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Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
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  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled
  • Mercury Lead Sled

Mercury Lead Sled

In the 1950s, when in America has spread the movement for adjusting the car for participation in the race, has evolved as the production of racing cars, and serial. Started to change designs and some owners began to improve their cars just for show, and their appearance was interested in more than performance, therefore, the companies have become popular manufacture of models to order. The new Mercury 1949 issue had a radical design with a low line of the roof, excellent aerodynamics and was in a steady motion. After a few years the model can be bought on the cheap and people who alteration of the car, very often began to use the body of the Mercury, and he almost became a synonym of work for the order. The model is called the В«lead sledВ», because they have not appeared plastic fillers of the body, those who worked on cars, used molten lead for filling joints and sealing of holes, which then zatachivalis saws. The car in the picture is typical for the end of the 1950-s - early 1960-ies with made to order disks of wheels colour of the body, gear grille De Soto 1954 and rear wings. In it is established small-displacement engine Chevy.

Maximum speed:

192 km/h

0-95 km/h:

7,8 sec.

engine Type:

V-shaped 8-cylinder

the working volume of the engine:

5735 cm3


automatic 3-stupenchatoya

the Maximum power:

283 kW at 5100 rpm

the Maximum torque:

514 Nm at 3200 rpm


1533 kg


3.2 km/l

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