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Audi 90 Super
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Audi 90 Super

Audi 90 Super - this is the car of the German company Audi. The period of production models - 1966-1972gg. Car Audi 90 Super is a special value, since this is the last model, corresponding Audi before the release of the Audi 100 and merger of enterprises with NSU.

In 1965 the second year of the Audi designed the first four-stroke engine with a capacity of 90 HP., which was subsequently incorporated in the Audi 90 Super (the number in the title means the engine power). The volume of the engine in the Audi 90 Super amounted to 1,8l.

Audi 90 Super was a modernized version of the model is the predecessor of the Audi 72.

Comfortable triple sedan had a front-wheel drive and chetyrehskorostnuyu manual gearbox.

Were available dvuhdvernye or chetyrehdvernye modification 90 Super. Domestic vehicles of different enhanced comfort, space, large front seats.

Audi 90 Super speed to 162 km/h. For 13 seconds sedan accelerate to 100 km/h.

In 1967 four-door car Audi 90 cost £970.

Other names of this model: Audi F103, Audi 72

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