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MG T-type
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MG T-type

MG T-type combines the model TA/TB/TT/TD/TF, the issue of which was carried out from 1936 to 1955. To replace the latter, the MG TF, came MG MGA.

MG TA produced from 1936 to 1939, all the world came 3000 of these cars. MG TA had the engine with a volume of 1292 cm3 with a capacity of 50 h.p., that allowed to develop a speed of 120 km/h.

MG TB was produced from 1939 to 1940. Their owners have found 379 MG TB. With the four-cylinder ' boxer ' engine 1250 cm3 these cars had a capacity of 54 HP.

MG TC produced from 1945 to 1950. For five years was produced 10000 cars of this model. The engine inherited from the pre-war MG TB, but few modified - power would rush up to 55 HP., that has allowed to accelerate faster - hundred on the speedometer left behind after 22 seconds.

MG TD was produced from 1950 to 1953. In the world came out of 30,000 roadsters this model. The engine with the capacity of 57 HP pushed the car to 100 km/h in just 18 seconds, and the maximum speed was 124 km/h.

MG TF is produced from 1953 to 1955. All were released 9600 cars. Engine 1466 HP had a capacity of 58 HP., dostigavshuyusya at 5500 rpm. The maximum speed of the MG TF according to tests magazine Motor was 126 km/h.

Other names of this model: MG T series MG TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MG TF Midget, MG TA Midget, MG TB Midget, MG TC Midget, MG TD Midget, MG TF 1500 Midget

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from Gecko 1, dated 18 february 2015
Handbook Spec for XPEG 1466cc engine of TF1500
is actually 63 bhp...........

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