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This is the history of the brand Peugeot since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Its creators sought to create inexpensive, cheap car. Which would have been simple for the management, as well as reliable and maximally adapted to urban conditions. They wanted to create a people's car France. It was the Peugeot. What is the history of this world-famous French auto?

Historical landmarks Peugeot

In 1889, a first car of the concern Peugeot, which was trehkolesnym. In the next year begin to let out four-wheeled vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

In 1905 appears the world famous compact Bebe, it was easy machine with odnocilindrovym engine. By the way, he already was available not only privileged class, but a normal middle. That is, he will become a popular means of transport. In the same year the racing drivers of the vehicles of Peugeot in the Grand Prix occupy third and fourth places.

In 1913, the first modern racing car. She won Grand Prix in Depe. The car was equipped with a 7.6-liter engine. This year for two reasons was revolutionary for Peugeot. Firstly, cars В«PeugeotВ» developing speed of 187 km/h. Secondly, the company produced half of the French cars, that is, had a large turnover of sales.

In 1931, the model of Peugeot already has a front suspension. By the way, it was a novelty. Many manufacturers only a few years later began to produce cars on this principle.

In 1952, В«PeugeotВ» celebrated its millionth issue.

In 1974, Peugeot is combined with the company Citroën and together they begin to occupy the leading position on the market of auto.

Peugeot - this is a car with a French name, which was and will be in demand among car enthusiasts.

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