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Chrysler New Yorker
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Chrysler New Yorker

Under the name Chrysler New Yorker the same concern from 1939 to 1996 released the full-size cars. Most of all, it is time Chrysler New Yorker occupied an intermediate niche between cheap mass of cars and top models (Chrysler Imperial, etc.). But since 1976, the model is not time became the top, at the time of termination of production of Imperial.

In fact, a fully independent Chrysler New Yorker was only after the second world war, when and began its mass production. At that, both the design and the В«entrailsВ» has not undergone any changes to the beginning of the 50s, when it was updated bodywork, engine and transmission Chrysler New Yorker. It is noteworthy, that the design of the engine Hemi for the model of the New Yorker, engineers Chrysler used technology for the tank engine, which the company had engaged during the Second world war.

In the 60s, according to the trends of the time, were installed engines volume of 6.2-liter, radovavshie owners with a capacity of 300 HP.

In the early 70s of the era of giant engines reached its apotheosis - 7.2 liter engines eat sea fuels, and overtook them at the time of the onset of the fuel crisis. However, the mark squeezed, and continued its very successful existence in the 80s. Changed the design of the exterior, the interior of a few lost in expensive, but appeared attributes such as comfort climate control and ABS. As a result, Chrysler New Yorker stayed in production until the mid-90s.

Other names of this model: Chrysler New Yorker Coupe, Chrysler New Yorker convertible, Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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