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This is the history of the brand Jaguar since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The British automobile company Jaguar Cars Ltd. was founded in 1922. Cars Jaguar relate mainly to the class "Lux", the company's headquarters is located in Coventry. In 20-ies of the Jaguar was the name of the Swallow Sidecar and produced purely carriages for motorcycles. The first components for automobiles in the factories of the company began to produce in 1927, when the company entered into a big deal and "corrected" financial position. The first car Jaguar 2½ Litre saloon was made in 1935. This model was produced in the form of a compact and Executive sedans.

As the real glory of the company brought the cars Jaguar SS90 and Jaguar the ss100, in the middle of 50-ies it was decided to rename the company in Jaguar. Around that time, a new company car, engine capacity of which amounted to 190 horsepower - the absolute record of the Jaguar of the time. For the first time learned about cars of this brand on the territory of the United States at a time when Jaguar XK150 and Roadster the same models appeared on the American market. The popularity of the Jaguar in this time was fabulous.

In 1971, was designed Jaguar XJ12 with the 12-cylinder engine, the capacity of which amounted to 312 horsepower. In General in the 1960s-1980s was released a few lines of sedans and sports cars, distinguished for their high cost, capacity and comfort. In the 80's for the production of sports cars was opened a branch of the company Jaguar Sport, and the company itself Jaguar became a branch of the company Ford. The first sports car Jaguar with a body "cabriolet" and "coupe" appeared only in 1990.

In 2008 belongs to Indian company Tata Motors.

Cars Jaguar premium-class are produced under the brand Daimler Chrysler.

In England you can buy virtually any model of post-war line of the company Jaguar.

The modern 2-3 summer Jaguar sellers make the following minimum prices:

X-Type - 9000 pounds

S-Type - 12000 pounds

XJ - 20,000 pounds

XK - 22000 lb

XF - 25,000 pounds

The XKR - 30,000 pounds

As for the more adult В«catsВ», here is the good price offer for the most mass model. Manufactured from 1975 to 1996 Jaguar XJS will cost from 3000 pounds, and its modification XJS convertible - from 7000 pounds. A classic MK II beginning of the 60s has already cost 10 thousand pounds, and the legendary E-Type the beginning of the ' 70s - 15 thousand pounds or more.

Appear in sale, models of SS 40s, but the prices for them are most often begin with a mark of 50 to 60 thousand pounds.

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