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Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934
  • Ford Coupe 1934

Ford Coupe 1934

Ford 1934, the issue was one of the first models of the company with the trademark of a blue oval. The company has refused from too square shape of the vehicle that outwardly resembled a horse-drawn carriages. Elegant strelovidnaya radiator grille and smooth, like a wild wings rapidly gained a lot of fans. All models of 1934, were manufactured with a V-shaped-cylinders engine. It was fashionable these cars remodel and thus they fell into the racing world for converted cars. As in many of the cars of the era, in the model of 1934, was used by the independent steel chassis and the original chassis can still be found in many adapted cars in our days. In the model in the picture is still the original nerazreznoy the front axle, although with telescopic shock absorbers. In the back of the car more high-tech using independent suspension Corvette. This made the car looks very typical of that era with many accessories of those years, attached to the body. However, he goes as modern supercar, thanks to advanced malolitrazhnomu engine Chevy, which had been brought to the volume of the 5866 cm3.

Maximum speed:

203 km/h

0-95 km/h:

8,7 sec.

engine Type:

V-obraenyy 8-cylinder

the working volume of the engine:

5866 cm3


manual 4-speed

the Maximum power:

264 kW at 5500 rpm

the Maximum torque:

459 Nm at 3400 rpm


1092 kg


4,9 km/l

Other names of this model: Ford Model 40A, Ford Model B

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