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This is the history of the brand Toyota since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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He knows almost everything. He is the most reliable, the most varied (from SUVs to the usual cost-effective auto). Mark this car has become famous for the whole world among engineers, designers and just motorists. This Is The Toyota. With the history of this world-famous Japanese car?

The history of this momentous auto

In 1933 year the management of the textile company Toyota Automatic Loom Works, which was engaged in the production of textile machinery, adopted a decision to open a Department for the production and sale of cars.

In 1935 finally was fully completed work on the first car. He received the title of Model AA and in the following year was launched in mass production.

In 1937, the Japan automobile Department became a separate company specialized on the production of cars, which had the name of the Toyota Motor Co.

In 1951, the company Toyota has introduced a new idea for the production of cars. The essence of it was that now each employee could offer their own idea on the improvement of the process of car production.

In 1957, began an active export of automobiles Toyota in the United States.

In 1962 the company В«ToyotaВ» noted the important event. Was released millionth vehicle.

In the late 1980s, a new brand of affiliated companies Toyota - Lexus. These were the cars of high class, which were considered the most luxurious and prestigious.

In 2002 was officially opened OOO В«Toyota MotorВ» in the city. Moscow. And after about 5 years of mass production of Toyota in the industrial zone of St. Petersburg. In the same year, representatives of the company В«ToyotaВ» took part in the race of Formula 1.

So, Toyota is auto, conquered a great name among all well-known brands of cars.

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