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1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve

Sale price: $14,270.00 make an offer

Seller's notes: "Condition appropriate for unrestored original. Paint, Some carpet and leather wear."
Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Year: 1970
Type: Coupe
Color: Red
Mileage: 70,838
Engine: 350HP/350
Transmission: Manual
Trim: Base Coupe 2-Door
Interior Color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve for sale

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1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve Photo
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve
  • 1970 Corvette Coupe Survivor-All Numbers Match-Documents-70K Miles-LowerdReserve


Forget numbers matching – in eBay-speak that only means the engine block supposedly matches the car VIN. This vehicle has 99% of the original equipment. including fasteners. from the GM production line. An NCRS level restoration is easily possible. This well-kept California 1970 Corvette Coupe is Monza Red with Saddle Tan Leather ‘Custom' interior. Current owner (me) purchased this vehicle more than 10 years ago. The paint is fair to very good for being 45 years old. Over the years I have accumulated just about everything needed to take this car to the highest level of NCRS judging – I just did not have the heart to turn my useful. fun car into a piece of furniture.


The Specs (as built):


1970 Corvette Coupe

L46 – Optional 350 HP / 350 cu in – 11:00 to 1 Compression Ratio – 380 Ft. Lbs. Torque

M21 – 4 Speed Close Ratio Transmission

Trim Code 424 – Saddle (Tan) Leather Seats and Custom Interior

Color Code 974 – Monza Red

A31 – Power Windows

N37 – Tilt / Telescopic Steering Wheel

N40 – Power Steering

J50 – Power Brakes

U69 – AM – FM Stereo Radio

UA6 – Audio Alarm System

NA9 – Evaporative Emissions Control

ZQ9 – (4. 11 / 1 Positraction) Performance Rear Axle Ratio




Original Window Sticker

Protecto Plate (Showing the original owner's name)

Original Owners Manual with Corvette News magazine tear out still there

Trim ring and radio instructions

Consumer Information Flyer

Original Chevrolet plastic bag

Delivery Documents from Val Strough Chevrolet in Oakland CA

Build Sheet (found in dash while repairing odometer drive – tank sticker is presumed to be on the tank --

                             placing an extra copy elsewhere was a common assembly line practice in the day)

A box of receipts with most every oil change. tire replacement. battery. etc. from day 1 with owner history


This car was originally sold on June 8. 1970. It came off the production line on May 25. during the strike-shortened 1970 model production year. 1970 GM cars. and Corvettes in particular have among the lowest production numbers since the early 1950's. This car has clearly been garaged its whole life. Frame rails and normal corrosion points show ZERO signs of rust. ever. There are normal dings and checking in the paint. and some respray in a number of areas. I estimate 60% of the original paint still shows. and shows well -- probably shy of the amount necessary to be shown as a show-called 'survivor. ' The bumpers are original and show normal chrome from GM in the 70's (not good - not bad. some glazing. one small ding. nbsp;but no rust). The first owner had the dealer install a non-GM luggage rack. It swings up (unlike the GM unit) for easy cleaning underneath. With the 4. 11 gears. this car was not freeway friendly (3500 rpm at 70 mph). which accounts for the low miles. Over the years. amazingly few of the original parts disappeared. A partial listing is as below:


All codes below verified using the authoritative 'Corvette Black Book. '

Engine block – Casting Code 3970 010    Date Code D 1 0 (April 1. 1970)

Engine Pad Stamping – V0406CTH   70S410xxx – Machined April 6. 1970 – 10xxx matches VIN

Cylinder Head Casting and Date Codes – 3927186  D 1 0 and D 2 0 – April 1 and 2. 1970

Exhaust Manifold Casting and Date Codes – 3932465 D 3 0 (RH) and 3846559  C 2 0 (LH)

Intake Manifold Casting and Date Codes – 3965577   D 3 0 (April 3. 1970)

Carburetor -- 7040507    0840 (California Only 350/350. 4-Speed. 1970 Day 084 (March 25)) w/

     Super Rare and Working 1970 Only Dash Pot

Bell Housing Casting Code – 3899621 (Much sought after aluminum 11” housing)

Transmission Casting and Stamping Codes – 3925661 – P0E15B  70S410xxx (Main Case) (410xxx matches VIN)

                                                                          3857584 (Tail)   \ May 15. 1970

Transmission shift cover casting and aluminum tag – 3953648  and  3968011 WL

Rear Differential Casting and Date Codes – 3899143   B  4  0  CAP 03 19 W E

                                                                                                  (4. 11/1) (March 19. 1970)

Distributor Tag – 1112021   0 B 23  (February 23. 1970)

Alternator Stamping – 1100 900   0 E 11  (May 11. 1970)

Fan Clutch Date Code – 5-5-70

Power Steering Pump Date Code – 097B-00  (Day 97 of 1970 – April 7)

Water Pump Casting and Date Code – 9782608  G 8 0 (July 8. 1970 - slightly out of spec)

Starter Stamping and Date Codes – 1108338   0 A 13 (January 13. 1970)

Starter Solenoid – 1114362  (‘Z-28'. ‘LT-1' and high compression specific)

Master Cylinder -- 5480348   0 D 1 (April 1. 1970)

Window ‘Astro Ventilation' Codes – DOT 15 MT 4 (both sides) -- Correct markings

Windshield and Pop Out Rear Window Codes – DOT 15  M4 and DOT M58 respectively -- Correct markings

Passenger Side Mirror – 07 DC A6 (Driver's side looks to have been replaced)

T-Top Bags Stamping and Date Code – TEX  3-70

Rally Wheel Date Codes – K-1-0  3  23  AZ (March 23. 1970 - all five)

BR270 ‘LT-1' ‘Z-28' Coil

Jack and Jack Tools (‘A' on Saddle – 0  D on jack scissor leg)

Jack compartment cubby fiber tray/box - Original. Dated 041570


The original trim rings are scratched and curb rashed and reside in a box. These can be easily restored and are included with the car. Nice SS repops are currently mounted. The original radio is in the car. The original shielding (even the bottom pieces) are still in place. Meticulous attention to setting the timing allows me to run 93 octane gas with this 11:1 motor getting no pinging or preignition whatsoever under any load or temperature conditions. I also can still dial in the 35 - 37 degrees of BTDC advance that this motor requires to make maximum power.


Over $9. 00 was spent when the crankshaft rear main seal started leaking (as all Chevy small blocks from the era will) to go through the engine with my typical meticulous attention to detail. Factory original TRW forged pistons (. 030 over) were mounted with new wrist pins to the original ‘pink' rods which (after shot peening and magnafluxing) were attached with new ARP bolts to the . 010/. 010 trued original 4 bolt main crankshaft. also secured with new ARP bolts. Of course. modern chrome-moly rings and new bearings were installed all around. A high volume oil pump. Cloyes true roller timing chain and steel gears guarantee a solid bottom end and timing set. The original oil pan with windage tray and timing cover were retained. Although I have the original and an NOS L46 camshaft. I opted for a Lunati ‘010' grind. which is more durable than the notoriously soft-lobed cams of the day and very. very close spec-wise. I also used Crane Cams high rate valve springs and titanium keepers with Crane roller tip rockers and push rods that fit under the original valve covers. I secured everything with new ARP screw-in rocker studs and push rod guide plates. The entire rolling engine assembly was balanced and rechecked to original specifications and clearances (‘blueprinted'). All of the original parts were. of course. saved. The heads (after shot peening and magnafluxing) were also treated to a five-angle valve job. stainless valves and a no-lead conversion (hardened seats). I spent 9 hours hand polishing the original valve covers to like-new condition.


Air cleaner top and bottom halves. flame arrester and stickers are original. I have several original vacuum advance bypass valves and hoses that could be installed. As originally designed. this system as originally installed prevents any vacuum advance until you are in fourth gear and were typically by-passed. removed and/thrown away.


The M-21 transmission was completely disassembled. all sychros were replaced (nothing wrong. just being thorough) and the mainshaft. all seals. o-rings and gaskets were replaced. The original pressure plate was disassembled. wave springs re-arched then installed and the whole mess was re-riveted. resurfaced and balanced. The flywheel was resurfaced. then balanced. A thicker than stock 11-inch friction disc (clutch plate) was installed along with a new throw-out bearing.


While the motor was out. the engine bay was detailed with special attention to retaining all of the original looks. span >  wiring looms. and holders. All of the vacuum cans (wiper door. headlights. etc. ) are original. A new transmission tunnel heat shield was installed. After detailing. new emissions stickers (49 state and California specific) were installed. The old stickers were photographed and the assembly line misalignment of the originals was replicated when installing the replacements. I installed an LT-1 style 2-1/2  inch aluminized dual exhaust. adding a crossover pipe behind the transmission. This runs through a set of 70 series Flowmasters and out the original location through new repop exhaust tips. This thing sounds unbelievable. Just the right mixture of exhaust noise and carburetor whoosh with the characteristic ‘ding–ding-ding' of forged pistons at idle. Most times I drive without the radio on just to listen to the music from under the hood and out the back.


The radiator is the original Harrison brass tank cross flow unit used on LT-1's and big blocks without an overflow tank. It worked well and had never been out of the car with all of the original gaskets and foam trim still in place so I did not mess with any of it. New top and bottom radiator hoses were installed (with correct GM markings). Same thing goes for the fan and PS belts. A new thermostat and NOS (now very rare) 15# radiator cap were installed. I also installed new heater hoses while at it. albeit without the correct GM markings. A new power steering slave cylinder was installed along with an NOS drag link.


A year or so ago I had my Corvette guy go through the entire suspension from end to end. We replaced all of the original bushings in the A-frames. leaf springs. trailing arms and in all of the moving parts. along with tie rod ends. ball joints and anything else that might induce any steering issues. This car is T-I-G-H-T. A complete set of black Delco shocks were installed that look like period originals. The brake calipers had already been changed so were and are not date code correct. Matched date code replacements are available from many sources at extremely reasonable prices. The power brake vacuum booster lost boost a short while ago. I replaced it with an exact repop and saved the original unit for rebuilding. Front wheel bearings and inner and outer rear bearings were replaced as well as all drive and half shaft universal joints that showed any signs of wear.


All interior and exterior lights (including the fiber optics) work as they should. The headlight doors open and slam shut. The wiper door opens as it should and waves bye-bye when turned off. The original T-3 headlights are in the car. I have never filled the windshield washer system. but everything including the headlight washer hardware is original and still in place. with the 1970-only 5 port wiper and washer motor. All vacuum hoses under the hood are unmolested and original. I bypassed the charcoal can evaporative system capping off the original vacuum hoses. as it is just another place for a vacuum leak. An NOS can is in a box and comes with the car.


Bottom line – the interior is just about 100% original. The driver's door handle pull is broken at the top (very common). Originals are impossible to find. modern copies (slightly wrong in color) are cheap ($20/set). The original shoulder belts were getting frayed. so I found an NOS set with 1975 date codes and installed them. The originals with their tags intact are in a box and can be easily restored by Snake Oylz in Texas. I also have reproduction date tags to install if the shoulder and lap belts (still in good condition) get restored. The car is as original as is possible. The carpeting and leather seat covers show their age – one hole at driver's heel in the carpet. but not bad. Heck. the battery box drain tubes are still in place. The original Delco self-winding clock was repaired by an old-school clock master and works like a dream (the second hand is missing half of its pointer). A number of the original yellow frame markings are still on the chassis. This car runs like it would have on Sunoco 260 back in the day. The tires are a completely fresh set of Goodrich T/A's. black side out. The spare is an original Firestone F70.


The original S/S steering wheel is in the car. I also have a set of NOS keys with knockouts still in them. not yet cut or stamped. All of the locks – ignition. doors. security and spare tire – are the originals. Cigarette lighter looks like it has never been used.

If you are not familiar with the L-46 package. this was basically a hydraulically-cammed LT-1. No aluminum intake or Holley carb. but the correct 6000-rpm tach and all the racy goodies are there. As originally ordered. the original owner wanted a luxury racecar. I am sure he kicked major butt on the Bay Area street scene in 1970. In 1971 all compression ratios were reduced. so this was the last of the GM old-school high performance cars until modern times. Most rebuilds of these high performance engines drop the compression ratio to compensate for lower octane gas now available – not so here.


I am selling to curb the impulse to finish the restoration and then find myself with a car that I am not willing to drive anymore. I will be looking for something newer with some A/C and cruise control. My Corvette guy is an old-school master GM mechanic and would love to restore this car to NCRS specs if you desire at a super-fair price. You should see his awesome red '73 and his '65 Coronet (also red. of course).


If you are looking for a car with history that can be documented. that is not ‘restored' with a quick paint job. not hacked and rewired and then cobbled back together. and can be shown for what it is. then this car might be for you. If you actually want to drive your classic. this car will put a smile on your face and drag you right back to the late 60's and early 70's without embarrassment.   At a stop light. gas station or car show this car always gets great comments. If you want a high dollar trailer queen to win car shows and enter into the NCRS grinder of judging. this car can easily get you there. These last of the steel bumper cars will surely be the next to escalate in price. Volumes of pictures were taken digitally during all of my ownership and during the work to document casting and date codes.


I am not messing around with this auction. so it is running with an extremely fair reserve. The car as rolling today is not a collection of parts assembled over the years to resemble a factory original – it is the real deal as delivered from Saint Louis (way before Bowling Green). A fresh tune-up (plugs. rotor. wires. distributor cap). oil change and a new battery have this car ready for the driving season. A $500 earnest money deposit by PayPal is due within 3 days of auction's end with the balance due in certified funds or wire transfer (no PayPal) within 10 days or when the vehicle is picked up. whichever is sooner. I can store the car until spring if desired. sitting in its heated garage right where it is now. I can deliver in about a 150 mile radius of where I live (like Atlanta. Asheville. Knoxville. Chattanooga or Nashville) or will assist in whatever way possible to help get the car to a shipping point. All expenses for shipping of the car belong to the winning bidder.


Please examine the pictures carefully and ask all questions before bidding. Look at my feedback of almost 700 with 100% positive responses and trust the system. I am not going anywhere soon. so when you buy. you will know where I live and where I will continue to live. Call my cellular for a discussion as I am on the road constantly (Randy @ 706-455-2186). If you want to talk to my Corvette guy to see what this car is all about. I will be happy to arrange that for you.

I reserve the right to end the auction early as this vehicle is listed in other forums.

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