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1969 Rover P5B 4 door Coupe 3.5L V8 automatic, tax free, MOT'd, VGC throughout.

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1969 Rover P5B 4 door Coupe 3.5L V8 automatic, tax free, MOT'd, VGC throughout. for sale

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Classic Car - 1969 Rover 3. 5 litre automatic P5B 4 door Coupe – MOT tested – tax free - very free of rust overall - much service and other history

I welcome bids from overseas. as long as you are able to fully meet the same payment and collection rules (described in this listing) as for British buyers: £100 Paypal or bank transfer deposit within 24 hours. collection by Sunday 18th September at the very latest. and you must be insured to drive away.  

This is a collector's classic 3. 5 litre. v8 engine. four door coupe car. First registered 20th March 1969. Reliable and an excellent runner. These Rover P5B series cars were the first to have what became the famous. standard Rover V8 engine. used successfully in many subsequent Rover vehicles alongside and following on from the P5B.

This car is very original. is tax free (i. e. manufactured before 1975). is overall very rust free. and can be used now as a regular drive. Excellent long term investment potential.


Basic details of the car

Rover P5b 1969 G-Reg four seater. four door coupe. automatic gearbox.

Rover (Buick based) V8 engine. size 3. 28 cc with twin SU carburettors.

Will fly through any MOT with complete ease. currently tested until 23rd  May 2017 (no advisories).

Tax free (taxation class in V5c logbook document correctly reads 'Historic Vehicle').  

Recorded Mileage at listing equals 79. 13 miles. but the number of digits on all Rover P5B mile-counters is only 5 digits long !

Blue exterior (I think called Admiral Blue) and cream / beige / biscuit leather interior.

Runs on unleaded petrol (no need for any leaded additives with this particular engine. I am happy to explain this further if required). Any unleaded petrol will do. but higher octane even better.

Has excellent handling with its responsive power steering. the automatic gearbox is excellent (pulls very quickly up hills). brakes excellent. the exhaust is excellent. etc.

The engine runs fine and is both strong and smooth. The engine always starts first time whatever the weather. When starting for the first time in any day will need the manual choke control pulled out for a couple of minutes as would be expected.

About a year ago now the automatic gearbox was replaced with a reconditioned unit which is now all but fully run in; just the first auto gear changing of the day can still sometimes be a little 'notchy' but otherwise all is 100% smooth and run-in.

Just very recently the alternator needed replacing and on advice from specialists I opted for a newer style. universally available alternator which is more highly rated than the original Rover unit.

The only other modification is that it has an electric fuel pump (Facet. recommended for this model) which again is rated as better than the original Rover (mechanical) part.

The dials. gauges and controls (including the clock) all work fine. and show correct and good readings for the car (temperature. oil. charging. etc. ). The only exception being the rev counter which sometimes works. and sometimes doesn't (will most likely be a loose connection to the new alternator. but this issue is so minor I haven't investigated it).

The various other electrics also all work fine. e. g. lights. horn. etc.

The front door locks (one key for both) and boot lock (has its own key) all work fine. with a separate key for the ignition. The car comes with a spare set of the three keys.

For wheels. there are the set of five Rover Rostyle alloys. all with very good tyres. including the spare.

Other features and extras include good radio  in perfect working order. PAS ( power steering). heated rear window (a rare optional extra). and a good large boot with jack. The battery is located in the boot (with battery cover) and I have had a security device fitted to it; i. e. a standard car battery on/off disconnect switch.

The original interior rear view mirror is present and perfect. but they are quite small on this model so I have added an excellent clip-on larger mirror to it. This extra gives perfect rear vision and also adds more vision to the drivers side offside view as well.


Underside / chassis. bodywork and paint

The underside is excellent on this car and rarely will you see any classic car which is so clean underneath. I was under it again in May when it was up on the ramps for its latest MOT test and I was reminded that classic cars don't really come any cleaner underneath. This is so important when buying an older car and should never be overlooked. The underside of a car is all important. and this one is EXCELLENT !

The current paint work still looks very good. and the car gets many compliments as it is. I drove to a classic car show this summer just as a spectator and the officials tried hard to talk me into entering it as a late entry ! There is no rust of any significance on the car. though if you look very hard you will of course find the odd spot of 'metallic age' here and there.

A large documentation history set comes with this car including many relevant receipts. etc. On classic cars the most important thing of all is to watch out for signs of rust. especially underneath. This one is in excellent condition underneath. Because of its excellent condition regarding lack of underside rust. this particular car will most likely achieve an ever improving long term resale value.

The Rover P5B by default has a fair amount of chrome. which sets the car off nicely. and it is 95% good all round on this car. This one has the additional badge holding chrome bar fitted to the front.

In recent times various window rubbers (a traditional P5B weak spot) have all been replaced. All four door windows work fine. and are very easy to wind up and down


Like the exterior. the leather interior is also still very good indeed. The only faults. both minor. are that the inner door card of both front doors has a loose lower panel (which could be stripped and securely reconnected fairly easily). and the front passenger seat base has a very tiny amount of loose stitching

The seats are all spacious and comfortable. with lots of leg room.

The headlining is perfect.

The wooden trim is very good all round.

Also in the interior is a sliding tool tray. Almost all (but not all) of the original tool set are still present. and they are all in excellent condition.


Classic cars - low cost insurance

Being a genuine pre-1975 built historic vehicle. this Rover qualifies for numerous. very low-cost. historic vehicle insurance policies that are out there. So it can be insured for ‘almost peanuts' depending. of course. on the owners other personal details. These policies do not require no-claims-bonus. thus leaving your no-claims-bonus free to use on another vehicle should you wish to do so.

This car is very original. with no significant modifications (it has electric fuel pump. and upgraded modern alternator. but these are not insurance related items). The only other modification is a battery disconnect security switch that I had added.


Also included in the sale

I do my best to make sure that if anyone buys something from me. big or small. they end up with a fair deal. and hopefully with a smile on their face too. I will be including the following in the sale. regardless of what the winning auction price is:

Petrol. I never sell a car with an almost empty petrol tank ! I always run my cars with between a quarter and three quarters in the tank (regularly running any car with less than a quarter is bad for carbs/injection/fuel-flow) and it will be somewhere in that range when you collect.

A spare 'set' of keys; i. e. there are two complete sets each of three keys.

A large history and documentation set that includes everything done to the car going some way back. e. g. many old MOT certificates. receipts. etc.

The Rover P5B owners manual / handbook (very useful).

A matching spare wheel with excellent tyre on it. and a correct jack for the car.

One or two other random. smaller spare parts.

Recent servicing and other items

During the last few hundred miles / months I have had a great deal of servicing and other work carried out (receipts included)  to ensure this cars overall mechanical level is in a very good state. This work has included an oil change. new air filters. new fuel filter.  new alternator belt. various new hoses. etc. No doubt there will always be some new surprise not too far away when running a classic car. but I am happy that this one will be leaving me in a fit and decent state for its new owner.


 My eBay record and your confidence in this purchase

My past sales on eBay have included several cars (mostly collectors cars) and a van. Please feel free to browse my full sales feedback history for this eBay account 'Classic_Parts_Etc' (click on 'See All Feedback' then 'Feedback As A Seller') and going back to screen number 4 and also earlier (click on 4 at bottom of the screen) you should find several motor vehicles I have sold here in the past.

I have operated three eBay accounts on eBay for several years (for various types of buying and selling activities. e. g. one is for selling collectors postage stamps). My combined eBay feedbacks  across my three accounts is well over two thousand. and every single one has always been a positive (I can give you the names of my other two eBay accounts upon request). Never a single negative or even a neutral.

I do NOT have this car advertised anywhere else and it WILL go to the winning bidder. provided you are able to meet the conditions specified in this listing for payment and collection. This car WILL sell to the highest bidder regardless of the winning price (no offers accepted; auction only). As always I will let eBay find the correct. present. market value for this car.


Reason for selling

I am not in any way. shape or form any kind of a dealer. and never remotely have ever been one. I am purely and completely a private individual lucky enough to have a fair amount of private garage and parking space here. a passion for classic cars. and an almost uncontrollable habit of buying them when the opportunity presents (help !). In fact if I were any kind of a dealer then I wouldn't last long. as I almost always end up making a loss on my cars buying and selling prices !

For years then I have owned a number of classic cars. However. the costs of running several cars at the same time have now caught up with me and become too great. so reluctantly this year I will be letting this and one or two others go. By the end of this year I will be down to 'just two' driving cars. and for particular purposes they are two that I need to keep. one is an estate car with a tow-bar which I need to keep as I have a trailer and do a fair amount of towing. and the other car I must keep is a 4-wheel drive needed in some worst winters for my long. sloping private driveway here (which a hundred years ago was actually a railway line).

I had always planned to keep this particular car very long-term. but as I have been taxing. insuring and maintaining four or five classic cars for a few years now I'm afraid I've very reluctantly decided to ‘cut down to just the two cars' due purely to financial reasons. I'd love to keep this and all of my current cars. but.

Anything else to mention

The car is correctly registered to me at my own home address. via the V5c registration document (i. e. log book).

I am not selling this as a showroom condition. show winning classic. It would be fairly simple for an enthusiast to bring this one back up to really good show condition. Please do not arrive expecting a showroom condition car. this isn't it. though it is at least a very decent one indeed. What this is above all is a good. reliable. attractive and stylish coupe. free from any significant rust. A perfectly useable car either simply as a 'regular run-around'. or one to take to classic car shows.

This car should prove to be an excellent long term investment. as well as lots of fun for the auction winner. This is a genuinely reluctant sale on my part. but as I say I am currently running other cars; too many ! The coupe (i. e. this car) is rated higher in the collectors market than the fairly similar Rover P5B saloon. At first glance they are fairly hard to tell apart to an unknowing eye. telltale signs include the coupe has four separate pieces of glass for the side windows while the saloon only has three. also the coupe has four dials mounted in two pairs under the other dashboard controls (one pair either side of the steering wheel) while the saloon does not. then there is the actual coupe badge on the boot. etc. The coupe is accepted to have a more stylish roof/window design line than the saloon.

This is not a car that has been laid up / restored in recent times but is a car which has been consistently and regularly driven and used. This is always a good thing since cars which have been laid up. with all the best intention. will need certain items replacing and recommissioning. e. g. rubber hoses. etc. Much better to buy a car which is already a regular driver.

Should the winner wish to 'upgrade' from the existing working radio to either a radio & cassette player or to a radio & CD player then I have both available. each one for an extra £20 cash on top of the winning sale price. The CD player is used (it is from another car) but working. while the cassette player is brand-new-in-box (I actually have a small supply of them still new and boxed).



The winner of this auction MUST pay a non-returnable £100 deposit via bank transfer (or Paypal) within 24 hours of the end of auction. to rule out the numerous time-wasters who often jump in at the end of eBay classic car auctions. with no ability to complete the deal. and so ruin them for the genuine bidders (not to mention the seller). The balance you can pay either via bank transfer in advance of collection. or by cash on collection.

Please note that you are bidding to buy at the winning auction price. and NOT to negotiate later.

Full payment and collection MUST be made by Sunday 18th September at the very latest. I don't go for “I might possibly have a free day during the next leap-year” sagas.


I welcome any and all advance viewing of this car. and am happy to answer any and all questions. I am happy to give a test drive. but should you wish to drive yourself then you will need to show me the paperwork first from an existing insurance policy that proves you are insured to drive other peoples cars with their permission. as well as showing me your driving licence (to verify the insurance proof).

I work from home and so am very easy to arrange dates and times with. You are welcome to arrange a day & time and view while the auction is still in progress. My postcode is PL18 9DX. I am near Gunnislake. Cornwall (just 4 miles from Tavistock. Devon). Gunnislake train station. just a few stops on a scenic line from Plymouth. is a couple of minutes walk away from my home. Easy car parking here too. should you want to drive down for a viewing.

For collection you can come straight here. Or it's just as easy for me to pop into Plymouth on any day during shop opening hours (I go there every week for something anyway) and we could complete the transaction in Plymouth. it's your choice (I can get home from Plymouth by train easily enough if necessary).

You should have arranged an insurance cover-note/policy prior to collection. I don't want any strange driving or parking offences coming at me weeks or months after I've sold the car. I do my car transactions by the book and I know that most of you do too.   We fill in the V5c log book on collection. it then gets posted off by me to Swansea fairly sharpish. you get to keep the ‘New Owners' supplement. you know the drill. No comedians. no surprises. thanks.  

 If you are not 100% happy to pay the full winning bid and to travel here for collection then please do not waste both of our time by entering a bid. I do not entertain ‘wheel-kickers' and other time-wasters.


PHOTOS. etc.

I've done my best with the photos. though not claiming to be a professional photographer. They were all taken here in a quick session earlier this week. Hopefully there are enough shots. but if you want a special shot of anything in particular then. given enough notice (not the final day of auction. please). and weather allowing. I should be able to oblige you via an email attachment.

 Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. I will do my best to answer anything. but beware on the very last day of auction as questions and answers can sometimes take a few hours to go backwards and forwards between eBay users. plus I do not use mobile internet and I am not permanently glued to a switched-on and logged-in computer screen.






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