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This is the history of the brand Porsche since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The car, which had no equal to themselves in their own time. In the world of sport for a long time there was no replacement. What is the car? It is a popular Porsche. What is noteworthy historical stages of this car?

a Brief history of Porsche

In 1937, В«the Third ReichВ» would like to take an active part in international marathon Berlin - Rome. For this, they needed a racing car. And it was then that the project Porsche received support from the national sports Committee. But, unfortunately, the war prevented get out in the light of this sport model. And only later years there was serial production of the trademark В«Porsche.В»

In 1947, was fully completed draft of the car. And in the next year it is already released under the world-famous historical model Porsche 356. At that time, just over a year he has won many awards in the race, so the company decided to create this special vehicle for racing.

In 1952 for the first time on the В«PorscheВ» appeared emblem in the form of a horse. It was a symbol of the emblem of the city of Stuttgart, which in the Russian language is translated, as the garden of mares.

In 1955, was released a new model Porsche Carrera. It was equipped with a completely new engine, which was elaborated by the specialists of the Porsche. Up to this time, most of the spare parts, component parts was taken from the car Volkswagen.

For about 15 years Porsche 356 was recognized experts from the most prestigious sports car in the world.

With the beginning of the new Millennium the car Porsche brand 911 Turbo could develop a high speed of up to 305 km per hour.

Car Porsche, perhaps, fully complies with its emblem, which has the form of a horse. After all, he is the same high-speed, powerful and unrestrained.

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