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Today the purchase of modern and retro cars from great Britain are not very widespread in Russia. The right wheel - the main this reason. Meanwhile, the car market in England unique affordable prices (on average 20-30% lower than European!) and a wide choice of rare, sometimes absolutely vintage models. The main mass of the American and European 'veterans' in England is sold with the original left the wheel!

I render services on buying a classic car auctions UK and delivering them all over the World.
I don't make cars cheaper than 10,000 pounds and "killed retro".


The standard package of services "turnkey": search and the selection of the machine in the England set-up parameters, transaction processing and preparation of documents for customs, delivery of the car to St. Petersburg and my Commission.
The cost of this package is 5,000 pounds. Note that it does not include customs duties and fees, customs broker, as different machines pass customs in different ways :)
Depending on the complexity of the case (rare car, the car is in the North of Scotland, car without documents, etc.), the cost of services may proportionally to the increase.

If You decide to buy a car in the UK and want to know the approximate cost of the machine at the "output" in Russia - mail me at e-mail or fill in the application on the special page of the site dedicated to this model of car. In addition to the brand and model of the car, will also help narrow the search for and the price range of the desired release year, mileage (not more ... miles), the volume of the engine, the anticipated equipment.

Extra services

1. Registration of the car in the UK to Your name
If there is a need for making the car with English numbers in Your name (to get a new logbook - registration certificate), I can help You. For the registration of the car is not required neither Your presence, or the presence of the vehicle (a car at this point may actually be in Russia). The British Agency on registration of motor vehicles DVLA sends it by post, the new logbook V5C in Your name and address in England, which I give for these purposes.
the Cost of services is 200 poundsif You provide the original of the old certificate of registration with inscribed in it of Your data, as the buyer. If the old logbook You do not have, or there are, but a spoiled - I can still help You, but the cost is discussed in each case individually.

2. Support of transactions on purchase of cars in England.
If you want to choose a car, check its quality and independently (including driving) to deliver it to Russia - I can on the spot in the UK to provide all the necessary support.
Cost of services - from 500 pounds.

3. Transportation of cars from England in Finland, Russia and Ukraine.
If You need help with the delivery of the machine from England to Russia, or Vice versa, that's a small price-list:
Delivery of the sea Harwich (England) - Turku (Finland) - 1000 Euro
Delivery of the tow truck from any ports of Finland (Kotka, Hamina, Helsinki, Turku, Finland) - St. Petersburg - 40.000 roubles
Delivery tow truck Saint-Petersburg - Moscow - 20.000 roubles
The delivery of its course from any ports of Finland (Kotka, Hamina, Helsinki, Turku, Finland) - Moscow - 35.000 rubles
Delivery of the tow truck in the UK - from 1 lbs/mile
Delivery of the London (England) - Kiev (Ukraine) - from 1500 Euro

4. Processing of temporary importation.
The vehicle crosses the border of the Customs Union (Russia+Kazakhstan+Belarus) in the English rooms without payment of customs duties.
Cost of services - 40.000 roubles (delivery to be paid separately!).

5. The import of retro cars.
Design for the car of the status of "cultural values" and its registration in Rosokhrankultura. I'm doing for You all the papers for import cars to Russia without paying customs duties (without the issuance of TCP). Only for cars older than 40 years.
Cost of services - from 35.000 rubles.

6. Repair and restoration of classic British cars.
Selection of qualified specialists in St. Petersburg and Finland in order to repair or complete recovery of cars older than 25-30 years. Depending on the model and year of manufacture is possible restoration at the level of the Museum.

7. Delivery of the car from England to Cyprus
Organization of delivery of Your car from England on the island of Cyprus to the ports of Limassol or Famagusta. For more details on this service in the section "delivery from England to Cyprus".

Nikita Volgin