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1966 International Harvester Scout 800 4-Spd Sony Radio Fresh Tires

Sale price: $US $8,999.00 make an offer

Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: International Harvester
Model: Scout
Year: 1966
Type: SUV
Color: Red
Engine: 4
Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Gas
Interior Color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1966 International Harvester Scout 800 4-Spd Sony Radio Fresh Tires for sale

Current customer rating: current rating for this car (2.15) based on 156 votes
1966 International Harvester Scout 800 4-Spd Sony Radio Fresh Tires Photo
  • 1966 International Harvester Scout 800 4-Spd Sony Radio Fresh Tires

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We know that finding the right used car with the right equipment at the right price is only the first step in your car buying experience. Our business is built on commitment and dedication to finding the highest quality pre-owned cars at the best prices. and treating each customer as a member of our family; in fact. more than 30% of our business comes directly from referral and repeat customers. Our mission is simple. to build solid customer relationships with ethics and integrity. Our promise; you will have the greatest car buying experience ever! We offer superior prices and quality services to our customers.

Our vehicles are carefully hand-selected and painstakingly inspected for quality and reliability by our all out thoroughgoing Certified Technician.   Our commitment to perfection is exceeded only by our dedication to offer you the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Let our more than 30 years of retail/wholesale and buying experience work for you. After decades of seeing things done the wrong way to save a buck we have opened X Motorsport. What this means for you is SAVINGS! We are now in the unique position of having low overhead and high quality cars and will pass it directly on to you. That combined with our internet based pricing strategy; you can be assured that you are getting the very best deal.

We have grown in this business since the age of 16. starting as car porters and working our way up through sales. management and ultimately into executive positions. We welcome you and we invite you to use our web site. whether you are looking for a specific vehicle or you are researching which automobile fits into your wants. needs or budget. With the most competitive price online. there is no bad choice.

Let X Motorsport help you find the right car. truck. SUV. or crossover vehicle that you desire. At X Motorsport we carry all different makes and models and if you don’t see what you’re looking for we usually accommodate you within 5 business days. We carry the following popular brands including Acura. Audi. BMW. Buick. Cadillac. Chevrolet. Chrysler. Dodge. Ford. Ferrari. GMC. Honda. Hyundai. Infiniti. Isuzu. Jaguar. Jeep. Kia. Land Rover. Lexus. Lincoln. Mazda. Mercedes-Benz. Mercury. Mini Cooper. Mitsubishi. Nissan. Pontiac. Porsche. Saturn. Scion. Smart. Subaru. Suzuki. Toyota. Volkswagen and Volvo.

Looking for a special kind of car? Need help answering a question? Want to ship a car across the world? Need help selling your car? We are striving to be Chicago’s #1 used car dealer. Servicing Addison. Villa Park. Elmhurst.  Alsip. Aurora. Buffalo Grove. Chicago. Countryside. Des Plaines. Evanston. Franklin Park. Glenview. Indiana. Kankakee. Long Grove. Lincolnwood. Lisle. Melrose Park. Morton Grove. Mount Prospect. Madison. Milwaukee. Matteson. Niles. Naperville. Ohio. Oaklawn. Orland Park. Park Ridge. River Grove. Schaumburg. Sheboygan. and many more.

On behalf of our courteous staff. thank you for visiting our website and giving us an opportunity to service you online. Please forward any suggestions or comments you may have to our email address listed below.

sales@xmotorsportinc. com

Below are a few of the other vehicles currently available from X Motorsport

XMotorsportInc is a registered eBay user name of X Motorsport. Inc.

X Motorsport is an Illinois Dealer operating under Illinois License number DL 027.

X Motorsport is located at 100 E North Ave. Villa Park. IL 60181.

The X Motorsport office can be reached at ((888) 558-9499. 0pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman'. #39;serif';">


At Auction Close

Successful "winning" bidder must telephone ((888) 558-9499 hours after the auction has ended to verify purchase and make arrangements to complete the transaction.

Within (4) business days of the end of auction. full payment must be received either by cashiers-check. approved bank draft. or certified funds. If funds are not received. and an alternate arrangement has not been made. the vehicle can and will be made available to other potential buyers on a first-come. first-serve basis.

Our Guarantee

We have disclosed as much information as possible about this vehicle and aim to only carry quality pre-owned merchandise. X Motorsport recommends vehicles be inspected BEFORE leaving our facility. If upon personal and/or authorized professional inspection of the eBay purchased vehicle at our facility. buyer finds a substantial discrepancy between the published report and actual vehicle. we will either correct the problem at no charge. work out a compromise. or refund all monies paid. Buyer will not be responsible for any eBay related fees and will be dismissed from any contractual obligation with eBay to purchase the vehicle if and only if inspection proves vastly different from published ad.

Shipping - Transport of Vehicle

X Motorsport values your business! We want you to be completely satisfied with your online automotive experience from purchase to delivery. Please understand that X Motorsport will arrange shipping for you as a value added service only. We are NOT the shipping company.   All shipping questions and/or concerns should be addressed directly with the shipping company used to transport said vehicle.

Should you be unsatisfied with your shipping service. please let us know! We aim to recommend only quality vendors.

Accepted Forms of Payment

X Motorsport accepts cashiers checks. certified funds. or verified drafts from known/approved financial institutions.

All buyers pay a $199. 00 administrative fee plus a $169. 27 documentary fee. ILLINOIS buyers must pay 7. 25% sales tax plus applicable ILLINOIS fees. Out-of-state buyers are responsible for their own taxes. registration. etc. in their own states.


All vehicles are sold "as-is" and without warranty. Some vehicles will have factory warranty remaining (will be stated in our description). All cars come with one master key unless otherwise stated. Vehicles come with books and/or manuals only if pictured in photo gallery and/or if stated in the ad.

* We make every effort to present information that is accurate. However. it is based on data provided by the vehicle VIN decoding and/or other sources and therefore exact configuration. color. specifications & accessories should be used as a guide only and are not guaranteed. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any inaccuracies. claims or losses of any nature. Furthermore. inventory is subject to prior sale and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include taxes. registration fees. finance and/or documentation charges. or shipping fees. To ensure your complete satisfaction. please verify accuracy prior to purchase.

** X Motorsport also offers and recommends affordable extended warranties. please call us for more details. **

Consumers can learn about their rights when purchasing a used car by calling the Illinois Department of Transportation toll free number at 1((888) 558-9499. 0pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman'. #39;serif';">

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