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1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute "Ronster CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" W/New Top

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Date: 2016-03-11
Robert Gonzalez (from Northridge Ca. ) offered 24,000 usd
Date: 2016-03-21
Robert Gonzalez (from Porter Ranch Ca. ) offered 24,000 usd
Car location: Lakewood, California, United States
Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model: Mustang
Year: 1967
Type: convertible ronster calif roadster conversion
Color: Red w/ white shelby spec lemanns stripes
Mileage: 88,611
Engine: extensively upgraded 302 cid ford v 8
Transmission: automatic
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Trim: Convertible Conversion
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute "Ronster CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" W/New Top for sale

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1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute
  • 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute

 THIS IS NOT YOUR Basic Ordinary Stock MUSTANG !  This beautiful car has had 100's of hours in Extensive Restoration. Custom Modifications & Structural upgrades by some very talented Automotive people. All of which I feel set it apart from Most Any other Mustang I have seen in the last few decades.  

*Please do not bid until you have read this auction in it's Entirety & have done all of your reaseach and have asked any and all Questions calculated shipping etc . Long before you bid !

* Many of my car enthusiast friends have stated that this Magnificent tribute car would make a Great "Movie Car" for an up coming Feature Film!
 This is a Tribute (Replica) of a 1967 SHELBY GT 500 Convertible.   I believe that Shelby originally only built a handful GT 500 Conv. I have heard that only 4 to 12 ever existed!
If I recall the last time I heard of a Real SHELBY Convertible GT 500 Mustang Convertible being sold it went for about $250. 00. 00 & that was several years ago ! Please Keep in mind This is a Shelby GT 500 Tribute Car & “this is NOT a real Shelby GT 500 convertible”. however . she is a Beautiful Replicar TRIBUTE.   As you can see. this is a Very Interesting & a Eye catching Car ! & she can be yours for Only about 1/10th that amount !

* Keep in mind . This may be the closest thing most of us will ever see to a real Shelby GT 500 Convertible driving down the streets these days!

* Again. This Beautiful SHELBY Tribute car made to resemble a SHELBY She has Extensive SHELBY GT 500 style Beautifully molded in Fiberglass Bodywork Upgrades & Further Structural Enhancements & Customization.  As you can hear on the video clip. she has a Wonderful Muscle car "Growl" to her engine and definitely attracts a lot of attention with her beautiful bright red and white SHELBY LeManns  Spec. Stripe paint scheme as well as her Extensive SHELBY GT 500 fiberglass replica body modifications.

Please notice how nice all of the Inner Fender & Shock Tower etc etc metal is on this Wonderful Car !

* * VERY IMPORTANT * * Please click on the Five "Build It" pictures I have included in the 24 auction pics. as they show to help prepare the car for a proper paint job just how Extensively we removed all of the following items before paint: Windshield-Glass & rubber seal. all eight door window felt seals. Hood was removed as well as the Rear trunk lid to better paint their undersides. front & rear bumpers. bumper hardware & brackets. Conv. Top frame & Conv. Top Covering . packing tray . trunk divider. Right Bucket seat. upper and lower rear seat. headlights & all four headlight trim . tail lights . Real deal Shelby GT style Gas Flap/cap. tail light reflector housing assemblies & all six tailight trim bezels. Carpets carpet pads . rubber sound proofing mat pads. GT 500/Eleanor style under bumper accessory headlights. dash board. dash board panels. seats. instruments. instrument Bezel. dash board pad. carpets. interior. exterior and interior door handles. right & left door lock assemblies & trunk lock assemblies. window cranks. sill plates. nbsp; door rubber trim plates. interior door arm rests and door & hood rubber bumpers. trunk rummer seal right and left under door rubber seal. Exterior and interior (all Three) Rear View mirrors. Hood Saftey Pins & protector plates . Right & left Front Blinker assemblies. trunk latch striker. trunk rubber trim. all four seat belts. all Five stainless conv. windshield trim. Right & Left "A" post stainless weather stripping door to windshield stainless trim and rubber. trim was completely removed all three Shelby GT 500 Emblems. right & left wiper blades. Radio & Radio Antennae. nbsp; License plates & hardware & trim Frame & license plate illuminaters. right & left interor door panels. interior quarter trim any & all parts of the Custom billet grill & all five pieces of Grill souround trim as well as her dual exhaust system including mufflers etc etc. we did this to get the very best paint work we possibly could. Trust Me. it's a lot of extra work but it is the only correct way to do a paint job & to make a Wonderful Classic car come out like this !

This Beauty was Extensively Customized & Upgraded + Structurally Enhanced in Four Main Ways:
 1)   Extensive SHELBY GT 500 style Beautifully molded in Bodywork Upgrades & Further Customization & Ground etc Effect Enhancements. 2)   This has a Very Involved &  Very Structural & Cosmetic RONSTER "CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" Body & Frame Conversion.   3)   This car has had a 100% Custom & Professionally made High Quality Convertible Top made for it. so it's passenger area can be protected better from the elements. **** Officially this car is a "RONSTER CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" (not a production convertible) it was a Roadster (an open car). However. in a couple of minutes its' Custom Professionally made High Quality Top can be easily assembled & her passenger area can be protected better from the elements its is Also. Great for protecting the interior during Storage & Transporting etc. 4)    A Newer Updated & Newly Rebuilt FORD "302" V8 Engine with "Roller Rocker" capable Alloy FORD MOTOR SPORTS "RACING" valve covers & "Hi Pro" Style Alloy Intake Long Tube Racing Headers Shelby Cobra style Oval Air cleaner. etc and a newer resealed Updated FORD C-4 Trans & Gs Mileage Friendly "TALL"  2. 78 Gear Ratio Differential drive line .

* * * * In 1967 this Beauty Started life as a V8 Automatic. Air conditioned Mustang when we put her New Rebuilt Updated & Extensively Upgraded 302 FORD V8 Engine in. (Please note: we did not have & did not install the A/C compressor & A/C lines etc. . most everything else from the engine compartment firewall back (vent outlets. A/C Plenum housing with condenser & Heater cores. A/C & heater Controls etc to the best of my knowledge should still be in there. So. if you ever wanted to add the Air Conditioning it back in it should be a lot easier than with a non A/C car). Also. when we installed the Newly Rebuilt 302 Engine . the heater core was bi-passed at this time as (. as who needs a heater in Sunny Southern California ?) we did this just to get the car going a little earleir. If you would like to use the heater all you need to do is add the two ~3ft  lengths of 5/8" hoses that connect the engine to the heater core. I do have a Brand New heater core for the car but just never got around to connecting it.
    I do not know if it had power Assisted DISC BRAKES initially but it Definitely has them Now. This was a coupe mustang but it has spent many years being structurally & Visually converted to a RONSTER "CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" by it's earlier owner about several years ago (from what I have been told). This is an extensive & Very Structural kit. I will try and make a drawing that show all of the Numerous Extra frame & pan Supports and Doublers etc that this Wonderful Conversion adds in to the structure of the car. <<( I have a Video Clip that shows how nice the Doors open and close . They are as good or better than any Classic Ford made Convertible I have owned in the past & With out Question "sound very Solid like a Safe or a Rolls Royce door" )>> The next owner just prior to me Upgraded the Front Steering items & added the "TALL" Gas Mileage Friendly 2. 78 Ratio Differential. etc. Since I purchased this car. I rebuilt the fairly low Hour Updated FORD "302" Engine for it and also installed an Updated & Resealed Ford C-4 automatic transmission. I  also added all of the Shelby GT 500 style body panels & extensive ground effects Shelby LeManns Spec. Paint work and the Beautiful Brand New Interior. I also had a Brand New Professional Custom made Top made for this Beauty so that she could be better covered & protected from the elements. + used when transporting. storage etc . It's easy to assemble frame is Very Nice and Strong (you can easily rock the car side to side with it) & It's Support braces are positioned at the ~same places & Heights as a Stock Mustang Conv. Top & it is made from 3/4" steel tubing (not bar stock. so the car should be slightly lighter than a Ford Mustang Convertible ) & Is built very similar to a Intermechanica Porsche Speedster replicar Top.    . Please Note: I had the top made in case. Not so much for this area But for you (the Next Owner) If you were out cruising and if you were ever to get caught in a rain storm . unlike a $250K AC Cobra Roadster . This Auctions car can easily have it's 100% Custom Top assembled on the spot & you can drive home in relative comfort. Like any street rod in the rain etc I would use your head & not go over the design limits of this top (I personally would keep the top at or under about 50-60 MPH. But. I have friends that have Replicars with simular tops that have gone Far faster than that. The Top Cover was Professionally made by my Very Best Street Rod Upholstery Shop "Als Auto Top & upholstery Shop" 
  We added in her Updated HUGE 17 X 8" FORD GT Mustang Wheels.   

* Again. This is a Custom Car that has been in the process of restoration for I would estimate close to a decade with 100s of hours from many talented Automotive people.   This car is just now reaching completion and "You could be its Very Lucky First Owner" of this Beautiful Classic SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Tribute !
* Please keep in mind This “far from a stock” early Mustang (which is Beautiful in its' own right… & is Definitely Not your Average 1960's Mustang !

Her Engine has a Full 5 Liters of Displacement .  Externally. I think her Beautiful Engine looks like many 1960's and 70's Shelby / Ford Race car engines & Extensive exterior Upgrades.  
   . & YES! . These FORD "302" V8 ENGINES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!  When Fully detailed like this Cars engine !  Many Experts agree that 302 engines are Far More Reliable. durable and are less prone to Mechanical Problems as well! . These 302's are Workhorses !  This beautiful car starts and runs AMAZING ! The 302 engine is FORD'S Most Popular V8 ever.  Ford used this engine in Mustangs and other models from 1968 thru about 2000 !
Again. Please notice how nice all of the Inner Fender & Shock tower etc etc metal is on this Wonderful Car !
Ebay requires that I put the the exact Odometer reading in the auction.  This cars Odometer reads. span >   88612 Miles Because the odometers on pre ~1980 USA cars only have 5 digits.  The gentleman from whom I purchased this. span > told me that this car sat in storage for many years even before the Ronster "CALIFORNIA ROADSTER" Conv. was started .   The Prior Owner that Originally installed the Big Block V8 had many Classic & Vintage Race cars and used them very Sparingly (from what  I was told). Over the past couple of years my mechanic & I have estimated the true mileage to be something more like 188612 miles which I feel is Possibly more accurate rather than the cars actual odometer reading of 88612 miles. However. in reality…Who Knows?  She has her USA front Glass that she had in her when we Purchased the car & All of it's side glass looks to be Original 1968 Ford Items. This car does not appear to have ever been in any kind of a serious wreck. etc . Again. span > with a Pre 1980s 5 digit Odometer (if there is any chance it has over 99K Miles) . In Reality with any USA Classic Car there is no way to know the exact Mileage from that point on with ANY Pre 1980 USA cars for certain.  Particularly. Since this car has had more than one owner over the years . So who knows?  Here in California. I have recently been told that if a car is over 10 years old the California DMV does not keep track of the mileage after that point . . I believe this is true. as typically in 10 years use you can easily exceeds the mechanical limits of most early 5 digit Odometers).  So. Welcome to the world of Classic Automobiles !  In my opinion. everything you see on this car Looks AMAZING & the Strong Updated C-4 Auto Trans Works Well Shifts Great.  Engine Starts !
The prior owner just before me explained to me that he Did some extensive steering . uspension & brake upgrades & restoration including Braided Stainless Brakes lines and stainless fuel line (from the Gas Tank to the engine).  
* One of the main reasons I bought this Particular car is that it's Original Floor Pans. trunk & overall metal are Very Solid & & I think it's METAL is in Amazing condition. particularly for a 44 year old car ! If you are a serious Buyer. please email me your direct email address & I will Gladly send you pictures of the under carriage. trunk. Floor board pans. etc.   Its' main Unitized body structural items: Quarter Panels. Front Inner Fender wells. Roof . Radiator Core Support. etc look to be in GREAT Condition. This Car appears to still have all Original Ford 1967 side glass. etc.   We installed New Front & Back side Glass & a Brand New Windshield Glass Rubber Seals but put her USA Windshield Glass right back in. We installed a beautiful Chrome Zero Flex Brace that runs from the rear of the firewall extending out & Forward towards the Shock towers.  . Who says you can't take a Fun Car to a Car Show? Our Cars typically Draw a Big Crowd of people all day long ! I think . Everybody relates to these Classic Mustangs & this is about the Most Interesting Mustang & a Replica of one of the Rarest & Most Beautiful SHELBY GT Mustangs Ever made !

1967 Ford Mustang GT 500 Convertible Tribute Car with Rebuilt "Updated FORD "302" CID Engine and EXTENSIVE SHELBY GT-500 Body  and Custom Vented front Valance with her added Integral Extended chin Spoiler Ground Effects . 1967 Shelby style Fiberglass Dual Scoop Hood . Shelby GT 500 style Side Scoops . Rear SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Rear Trunk deck & Rear Fender Extenders. nbsp; Brand NEW Paint & Exact Spec. SHELBY GT 500 LeManns  Striping. This Delightful Exotic Beauty has undergone a fairly Extensive restoration over the last couple of years as detailed below & we are just now finishing everything up! This car is Anything BUT stock . So. Please if you are looking for a totally stock or concourse Mustang etc. I suggest you look elsewhere as this car has been extensively customized and structurally enhanced to resemble a Racing Shelby GT 500 Convertible Roadster.

  We were able to locate a Updated Newer & fairly low hour FORD "302" V8 Engine engine which we immediately Extensively rebuilt before installing it into this Magnificent Car.
        She has new Rod Bearings. New Oil Pump. New Rings. Newly Rebuilt "302" Heads. New Water pump. New starter. Alloy Intake manifold. Alloy "Roller Rocker capatable "FORD MOTOR SPORT" Racing Alloy Valve Covers and a Four Barrel Holley style Carburetor. and a Alloy SHELBY COBRA Style Oval Air Cleaner .

TRANSMISSION  We also were able to get the matched Low Hour Updated  (newer)  FORD C-4 Automatic Transmission & we installed new seals. before installing the Engine & Trans into the car New Items in engine compartment:      ·        FORD MOTORSPORT Roller Cam capable RACING  Style  ALLOY VALVE COVERS·        LONG TUBE RACING style EXHAUST HEADERS ·        A "Brand New" (May 2013) Entire Custom Dual Professional Exhaust Free Flowing Large Tube system with Cherry Bomb style Mufflers & Crossovers tube &  scavenger Dump Tubes etc. & WOW ! Do they Sound GREAT !!!!
·        Braided Stainless Brakes lines.  ·        Braided Stainless fuel line (from the Gas Tank to the engine). ·        SPARK PLUGS AND SPARK PLUG WIRES. ·        ZERO FLEX STRUT TOWER SUPPORT BRACE. ·        2013 Brand New BATTERY AND BATTERY SUPPORT Bracket. ·        BRAND NEW BATTERY & Ground Lead CABLES. ·        Brand New STARTER MOTOR. ·        Brand New STARTER SILOID.  ·        Brand New Engine Coolant OVERFLOW TANK
Four Brand New Hood rubber Guide Bumpers·    *** This has been Converted to a Much Higher capacity  "THREE CORE" Radiator. ·        Alloy Radiator Engine Driven Cooling Fan
.     Power Vacuum assisted Disc Brakes !
EXTERIOR Body etc:                     New items on exterior of car:  ·        Fiberglass GT 500 style body kit. Fiberglass Dual Scoop Hood with Custom made Scooped front valance with Chin Spoiler Air Dam & Rally Lights. ·        SHELBY GT 500 style side scoops. ·        SHELBY GT 500 Convertible style Rear Trunk Lid
.     Custom Fabricated Vented Front Valance with AIR DAM "GROUND EFFECTS" Spoiler & Rear Fender Extended Custom Billet Grill.
·        High gloss High Quality Low Maintenance Red polyurethane paint with SHELBY GT 500 LE MANNS White Stripes. ·        Side "GT 500" Graphics. ·        Complete Rubber Front Windshield rubber seal. ·        Complete Rubber Rear Window Glass rubber Seal. ·        Both Right and Left Rubber door seals.
.     Four new door rubber Guide Bumpers
·        SHELBY ELEANOR Style Accessory High Intensity Halogen Style Driving lights (Present. but not electrically connected).  ·        Updated Halogen Headlights. ·        Rear bumper with new bumper hardware. ·        Front bumper with new bumper hardware. ·        Brand Door Handles Door.  ·        Right Door Window Regulator Mechanism (Raises and Lowers the Window). ·        Left Door Regulator Mechanism (Raises and Lowers the Window). ·        Window Guide Rollers. ·        Side Window Wiper Felts. ·        ORIGINAL 1967 SHELBY Gas Cap Assembly!·        ORIGINAL 1967 SHELBY right & Left Side View Mirrors. ·        Door Rubber Gaskets. ·        Wind Shield Wiper Blades. ·        All Door Locks and Ignition Key Sets are New & in Good working order. ·        Custom (Non DMV Issue) "GT SHELBY" CALIFORNIA BLACK Plate 1960's style License Plate for Car shows & events. ·        Two Wiper Blades.
.     Ford GT Style Rear Valance
SHELBY GT 500 Emblem mounted on the SHELBY GT 500 rear Spoiler
.     SHELBY GT 500 Emblem mounted in the Billet Grill·        NEW 100% Custom PROFESSIONALLY made Convertible TOP & 3/4" Tubular Steel Custom Made Assemble-able Conv. Roof frameWheels and Tires:·        Like New 2008 Ford GT Mustang Five Spoke Banana Style 17” X 8" wheels. ·        High Performance  235 X 50 X 17" CONTINENTAL Radial Tires rear Tires. ·        High Performance  215 X 40 X  17" HIGH PERFORMANCE Radial front Tires.   Exhaust System:·      DUAL Exhaust "High Quality TRUE Large Diameter PROF. Exhaust System with Free flowing Cherry Bomb Style Mufflers. ull Cross over tubes.

INTERIOR:               New Items on Interior of Car:                         ·        Seat Frames WERE RESTORED and Beautiful 1967 Style Upholstery etc were rebuilt from the frames up with New Foam Bucket blanks etc. ·        Brand New 1967 Style Black Seat Covers Front and Rear Upholstery with Brand New Foam Padding. ·        Brand New Foam inserts for front Bucket seats & new Foam added for rear seat as well. ·        Brand New Dashboard Cover (Black). ·        Brand New Dash Kit and Bezels were polished and restored. ·        COMPLETE Carpet & Pad (Black).

SHELBY GT 500 Emblem mounted in the Dash Boad·        Convertible Visors (restored Black). ·        Aluminum (Convertible) Door Sill plates

.     Day & Night style optional rear View mirror
·        Door Lock Plungers. ·        Rear view mirror. ·        Rear Seat Packing Tray. ·        Brand New Behind rear Seat /Trunk Divider panel. ·        All 4 New Window Felt Wider Seals. ·        Trunk Seat Divider panel. ·        Door interior Door Opener handles. ·        Arm Rests.  ·        Right and Left Interior Door Panels.  ·        Custom made right and left Interior quarter trim Panels (these took about 20 hours to make) & I think they Look AMAZING !   ·        Door Lock Buttons & lock button Bezels. ·        Four Brand New Window Cranks and Hardware

Brand New Window interior door opening levers and Hardware. ·        Stainless & Chrome "Real Deal" FORD Mustang Convertible Windshield Bright work trim.  ·        Stainless & Chrome "Real Deal" Ford Mustang Convertible rear boot/ Top/ Trunk Bright work trim. ·        Complete Rubber Front Windshield rubber seal. ·        Complete Rubber Rear Window Glass  rubber seal.   1967 Ford Mustang SHELBY GT 500 Convertible Conversion Tribute Car with Newly Rebuilt Updated "302" Engine and GT500 extensive GT 500 SHELBY style Body Modifications. * This is an extensively customized and Upgraded & Structurally Enhanced car & is Definitely NOT a Stock & or Not a Concourse Mustang.

Although this car is Hugely Interesting & was designed to be a "FUN" Cruising car & She Possesses what I consider looks that are quite a bit like a Shelby GT 500 Conv. Tribute . She has had many structural & Upgrades done to her & she is definitely Not a Concourse car or & was Not intended as a SHOW car it is definitely a car of which I think most people would be Very Proud to own.   (IE. ) This car is a Car that is meant to be driven and enjoyed!!  I consider her paint Very Beautiful & it is right out of the spray Booth & has never been clay blocked. color sanded. polished. rubber out etc etc (as all those things would adversely effect the paints lifespan) at about a 8 out of 10 I think her paint is just fine as this is a Fun car that can be used and enjoyed by all of your Friends and Family . To me that is the Perfect car ! Most anyone that has paid for or feels they have to have a "perfect" car is usually is either kidding themselves or has soooo much money in their car that they typically never get a chance to take their friends and family out & really enjoy their "FUN" car.   If you are looking for perfection. or a 10/10 Perfect show car or a totally box stock factory Mustang. etc. please do not bid on this car as this beautiful car has had extensive body & Structural Enhancement modifications which I personally feel makes it a standout and I think makes this Exotic Beauty Look much more like a Classic SHELBY Race Car.  
  * Please refrain from bidding on this car until all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction have preformed any inspections etc. and have any and all information that you feel needs to be gained from your research so that you are totally comfortable bidding on & or Buying this car.   This car Requires a 500 US Dollar "pay pal" deposit (non refundable) be made within 24 hours of auction close. Please make sure that you can pay for this car within the 3 day Funding time constraints of this auction So unless you are planning on paying cash for the car please plan on using a bank to bank wire transfer as any other for of payment will take way to long to clear. & Like all classic & Muscle car sales understandably . all sales are final.   Again. This car like all used cars sold here in California as is the case with used cars sold in California is being sold in “AS-IS” condition with “NO IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED WARRANTIES”.   In fairness to others bidding on this vehicle. please make sure that everyone in your family is on board with your purchase & also please read this auction in it's entirety. "BEFORE YOU BID".   All bidders must have a minimum of a minimum of 10 positive feedback with no negative FB comments etc & No Non Paying  History etc and No new to Ebay members as this is a Big Ticket item.

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