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1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe

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Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Replica/Kit Makes
Model: 356A Coupe
Year: 1957
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconst
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1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe for sale

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1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe Photo
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe
  • 1957 Replica/Kit Makes 356A Coupe

356A Coupe Replica Kit Please read this ENTIRE post carefully.  
This is a very good deal FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. and that person should be a FABRICATOR with experience. This is NOT for the home builder that needs to have a manual or instructions to follow. There are 30+ pictures available by email.
 We are happy to discuss this opportunity by phone 574 546-4656. and supply the additional photos. We can not. at this time. build you one of these as we are too busy working on new Spyder. Speedster and GTS sales.
 What we can say. without reservation is that this is quality work. that is more complete than many of the so called "kit" offerings here on eBay.  
 READ THE ENTIRE (and we know it is lengthy) POSTING HERE BEFORE CALLING FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS PLEASE. Fabricators and talented car people encouraged. Inexperienced? DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS LISTING
 We do business with a company that was developing an electric 356A Coupe in an overseas market. They produced 6 bodies on Stainless Steel chassis. Their fiberglass work is very good. and their welding is also excellent. However. they just could not get this product approved. as an electric vehicle in their country. We are BECK. and you may have heard of us and our products. This is NOT a BECK product. It is. however. a professionally made product that would make an excellent starting point for a talented fabrication knowledgeable individual or company.
 There is a lot of work already complete that so called “complete kit” offerings either neglect to tell you. and are not included. Then you have to purchase all manner of items that you did not think about. This is NOT our intent here. We want you to understand EXACTLY the GOOD. THE INCLUDED. and THE NEEDS TO BE FABRICATED or MODIFIED.  
 We will emphasize this again; This is NOT a “kit” for the inexperienced assembler who is capable of following an Instruction Manual. You will need to be capable of modifying the chassis (it is designed for electric motor. batteries. etc. ). and understanding the geometry of front suspension design. rear suspension design. as well as all aspects of automotive wiring. and other skills not associated with a novice friendly kit.  
 THE GOOD and THE INCLUDED There is a lot of difficult and time consuming work already completed. There are parts that are included that add value to the offering. Let's begin: (In no particular order) Front and rear bumpers are included. and the brackets where they mount to the Stainless chassis should remain in place when you modify same for your mechanical components. (See pics) 
 GLASS: The laminated. AS-1 and E Code windshield and rear glass are included. (No rubber seals. however these are available from several suppliers. ) (See pics) The quarter window glass is included. (Again. no seals for these. )
 FRONT HOOD is hinged. has a prop rod installed. has the rubber seal in place. and an exterior hood handle. 356 style. (See pics) DOORS are hung with proper hinges. they have electric window mechanisms already installed (no glass. but this is flat and easy to get cut). the window frame is already installed. as is the latch and B pillar catch. and the external door handle with keyed lock is installed as well. (See pics) 
 The REAR DECK LID is hinged and has the rubber seal installed. The upper catch and lower latch mechanism are installed and have the remote release cables run into the passenger compartment. with a handle and mounting bracket in place. (Located at driver side B pillar. There is no Engine Grill fresh air opening. however. it is apparent that they copied a lid from a gasoline powered car. as it has the proper consideration for keeping the water that would enter this grill directed properly. (Our BECK Speedster rear deck lid grill would be an acceptable grill for installation. ) $88. 00 from Beckspeedster. com. Cutting the deck lid opening. fashioning a proper attachment flange would be required. ( See pics) 
 HEADLIGHT BUCKETS are installed and have the proper tab at the 12 o'clock position to accept the same headlights used on all 356 replicas. (Also available here. ) (See pic) 
 TURN AND TAIL LIGHTS – the front apron has the holes for the front turn signals cut. Original style lights will fit. or the version we use on BECK product will also work. ($99. 00 a pair on our website). The taillight holes are also located. and the tear drop version of 356 light will fit here. ($89. 00 a set on web. ) 
 STEERING COLUMN – the beginning of the steering column is installed under the dash and the hole that your custom shaft will exit the passenger compartment is cut through the fire wall. It has proper bearings and is splined to accept a hub and steering wheel. not included. (See pic)
 EMERGENCY BRAKE MECHANISM - the eBrake handle is installed and located so it will be between the seats. The cables are also there. (See pic) 
 SHIFT LEVER – there is a plate with 4 bolts. There is no mechanism included. (see pic) 
 HEAD LINER - there is no headliner. however the fastening blocks for the headliner are installed. and there is a place to install a courtesy light in the center of the roof. (See pics) 
 PEDAL ASSEMBLY – there is a dead pedal welded in for the drivers left foot. There is a blank area of the firewall that will accept a variety of pedal assemblies.  
 THE REST OF THE STORY (things to be modified/sourced) There are many ways to approach the modifications and these will depend on your choice of suspension and components. Here are the basics involved in this. with photos of what exists. We have not evaluated Ackerman. Bump Steer. Scrub Radius. or any of the factors that will determine the usefulness of any of these front suspension components.  
 FRONT SUSPENSION – there is a complete front suspension installed. The hub. rotor and calipers are from the XXX. and are mounted to an A arm suspension. There is a transverse stabilizer bar incorporated into this as well as an upper and lower shock mounting point. well triangulated. (See pics) 
 STEERING RACK - there are no components of the steering other than those already mentioned above. It appears that they intended to incorporate a conventional Rack and pinion style unit and there is an area in front of the firewall that looks to be the likely location that they had in mind. (See pic) 
 FUEL TANK – as you might imagine in an electric project this is not incorporated or included. No fuel lines have been run in or on the chassis. The entire fuel system from tank location (under the hood). the tank itself. filler hose. fuel cap. fuel lines. filters. etc. will have to be designed. fabricated and installed.  
 BRAKE LINES - there is no master cylinder. reservoir. brake lines. or any portion of the brake system except those components mentioned above. This system will have to be completely designed and installed.  
 THE DASH – the dash is not designed for conventional replica gauges like the BECK/VDO units we use in our products. In this area we have discussed a few alteration ideas including making an A dash to graft into place that will provide room for the instruments and switches in a more authentic location and style. It is apparent that the original design incorporated some sort of electric motor monitoring and control devices. There is currently a large hole cut in the current dash for this component. (See pics) There appears to have been an initial consideration for a glove box. that was later glassed over and abandoned. (See pics) 
 WIRING/SWITCHES – there are no switches or controls included. There is no wiring harness in this package. No gauges or sending units.  
 INTERIOR COMPONENTS - there are no seat shells. tracks. underlayment. carpet. door panels. headliner. floor mats. or any manner of interior finishing's included.  
 THE BODY AND PAINT - there are 3 locations where holes have been cut into the body: one is for an electric charging plug located below the rear deck lid opening. and the other 2 are on either side of the front quarter panels presumably for side marker lights. We will. upon request. glass these openings closed in our lamination Dept. (Where we make the BECK Spyder. Speedster and GTS. )
 The lamination is excellent work. Clean. uniform and air free. The body work is overall very good. The prep work for the application of primer and paint falls short of acceptable with sanding scratches still visible in a variety of locations. The “paint” job should be considered a guide coat. That said. the over-all straightness of the body is quite good. Superior to many “kit” gelcoat surfaces being offered as “paint ready” by brand X. (See pics).  
 IN CONCLUSION Again we will repeat that this is a project for an experienced fabricator. This would be extremely challenging for the hobbyist and daunting for the amateur. We will be glad to speak to you in regard to this opportunity on the phone to be certain that what is written here is clear and comprehensive. We will not be involved in your decisions in regard to design and do not intend this to be a project in the hands of anyone that needs anything other than occasional assistance over the phone. Simply put. this is offering is accurately described. including the talent level we believe is required to complete this project. We do not have the time or desire to engineer over the phone with anyone. Of course we encourage and welcome a personal inspection here in Indiana. You must be the ultimate decision maker as to how your particular talents line up with the tasks required. The potential for a very nice finished product is here…thank you for reading this.  
 We do not make a Coupe at this time. This is a project that was designed and manufactured by others. and the work is impressive and more that acceptable in our opinion. We see the typical Brand X offerings and prefer to find these a home that is NOT a storage area until frustration sets in and the “project” is sold for half of the costs incurred.  
 Look at our photos. (We have over 30 photos to share with qualified constructors. ) We are NOT trying to hide anything. When we show a door it is hinged. installed. adjusted. has the electric window mechanism. the upper window frame. the exterior handle. the latches in place and is adjusted and operational.  
We have seen photos of other offerings where you will receive the door. hood and rear deck lid in two parts: an inner and an outer. that you will need to bond together.  STOP right there!
 Fiberglass 101 – the main ”skin” of any part that requires an inner structure bond. such as hoods. doors. deck lids. etc. requires that “skin” to remain in the mold where it can not change shape. The inner is then bonded to it prior to removal from the mold. This is the ONLY way to maintain the shape of the part. Anything else is a guessing game and the road to a twisted. incorrectly shaped part that is anything but easy to correct.  
 Take a close look at the photos available here. Ask for an email of 30 additional detail photos. We will be building one of these for ourselves. and another for a client. We mention this because we would be pleased to share the components we use from our BECK SPEEDSTER manufacture as well as items developed for our use on 2 of these “kits” like a wiring harness. upholstery items. dash mods. lights. engine grill. etc. We have MANY parts that you can purchase here if you wish.  Great prices. great quality.
 P. S. Had to select a TITLE type in order to list successfully. This "kit" comes with a Bill of Sale for the body package. and an MSO for a Component Vehicle. You use these . along with other receipts to apply for a title in your home state.
Well. thanks for reading this LONG posting. call if you want to further discuss this opportunity.

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Comments and questions to the seller:

from Alfonso Sanchez, dated 10 june 2021
did you ever build you 356 and your customers? Id like to see pictures?

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