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Car location: Faringdon, United Kingdom
Seller's notes: still retaining much of its nearly fifty year old paintwork
Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Mini
Model: Wolseley Hornet MK II
Year: 1967
Type: Standard Car
Doors: 2
Color: White
Mileage: 29,588
Seats: 5
Engine: 998
Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Petrol
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Previous Owners: 3
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A remarkable 1967 Wolseley Hornet Mk II 998cc. the upmarket luxury version of the classic Mini.


29. 00 miles and effectively two lady owners from new. The first owning in twice. then it returning to the family of the second.


Presented in show condition. never having had any major welding and with all of its original panels and the majority of its factory paint finish.


Always garaged and kept under wraps then dry stored for many years.


A rare car now with hardly any original un-restored examples of the Mk II remaining making those that do highly sought after amongst collectors. investors and Mini aficionados worldwide.


 The car presented here really is delightful and should prove a worthy investment opportunity.


Everyone has the same reaction when they see it


WOW. is that really fifty years old!


Starting life as the ‘Sheep Shearing Machine Co'. Wolseley produced its first motor car in 1899. From 1901 when Vickers purchased the vehicle interests. the marque became a member of various motor manufacturing empires: in 1927 William Morris bought Wolseley; in 1935. it moved into Morris Motors. and then in 1952. Wolseley became part of the BMC conglomeration.

Shortly after the launch of the Mini in 1959 BMC. British Motor Corporation. began work on an upmarket 'booted' versions of the car.

The results. the Riley Elf and the Wolseley Hornet. were first seen by the public in 1961.

Based very much on the Mini but far more luxurious with superior interior trim and far more external chrome along with a much larger and more practicable extended boot to the rear and a front end upright grille gave them a distinctive regal look. The Wolseley following that marques tradition sported an illuminated grille badge.

With strong sales behind it the Wolseley Hornet saw its first facelift in 1963. the MKII. where in addition to trim changes the engine was upgraded from the original 850cc to Cooper's 998cc giving added speed and performance.

Three years later the final Hornet the Mk III was launched introducing integral door hinges and wind up windows. Changes not seen on the Mini until 1969 the year production of the Hornet ceased to be replaced by the Mini Clubman.

Compared to the five million Mini's very few Hornets were produced. just 28. 55 in total.

Today then they are far. far rarer then the Mini. However like the Mini it is the earlier MK II's with the sliding windows and external hinges that are far more desirable.

With so few made and almost half a century since the last Mk II left the production line it is not surprising that very few un-restored original examples remain. Those that do are very highly sought after indeed - you will struggle to find one at all.

To find one that has all of its original panels. most of its neigh on fifty year old paint finish and interior plus its original Cooper engine - well you really will have your work cut out. All of this and a Hornet with just 29. 00 miles and effectively just 2 lady drivers in 5 decades - impossible you would think?

However. one does exist and it is offered here on general sale for the first time since it was new 48 years ago.

LFD 794E

On the last day of February 1967 the first owner of LFD 794E. the wife of the owner of an engineering firm based in Cannock. travelled the few miles to her local BMC dealer to collect her new Wolseley Hornet Mk II.

Although not registered until 28 February 1967. sixteen weeks or so after the introduction of the Mk III. this car would have been one of the last MK II's off the line before production had ceased in the previous October.  

From the offset LFD 794E was destined to be a car that was only to see infrequent use. In the main its journeys were confined to within the boundaries of Cannock and the immediate surrounding area.


LFD 794E was cherished and loved by its elderly owner. When not in use. which was most of the time. the Wolseley would be stored in the double garage attached to the owners bungalow.


In its early life the first owner of LFD 794E had to give up driving. She hoped not for good but just in case she wanted her pride and joy to go to someone known to her who could be entrusted to care for her beloved Wolseley in the same way that she had.


As it turned out the wife of her husband's Chiropodist had been seeking just such a car. A deal was struck with two conditions. The first. of course.  was that she would care for it as the first owner had - agreed! The second condition was that if the second owner ever decided to sell the car in the future that she would give the first owner the option to buy it back - also agreed. The first owner it would seem was still hopeful of being able to one day get back behind the wheel of LFD 794E.


The second owner was true to her word and indeed cherished and cared for LFD 794E in the same vain as the first owner had. She continued to keep the Wolseley garaged used it infrequently and again in the main travelled just within the confines of Cannock. In the next thirty five years or so the mileage covered was just 28. 00 or so.


In 2003 the second owner decided that she really should update the Wolseley for something a little more modern. She was still in contact with the first owner. now quite advanced in years. and again true to her word offered her the car back as promised - but with a condition of her own though. That condition was that the next time that the Wolseley was to be disposed of first refusal this time should go to the second owners son who had been a regular passenger in the car since he was a child. Again agreed!


The first owner regained ownership of LFD 794E on the 27 April 2003. however she was still unable to drive and the car went straight back into the garage where it had spent its early days to be stored.


The first owners husband. now retired from the family engineering business. undertook a process to protect LFD 794E from deterioration whilst in storage and to. as he believed. bring the areas of the car that had not readily been visible. such as the engine bay. back to how he remembered them when his wife had sold the car thirty odd years previously. More on this in the relevant sections below.


LFD 794E remained in storage in the first owners garage  for the next nine years. apart from when it travelled most years the couple or so miles for its MOT. The last MOT whilst in the care of the first owner was carried out on the 13 March 2008 the mileage recorded at that time 28. 25.


In January 2012 the car. as agreed. was acquired by the second owners son and returned to the garage at his parents home where it had spent the majority of its life.


In May 2012 LFD 794E was submitted for MOT now with just 9 miles more than the last time it had been four years previously. For the first time ever in its life the Wolseley required some minor welding for the MOT - but not much. It failed only on N/S/F floor sub frame mounting corroded.


The son of the second owner had this attended to and at the same time a couple of other minor areas that were not MOT failures done at the same time by a classic car specialist. None of these repairs are visible or at least obviously so apart from a small 2 inch by 2 inch ish plate to the O/S/inner sill and even then you would need to remove the carpet to see it. To give you an idea of just how minor all this work was an invoice in the history file that includes labour and parts to change the rear petrol pipe to the pump as well was just £100.


Since LFD 794E returned to the family of its second owner it has covered just a few hundred miles and spent most of its time in the garage at the second owners home.


Today the Wolseley is presented in well preserved original and unmolested condition. It has never been restored and the vast majority of the parts that make it up are those fitted on the production line almost fifty years ago in 1966.   The genuine mileage from new is now just 29. 88.


The taxation class is shown as historic vehicle so you will never need to pay Road Tax.  




For a car that is just short of half a century old that has never been restored. or even totally repainted. the body and paintwork are excellent.


For a Hornet (Mini) of this age it is remarkably rust free. The second owners son tells us all the panels are original so the gaps are just as they should be.


Prior to us acquiring LFD 794E there had been some older localised paint rectification at differing times over the years. Some of which no doubt as a result of parking mishaps etc. others perhaps dating back to dealer work when defects in the factory finish may have been noted on the pre delivery inspection when the car was new. as was often the case in the sixties. The A panels had also been repainted whilst in the care of the second owner. it is thought around fifteen years ago and the O/S/R wing had a repair to a scrape.


It would seem that original paint remains to the doors. the boot lid the N/S/R wing. the majority of the bonnet and contrasting blue of the roof (often painted by the supplying dealer). There is light water marking to the blue on the roof and some light storage dents.


Our body shop have repainted the previous repairs to the A posts. without the need to do much in the way of bodywork. Both front wings and the front panel were also repainted without the need to use body filler.


No welding had ever been carried out until 2012 when the minor work listed above was carried out.


The floors. boot floor. bottoms of the doors are all original and have never been welded.


The sills and subframes also would seem original.


Door. boot and bonnet shuts are excellent.


There are a couple of minuscule storage dings and the odd blemish has been touched in with a touch up brush.


As we say when the first owner got LFD 794E back for the second time to preserve it and in an attempt to reinstate the look of 30 years earlier areas not readily visible such as the underside. internal floor. sills. valances and under the wheel arches were hand painted. This seems to have worked well it terms of preservation but had discoloured. or never fully matched the original. For the sake of appearance and without removing the old paint we asked our bodyshop to over paint these areas to colour match the body. We decided to do this rather than take the easy option of undersealing these areas so that the excellent condition of them is still visible. Now unless you inspected closely. you would be hard pushed to notice any difference.


The chrome work is also all original and in good fifty year old condition but starting to show its age.




Without doubt the interior has always been the outstanding feature of the Wolseley Hornet. It was what set in worlds apart from pretty much every other similar sized car of the era. what attracted buyers in the day. and what attracts buyers now.


A lovely place to be indeed and with the exception of the carpets  it would seem everything is nearly 5 decades old and original.


The walnut veneer and lacquer is virtually unmarked to the 3 dial dash.


The carpets. as we say. have been replaced some years back and although not original quality are not worn. have not lost their tufting and are  virtually unmarked.


The original headlining is good and does not sag. the interior light is missing.


The hide facings retain their original factory finish albeit with some fifty year fading of the original dye in places although this presents as a lovely aged patina that you could never replicate. Some aged creasing but no rips or tears.


Sliding windows operate as they should.


The door cards and rear pocket trims are unmarked and have not been holed or cut.


The dash top is unmarked.


Original steering wheel in first class condition.




Under the bonnet was subjected to the. perhaps a little overzealous. perseveration hand painting treatment and it would seem that the husband lifted the engine out to do this and at the same time painted the engine and ancillaries in green - again though the wrong shade - we have just painted what we can get to without lifting the engine in the right shade. and very good we think it looks too!


It is still obvious when you lift the bonnet. especially to the bulkhead. that someone has been in here with a brush though.


Original Coopers decal still in place on the air cleaner.


Some paint has blistered and flaked off after a brake fluid spillage.




The boot. of course is much bigger than that of a Mini. it really is quite useable.


The spare wheel is located below the false floor which retains its original covering.


The same goes for the boot as under the bonnet in terms of preservation hand painting. although not quite so obvious in here.


Plastic tool bag with Jack. handle and wheel brace.




The second owners son told us that LFD 794E never once let his mother down.


The 998cc engine fires on the first turn of the key with manual choke.


There is no untoward noise or smoke.


There are no oil or hydrolastic suspension leaks and the car sits totally level.


The gears change up and down just as they should and the whole car drives and runs just beautifully.


There will be a new MOT before auction end.


All five tyres are almost new.




1.    V5C. Showing 3 previous keepers. although 2 of them were the same person.

2.    Original hand book

3.    DVLA MOT history print out

4.    MOT May 2015.

5.    Some past invoices

6.    Letter from the owners son outlining the history and warranting the mileage




LFD 794E is a honest. completely unmolested and original Wolseley Hornet That has covered just 29. 00 miles in life that spans the best part of half a century.

Those miles and ownership. in the main. has been whilst in the care of just 2 lady owners.

It has clearly been cherished and garaged all its life.

It is a rare original car in excellent condition that really wants for nothing and will be of interest to Mini and Wolseley enthusiasts as well as collectors and investors.

It would also make a fantastic show exhibit of an un-restored but used fifty year old car that will attract immense interest and should indeed command prizes in the coming season.

As we say it is very rare to find a Hornet (or Mini for that matter) that retains so much of its originally and that is what makes this car so special. It has not had any panels replaced or suffered any welding apart from the very minor bits mentioned. A good deal of the factory paint finish remains and where it does not the bodywork beneath has not been subjected to a great amount of work and copious amounts of body filler.   


Low mileage. history. condition. rarity and originality will contribute greatly to the value of any classic.


LFD 794E tops all these categories and as such will be of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts. however. it will also appeal to those you just want to use it and cherish it –  the same way its  previous owners did.


You might expect such a rare original car with such a low mileage to be worth upwards of £15. 00 - and we would agree. However our reserve is set way. way below the above figure. in fact thousands of pounds below. Incredibly the reserve is not even a five figure but a four figure sum - so you just could be very. very lucky indeed!




We will. of course. be happy for serious buyers to view the car by appointment and with reasonable notice. although we will always do our best to accommodate. prior to auction end. However. please bear in mind the expected final price above.


If you are unsure of being able to acquire the relevant funds equal to the expected final price you should question. for both our sakes. whether you should come to view.


Please be sure that this is the vehicle that you want before you bid. If you have any doubt come and see it first or at the very least telephone. However. if you require someone else to sanction the purchase. i. e. your wife's permission. please get it before you come to view.


If you do want to view or ask for any more information please call David. on 07771 567567 or e-mail via ebay. We really are very approachable and welcome any questions about the vehicle.




We endeavour. on the whole. to offer original. genuine. exceptionally low mileage and unrestored cars from the 1970. and 1980. .


Almost all cars from this era have had a little paint rectification carried out at some time during their 20-40 years. However there is. of course. a huge difference between rectification of paint work and total vehicle restoration.


Paint rectification at the factory post production line or. indeed. by the supplying dealer was common in the 70's and 80's when most cars were sprayed by hand as opposed to today's automated processes. From time to time we will offer a car that has had some paint rectification for these reasons or perhaps to localised areas following parking mishaps etcetera.


Occasionally we may offer a car that has had rather more paint rectification although we will always endeavour to make this known in the description. It will be very rare however for us to offer a car that has had a full restoration. and only then if we have satisfied ourselves of the quality of the work.


It is becoming extremely difficult to obtain an unrestored 20-40 year old car. By and large they were just not built to last in the 70's and 80's. However. if you do find an original example that's survived the chances are that. if looked after. it should last for many more years. after all it will only have lasted this long because it will have had little use and been extraordinarily well cared for previously. The same. unfortunately. is far less likely to be able to be said for a car that has under gone renovation.


We think that you simply cannot beat a straight original example of any item. There is a school of thought that believes that if you take something apart and then put it back together you are just recreating that item in a false attempt to make it as it was in its former glory. and that no matter how well a vehicle has been restored it can only be original once.


Whereas we know that many restorations are done to the highest standards we believe that there are far more that are not. Who really knows what skulduggery may lie beneath a car that has possibly covered hundreds of thousands of miles then been restored at least one time or maybe even more than once! In our view if a car has required restoration then by default it must have become worn out. tired and have most probably been neglected.


It is interesting to note that of late we have sold some of our finest original quality cars to some of that particular Marques top and best known restorers - not for them to restore but for them to keep! Even they know. in their hearts. that one thing is for sure - a car that has been the subject of restoration. no matter how good will. almost with out exception. lack the spirit and soul of an original example and probably cost 3 times as much to complete and be worth less than half the an original example when done!




By Bidding on any item it will be deemed that you have read understood and accept these conditions.


ZERO RATED BIDDERS OR BIDDERS WITH A RATING OF LESS THAN 10. please read the conditions that apply to you below.


Contacts. location

The vehicle is in South West Oxfordshire. 15 minutes from the A34 at Oxford (M40 from London or Birmingham) or 20 minutes from Swindon East Junction of the M4.

Mobile 07771 567567

E-mail via ebay

Before you enter a bid

Please be sure that this is the vehicle that you want. that you are happy with and understand the description. that you understand the rules of ebay and that you have read these terms and conditions.



We have included a full and honest description and photographs which many people will feel happy to buy from. The description endeavours to be as informative as practically possible but is not. obviously. meticulous with regard to every individual part or area of the vehicle and is intended to represent an overview and not a thorough condition assessment report.


There are some General proviso's regarding vehicles. and the parts that make them up. that are decades old. all vehicles and their components deteriorate as soon as they leave the factory. just some to a lesser degree than others.


This is not a new vehicle. or a vehicle that has been restored using new parts so most of the parts will indeed be decades old. Common sense. giving consideration to its age and mileage. should prevail. Any references to condition should be taken in the context of age of vehicle. This is not necessarily a reflection on this particular vehicle but advice about classic cars in general.


If you require any further information regarding specific areas please just ask. BEFORE YOU BID.


Finally so confident are we that our description is a fair representation of the vehicle that if. on collection. it is not and there are obvious serious imperfections or serious faults. not previously mentioned. we will not expect you to proceed. However please do not interpret this genuine good practice offer as a way out of not paying. or paying less for a vehicle that you have legally bought for the amount bid at the auction end.


We are a business selling on ebay it is important to us to maintain our good seller's reputation and ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. Therefore it is  positively not in our interest to deliberately miss-describe the vehicle. Which brings us on to:-


Our one negative feedback


If you look at our feed back over the last  eight years up it is exemplary. Positive feedback for over 100 classic cars and comments that we are very proud of.


We list here just a few extracts. "The car was exactly as described"  "VERY ACCURATE DESCRIPTION"  "Car Was As Described & Its Beautiful"    then praise about us - "100% satisfied An outstanding seller & a true gentleman" "Completely trustworthy excellent seller with knowledge and passion" "honest and professional"  "The man is a perfect Gent - excellent car. delighted with entire thing top marks" "I think I have dealt with one of the best sellers on E bay if not the best" .


. and so on - high praise indeed. We have listed here just a few. there are many more similar reviews that can be viewed in our feedback section.


Most will be happy to buy from us as a seller with such previous quality feedback and most likely won't feel the need to read further. If you are a little unsure though because of the one negative feedback you may want to read on.


The vehicle in question was a Motorhome converted when new from an early eighties Fiat van. As budget vehicles intended for commercial use the quality of the actual paint finish when new sometimes was less than perfect. Runs in the paint. often an "orange peel" surface finish.


For this vehicle in our listing under the bodywork section we said:-


"For a 30 year old Fiat. as we say they were renown for corrosion. Y is remarkably rust free with just the smallest of hardly visible areas of surface only oxidisation in one or two places.   


The vast majority of the paint remains factory applied complete with unintentional but standard 'orange peel' effect. considered acceptable in the early eighties on Italian built vehicles intended for commercial use.


We have had our body shop attend to a couple of areas of surface only rust such as around the rear vents and in a couple of other places. "  


We had then clearly stated that there was some fresh paint and that there was some surface rust (oxidisation) remaining in one or two places.


The camper sold. The buyer who was in the Motor trade. selling and restoring Italian sports and prestige cars arrived. He inspected the camper and said he did not believe that the paint was factory finish. In the main due to the orange peel.


In this case the buyer was more accustomed to factory  paint finish on Ferrari & Italian sports cars than the very different finish on commercial vehicles still using dated 1960's paint finish equipment.


We gave the buyer the option not to continue or continue at a reduced price and invited him to suggest what that price might be. He further examined the vehicle and chose to continue at a much reduced (thousands of pounds) price and a trade deal at that reduced price was agreed. The buyer took the camper.


After returning to his premises the buyer emailed us asking that we take the vehicle back. He listed a number of faults that had been found when the vehicle was inspected on his ramp including rust on the exhaust. spilt gear leaver gaiter. damage to roof lining. brake fluid that was not clean. We do not rebuild cars or generally sell restored ones. These issues and others mentioned are the type of things that you will find with un-restored original cars that are decades old. Despite this we are reasonable people and do not want anyone to be unhappy. We agreed to make a full refund.


Instead of just accepting this the buyer then made further demands which were unreasonable. Enough was enough. No we said.


In reaction to this the buyer threatened to leave us negative feedback  unless we agreed to make a full refund before the vehicle was even returned. We talked to ebay. they have told us that they do not support threats of negative feedback being used in this way. Although there is an email trail detailing all of the above those emails had been sent directly between us and the buyer. not through ebay. Therefore ebay. quite rightly. would not be able to act on them.


We have subsequently spoken to our body shop who give us assurances that when they worked on the areas mentioned in the listing there were no additional coats of primer between the top coat and the factory primer in these areas and only the one top coat. The paint finish on the inside of the vehicle matched that of the outside with exactly the same density of Orange Peel effect. We have seen the same Orange Peel effect on other makes of commercials from the seventies and it was the same on the original internal paint on an identical camper that we owned. All of which would support that our description was indeed correct. in any event though a substantial reduced had been made.


In the last communication with the buyer we said that we were still prepared to discuss this further in an attempt to resolve that matter. He chose not to and left the. unjustified. feedback.



All photographs in the listing are taken by us using a digital camera. They are recent and are often taken just hours before the listing is posted. Other shots may be available please just ask and let us have an email address. All photographs are copyrighted and may not be used elsewhere without our express written permission.

Test drive

You will be able to take the vehicle on an accompanied test drive before you pay for it but will only be able to not proceed if you find a major mechanical fault that has not been mentioned in the description.

When you bid

By bidding you are agreeing and legally bound. if your bid is highest and the reserve is reached. to unconditionally buy the vehicle for the price that you have bid.

Negative. zero rated. international bidders or bidders with a score of less than 10 please call or e-mail before you bid with a landline number and address. We accept that just because you don't have a high score does not mean that you are not serious. but we do need to check you are real. that you clearly understand the rules and your intentions are good-you hear of some horrible tales!.


Far be it for us to tell you how to go about bidding. However. over the years we have had some bitterly disappointed bidders who placed there best and final bid just to late.


We understand why you might leave your bidding until the final few seconds however please at least make sure that you are signed in to your . . bay account. one of our customers recently missed a car that he had searched for for years because when he went to bid he had been logged out and had not left himself time to re enter his password!


It may be to your advantage to take independent advice on the best way to bid. You are welcome to call 07771 567567 after the auction end should your bid not have been successful.

Reserve and buy it now price

As is the way with auctions. we will not normally divulge the reserve price or issue a buy it now price. if we do from time to time we will state so in the description.


In fairness to all bidders we will not end the auction early and let it run its course. except on the very rear occasion of the vehicle being advertised elsewhere.


Please. do not ask what the reserve is set at we really are unable to say any more about the reserve than we already have under the value section.



If you are the winner

The Successful bidder should contact us within 12 hours of auction end. Preferably  by email. via ebay. and by telephone 07771 567567.


An invoice will be issued for the full amount via ebay with instructions how to pay the deposit via Paypal.


All buyers must pay a £200 Deposit via Paypal or cash within 24 hours of end of auction.


In all cases the balances. after the £200 deposit above or any additional deposit below. must be paid within 7 days of auction end.


The total Balance to be paid by Cash U. K pounds on collection or bank transfer prior to collection. We will transfer the money back should we not proceed for misrepresentation reasons as outlined above.


If you are unable to provide the above we will require an additional deposit of 10% of the sale price paid in cash or via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction end. You will then be able to give us a personal cheque or bankers draft provided they are drawn on a U. K bank either of these will need to be cleared and funds drawn against them prior to the vehicle being released. Sorry there can be no exceptions and deposits are not refundable.


The vehicle must be collected within 7 days of auction end unless otherwise agreed. We will assist you with collection where we can and will email full directions on how to find us.


Please give us as much notice of required collection time and date as possible. If you are delayed its not normally a problem please just let us know. We would ask that you ring us when you are an hour or so away from us.

We reserve the right to charge for storage if the vehicle is not collected within 7 days of auction end.


A mechanic does check our vehicles over before sale at ground level. as we have said though we are not restorers and this is not a vehicle that has been rebuilt.


Please remember that the vehicles we sell often are many years old and some of them have had very little or even no recent use. Despite our best endeavours to ensure they don't. span >  occasionally things can unexpectedly go wrong. Our advice would be to allow plenty of time for your journey. especially if you are catching a ferry and it may be a good idea to have AA or RAC cover. this is not a reflection on this particular car just good general advice for any older/classic car user.


We are happy to pick up the buyer from Oxford or Swindon Station; delivery of the vehicle or collection of the buyer from elsewhere may be possible at extra cost – just ask. We will always try to be flexible and help where we can


AIRPORTS. Provided that the reserve price has been met we do offer a collection service from Birmingham. Luton. Heathrow or Bristol Airports. subject to suitable times. We charge a nominal £25. 00 for this. For costs where the reserve has not been met or other locations please enquire.


Delivery. we do have a tow vehicle and are able to hire a trailer big enough for most cars. please enquire.


Non paying bidders will be reported to ebay and may be referred to an international debt collection agency.


The successful bidder should ensure that the vehicle is insured by them at auction end.


Bidders from outside the U. K. welcome but please call before bidding.


Descriptions. terms conditions and pictures used in this listing are copyrighted and my not be used without the authors express permission.


Items bought at auction do not have warranty.


You will not be disappointed with this vehicle so please start your bidding now- best of Luck.









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Comments and questions to the seller:

from MASSIMILIANO TERRAGN, dated 01 august 2019
Dear sir, I am interested in your car. I am at Gaydon from 3 to 4th of August for Mini Anniversary. I booked a car in London airport (Stansted). Please, there is a big distance from your town to Gaydon?

Thanks, Max

from Andy C, dated 09 june 2019
Hello, is this car still for sale? Rega4ds

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