concept of style sedan , aimed at achieving a characteristic of exclusivity and high quality performance of the original models LaSalle." Nevertheless , in the opinion of many , the car still looks far better .

If the concept of LaSalle II roadster in the body resembled a Corvette, a design concept with a body LaSalle II hardtop sedan shown in this photo, was intended to express the sporty elegance .
The car looks very similar to other " dream cars " Earl this time , including several concepts Cadillac, Chevrolet Biscayne 1955 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe in 1956 .
LaSalle II roadster was not carrying a radically fresh design ideas , having similarities with the lines of the concept 1954 Buick Wildcat II, Oldsmobile F88 and Cadillac La Espada / El Camino. In this case both LaSalle II were created exclusively for the exhibition and were not designed for the demonstrations in the showrooms .
LaSalle into oblivion.
Thoughts on Reclaiming the brand LaSalle appeared at GM with enviable frequency , but those who are responsible for planning the production of them preferred to leave the mark in oblivion.

It is known that the thought of starting production in LaSalle appeared in GM again in connection with a project to start production in 1963 Buick Riviera .
Initially, this competitor Ford Thunderbird has been proposed for the production in the form of a new line of personal-luxury Cadillac , which was to bear the name of LaSalle. It was developed several types of body , including convertible and hardtop sedan .
Four-door convertible was to become a rival to the updated Lincoln Continental, but unimportant Buick sales in this period of time has led to the fact that the production was transferred to Flint and left only in the production of Hard -top convertible . Thus ended the first since the 1940 attempt to revive the LaSalle.
However, the name LaSalle continued to magically have some impact on the bosses GM, and the second attempt the revival of the brand was launched in the early 1970s . At that time, Cadillac was planning to start production of the new compact sedan and the company's management had serious intentions to call him LaSalle. In addition, considered the name "Leland" ( in honor of the founder of the Cadillac, Henry Leland Martin ) .

But the marketing department had in this respect his own opinion by voting for a new, more recognizable name , which at that time had already been associated with certain commercial success . This name has become Seville.
Rumor has it , the name of LaSalle was seen for the car, which later became the subcompact Cadillac Cimarron is issued from 1982 to 1988 , but given the image of a loser who knows this model , this is the third unsuccessful revival behalf of LaSalle looks more luck than the other way around.
Today, people are still talking about LaSalle, but now it is for the most part historians and old fans of the brand Cadillac. Reborn ever name LaSalle? Probably not. Although ... because certainly never know what can happen sometimes .

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