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This is the history of the brand Reo since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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REO company founded in 1904 by Ransom Eli Olds founder and owner of Oldsmobile. Olds satisfied with their achievements in the company's Oldsmobile, at the age of 40 years old in 1904, having decided to retire. But he was not left alone: ​​some American businessmen to persuade the Olds to take over the leadership of the new company, giving him a 52 per cent stake and the right to make all the decisions. The new company was named after the initials of the pile of its founder Ransom Eli Olds REO. In the area of ​​passenger cars the company has made no loud glory, but in the production of trucks REO has long been one of the largest and most reputable.


The first machines REO for transportation of goods were typically American cars, buggies Fleyrbord Express with horizontal 1 - and 2-cylinder engine capacity of 9-16 hp, multi-plate clutch, planetary gearbox and chain drive the rear wheels. They could carry 5-10 people, or 250-750 kg of cargo.


In October, was a branch of trucks REO Motor Truck Co., Has started producing 12-horsepower Truck Series «J» and "H" had good success: in the years 1911-13, they sold 2,300 pieces.


2-ton model «J» received a 4-cylinder engine 25 hp and 3-speed transmission.


Was created by the 45-strong truck «Speed ​​Wagon» capacity of 750 kg, capable of a speed of 64 km / h At its chassis immediately began to set all sorts of cargo, passenger and special vehicle. This simple car was the progenitor of vast cargo program REO.

Available in the following 25 years of REO trucks belonged to the bonnet series «Speed ​​Wagon», which is almost entirely harvested from your own site. In the 20-ies. it included a lightweight postal vans «Parcel Delivery», bus chassis «Power Wagon», pickups «Junior» 500 kg of cargo.


Starting this year, the campaign produced heavier trucks «Tonner», «Standard», «Master» and «Heavy Duty» Capacity from 1 to 3 m with a 6-cylinder engine «Gold Crown» with a block of chrome-nickel steel, hydraulic brakes on all wheels, main transmission with a helical gearing and 14 different wheelbases (from 2900 to 4500 mm).

In 30 years, the range of trucks «Speed ​​Wagon» consisted of dozens of models. From light vans «Parcel Delivery» power of 45 hp and a pickup truck, "6AR" to 2 - and 3-axle variants without bonnet and bonnet carrying capacity from 1 to 6 m (models "1A4" to "4K5") with a 6-cylinder engine «Silver Crown» with the silver head unit with capacity of 70, 87 liter. s. or a 107-horsepower engine «Buda». Heavy-duty model "4N5" offers in-line eight-cylinder engine and two-speed main gear.


On trucks appeared REO wide chrome grille, gives them a recognizable shape.

From 1934 to '38 series trucks REO (models from "1M" to "31M") were collected at the plant owned by the company Mack.


The Board of Directors of REO decided to cease production of passenger cars, which led to Ransom Eli Olds left his second company.


The company announced the launch of a new range of trucks (model of "19", "20", "21", "22", "23") full weight from 5.4 to 9.5 tons with a rounded hood with two oval cut-outs on the side of and shifted back front axle. They used new petrol engines (Silver Crown) of 4020 and 4720 cm ³ capacity of 89, 90 hp and synchronized 5-sgupenchataya transmission «Clark». All machines are offered in reinforced versions «D219/223» full weight of 7 to 12 tons, as well as 4 - and 6-cylinder diesel engines «Buda» capacity from 66 to 90 hp model of «D4-19" to «D221». Then the company was trying to organize the production of buses Flying Cloud wagon type with a motor located under the floor behind the passenger compartment.

During the Second World War REO produced 7.5-ton chassis «29XS» (6x6) for evacuation and fire trucks with a 180-horsepower engine «Hercules».


The company has begun to assemble an army truck «US6» Studebaker carrying capacity of 2.5 tons.


REO company offers 2-axle trucks «19BHS» and «20BHS» power 89 and 94 hp and 10-ton version of «25VXS» with the wheel formula 6x4 with engine «Continental» capacity of 129 hp


The company has changed the model of "C19" and "C25", and heavy machinery "30" and "31" received a 200-hp engine «Gold Comet» and simplified trim.


All pre-war gamma appeared under the symbol "E" (models "E19" to "E23") with the characteristic of the setting on the sidewalls of the bonnet grille and vertical arrangement of the brand name of REO. All these old petrol cars are not being sold, but the company saved orders army trucks "M-34" and "M-35" with the wheel formula 6x6. Because of this she continued each year to upgrade its civilian program: a new engine «Gold Comet» V8 (1953), Sleeper cab (1954), the first cabover truck and engines powered by liquefied petroleum gas (1955), a series of "E "Companies with Cummins diesel engines ranging from 180 to 262 hp (1956). With the advent of the financial problems at the REO began reorganizing and negotiating its sale.


REO company became part of the aluminum company Bohn Aluminum and Brass, which has decided to buy a company and also Diamond T.


White Corporation bought back from Bohn Aluminum and Brass company REO, and a year and a Diamond T, creating their combined production in Lansing. REO were the latest in a series of «D600» and «D700». By combining their pre-existing machines and aggregates businesses and White Diamond T, in the 60's. REO company was able to offer 43 models with 14 types of engines. However, the volume of their production steadily declined.


Boss became a burden for the White and in May they have identified as an independent group Diamond REO.

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