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1988 Suzuki Samurai

Sale price: $4,550.00 make an offer

Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Year: 1988
Color: Black
Mileage: 88,901
Engine: 1.3L SOHC
Transmission: Manual
Trim: JX
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1988 Suzuki Samurai for sale

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1988 Suzuki Samurai Photo
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai
  • 1988 Suzuki Samurai

Things you may not think of when buying a vehicle on eBay but our "wisdom" as an eBay seller warrants our posting it for you: By placing your bid you are agreeing to a final sale. Remember that people do retract bids so if you bid. be ready to buy even if someone outbid you. you could become the high bidder. It has happened during a car auction of ours once a couple years ago when my high bidder didn't get his money and retracted his bid. then my second bidder became the high bidder. So. be prepared to wait the auction out if you bid please. I am a dad with two kids with disabilities. I have a life and I am a human. treat me with respect and I will absolutely treat you with respect.
Ask me questions before you bid. get them all out so we are both on the same page. If you aren't sure of something. I am here to help! I will be making a video of the Sammy driving around on Thursday. If you want to see the video. let me know. please.  
1988 Suzuki Samurai JX Hardtop TinTop Hard to Find 4x4 Sport Utility SUV
Hard to find Tin Top Hard Top
(Photos of this Sammy in Camouflage are from 2015. it is now black) 
Runs well. shifts excellent with replaced shifter bushings. Lights and turn signals work as they should. Gauges work. including gas gauge. Front windows roll up and down. back side windows hinge out and close as they should. Has new Aluminum Diamond Plate door panels. nice! Has 4 31x10. 5R15 mud tires with good tread on aluminum Sidekick rims with 2" spacers on the front for increased track width. Spare is stock size on a stock steel rim. Stock Leaf springs with longer shackles for some lift.  Mileage shows 88901 and may be off because of the 31" tires. the Sammy was owned by my friend before I bought it. He kept it on his hunting property and kept in the barn there for years.  So. the interior is in decent shape (dash cover has been in place for years. no cracks on dash) with the original folding back seat. The plastics in the interior are intact. The paint where you rest your arm on the doors is rubbed off. paint it or rubber coat in an afternoon if it is a big deal to you. It could use a good cleaning but the seats all work. the seatbelts work and the rear seat folds up as it should.  The truck is currently painted flat black with rhino lining type rubber paint on the bumpers and rockers.  Looks good. turns heads! 
Has the following: Minor typical Sammy oil leak from the back of the distributor. brakes need fluid occasionally. I just check it and fill as needed. Has cherry bomb muffler. The two front cosmetic plastic bumper end covers are not present but very cheaply purchased if you desire to do so. The top of the hood was repaired after a fly-up. and hood straps were added.  Three small areas were repaired from rust (Both A-pillars were the size of a quarter and one on the front of the hood the size of a nickel). I see no current rust and we washed it top and bottom after each outing to prevent rust.  
This vehicle is 29 years old and you can expect it to have age wear and signs of its age. but it was my daily driver for two years (2014 and 2015) and it is built to last. I moved further away from my job and needed a commuter car. Since then it has been fun to run around in and it skips over mud where larger vehicles bog down. We call this Sammy "Evinrude" after the dragonfly on the Disney Rescuers movie. it just seems to skitter right over the water/mud!
This model has no A/C it does have heat.
Check out Uship for shipping quotes and to arrange your own shipping. or look online and ask others about shipping. We have had good luck with Uship in the past.
It is advertised locally so feel free to make me an offer over my starting price before bids are received. once bids are received. I will complete the auction.
We are available to meet with your shipper locally. The vehicle will be released to the shipper only when final payment is cleared/cashed.  
Deposit is due immediately. the balance of payment is due within 3 days or the vehicle will be re-listed and relisting fees will be taken from your deposit.  
General Information: Some of the The pictures are magnified to help you see even the littlest details. Please keep in mind that I may miss a tiny flaw inadvertently although we try very hard to describe carefully. I am human and this is a USED. 29 year old vehicle. You must ask questions if you need clarification.  Thank you.  

Please look at the photos as they are the best description of the item and they may show aspects that I missed.  

The photos are part of the description

Please ask me questions if you need clarification

By placing your bid you are agreeing to a final sale

Payment timeframes:

1. "Buy it now" & "make an offer" payments are due IMMEDIATELY.  
2. Other payments are due within three days.
3. When combining shipping. you can do so within FIVE DAYS

4. Non paying bidder claims are automatically filed within 3 days.

5. Read my policy on payments and contact me if you have trouble paying so there is not a claim filed for non-payment.

Above all. I can help and  I am happy to help with any questions.

 Please feel free to email me. Thank you!

Need to Know's & FAQ's:

I receive numerous questions and special requests each week and I have posted the below Questions and answers to help you with Ebay and my listing policies. if you look at the back of most of your store receipts (even thrift stores) you will see a list of policies. keeping policies in place has become necessary for us:

1.  Unethical requests: I do not break the rules. so please do not ask me to. the answer is no.

2.  Special Requests: First. please remember that an Ebay seller's time is valuable and that we sometimes also pay fees when you make a special request: 

Please consider that there is not much money in Ebay sales and special requests (requests for us to re-list an item. to use special packaging materials. etc. ) requires time of us (time taken away from listing or shipping duties). Also consider that sellers incur costs or pay extra fees for special shipping requests. for listing an item. for re-listing an item and we also pay fees for both sold auctions and auctions that do not sell.  

So. I respectfully ask that you understand that if you make a special request that there may be Ebay fees associated with your request and those fees will be reflected in the price of the item.

3.  Shipping to someone other than your Ebay listed address: If you so choose; upon check-out. you have the option to change the address where you want your item shipped ( I believe this is in the pay pal menu that comes up after you check "PayPal" as your payment option. This menu confirms the shipping price and sale price and it shows your shipping address. It also gives you the option to change the "Ship To" location. THIS IS THE TIME TO CHANGE THE ADDRESS TO THE LOCATION YOU WANT IT SENT TO. If you ask me to change it. that is against Ebay policy and it also negates the buyer and seller protections. in other words. we could both lose money. I WILL NOT ship to any address except the address sent to me via PayPal upon your check-out. If you forgot to change the address. I will cancel the sale and re-list so you can fix the address error on your end. Call Paypal or eBay if you are unsure where to change the "ship to address when sending a gift to someone. or when sending an item anywhere other than your verified Pay Pal address.   

4. You forgot to bid on an item: If you forgot to bid on an item. check to see if it has been re-listed and if not. I MAY re-list it upon request. but understand that if I re-list it I will include the re-listing fee in the price of the item.

5.  Selling outside of Ebay: I do not go around Ebay policy. ever and I will not sell without re-listing.

6.  Ending auction for high bidder: I sometimes end auctions for high bidders but never if there are other bidders or watchers. So. if you really want an item. make sure to add it to your watchlist so that I do not end the auction early at the high bidder's request. Also. if no-one else has bid or is watching the item you are bidding on and you really want it and can not wait. You may write me and make me an offer (over the listing price (not a lower offer)) and I MAY take your offer. ending the auction early for you. This is NOT a guarantee. but I will read your offer and give it consideration and let you know if I can take it or not.

7.  Can't pay?: Please remember that I paid a listing fee and a final value fee for the item that you bid on and if you can not pay. it is not the worst thing in the world. but the best way to handle it so you do not get an "unpaid item" mark against you is to request for me to cancel the bid. otherwise an automatic unpaid item case will be opened by eBay settings after 5 days.  You can avoid that by requesting a cancellation.

8.  Problems with Pay Pal?: Please contact Paypal for issues with PayPal. if your Paypal problems mean that you can not pay. please send me an email and tell me what is happening so I can decide whether I need to cancel the sale or to hold the item for you. The key is to talk to me and let me know what is happening.  

9.  How is shipping calculated?: I do not make money on shipping and many times I take a loss on shipping for the sake of sales.  There are usually fees and shipping costs that you are not charged for. Please consider that shipping requires about 5 to 10 minutes of prep. packing and shipping time per item.   If you look at the shipping label on your package when you receive it. I often pay more for shipping than I charged you. this is how it is on Ebay. This postage cost also does not account for the price of the shipping materials. tissue paper. boxes. time. etc. So. please. when leaving feedback for shipping charges keep in mind that I have no control over shipping fees and I do not come out ahead on shipping. but I do carefully and loving package your items knowing that you are getting something special today.  All in all. please think about the entire shipping process and not just the fee that the post office charges to ship an item when you consider the cost of shipping your item. Also. always remember combining shipping saves money.  

10.  Combined Shipping: Please look on this page for combined shipping details and if you do not see them. contact me for help. We combine shipping unless shipping is free :)

11.  Clothing. Shoes. Jewelry & Accessories. GO BY MEASUREMENTS and KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS; Size tags and labels are not consistent: I list measurements and I also often take pictures alongside a ruler for jewelry and accessories also.  If you do not see the measurements listed. or if something seems inaccurate. it is your responsibility to ask for clarification or measurements.  All clothing. shoes. nbsp;accessories and jewelry manufacturers are different in their size labels and it is your responsibility to know your measurements when buying clothing. jewelry. and accessories.  I can not stress enough that all sales are final and you must use the provided measurements to decide upon your purchase. not a size tag or manufacturer's size.  Yes. even with shoes. belts. rings and necklaces! If you do not see the measurements. ASK. please! We try very hard to give you ample information about the condition and we provide measurements and we usually take photos of size tags. rulers. etc. so that you have more than enough details and can use these tools to compare and to decide upon your purchase before you bid. We want you to be happy and know what you are buying. so please read the listing. look at the photos and ASK questions so we can help you! 

12.  Monitors can distort color: Ask questions! Read the description and look at the item from two angles (standing up and also sitting down) and/or pull out your tablet or phone and look at the item on a second device if you have any concerns or if this is a major purchase (or simply because it is smart thing to do when spending your hard earned money). Standing up and looking at an item from a second angle takes a second and can give you another viewpoint to help you decide on your bid/purchase. Monitors are all different. for instance. a blue item can look medium blue on my monitor and it can look dark blue in another monitor) so. I cannot stress enough that all sales are final and taking the time to ask a question or to look at the item you want to bid on from another angle is worth your time (and money!).  

13.  No Returns: We are not a department store. We are a family that sells lower priced items and the price of shipping and return shipping for these items becomes a financial loss (money out of our pockets and from the mouths of our children (so to speak)) to us when a perfectly usable pre-owned. re-worked. recycled or outlet mall item is purchased but unwanted by the buyer. We. the seller only incur fees and we end up making no profit in these circumstances and we can not sell on eBay if we only pay out money. We raise two older children with disabilities (spina bifoda and autism) and we live from the heart. we care about others and we rely on these sales. as such we truly want you to buy an item you love so we are very clear and careful about representing the items we sell.  

We are very careful to give measurements. photograph defects and provide relevant information.  YOU MAY ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS.  We sell items from outlet malls. we also sell our own unworn or pre-owned items and we sell re-worked. pre-owned. vintage and recycled items (all listed so respectively). as such we do not accept returns.  Please consider that you would not go into a resale shop in your town and request returns. Goodwill does not accept returns. outlet malls typically do not accept returns and antique shops do not accept returns.   So please. when buying from our listings. or on ebay in general. do your due diligence. please ASK QUESTIONS and LOOK at all PHOTOS and READ the description before you bid.  We try very hard to give you ample information about the condition and we provide measurements and we usually take photos of size tags. rulers. etc. so that you have more than enough details and can use these tools to compare and to decide upon your purchase before you bid. We want you to be happy and know what you are buying. so please read the listing. look at the photos and ASK questions so we can help you! 

14.  MISTAKES ON OUR PART: We are human and can make mistakes but so can you. so we have posted our policies on mistakes for you.  We really do want to make people happy. So. I am sure it is easy to see that unsavory and dishonest people have caused us to enlist a strict no return policy. But what about mistakes? When we do make a legitimate mistake please contact us first. do not open a claim with eBay or PayPal or leave negative feedback. talk to your seller first. always. eBay and PayPal will first ask you if you contacted the seller as this is the first step. Here is our most diligent effort to protect ourselves from dishonest buyers and to be fair to our honest buyers when it comes to mistakes in eBay buying and selling.   

15.  Seller mistakes are not the following (There may/will be more that are not listed that you can email me about if needed):

A. Manufacturers size not listed: Seller omitting the manufacturer's size in the text description when a photo of the size tag is posted for you and when measurements are posted for you is not a seller mistake.

B. International Size Conversion: It is not a seller mistake when a seller converts a European size to US size using the international size chart.  We will post the US size.  We will also list measurements and submit photos of the size tag. (For instance. if we list a European size 40 shoes as a U. S. size 9 (going by the international size conversion). this is not a mistake. We will inform you to please go by measurements. and we will take a photo of the size tag. if you need more information (such as specific measurements). ASK as you have a responsibility to know what you are buying). If the shoes do not fit. it is not our mistake that you do not measure your foot.  KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS ALL MANUFACTURERS SIZES DIFFER.  

C. Seller opinion on size: Seller Informing you that the item is marked one size. but fits like another (for instance if we state "the item is marked 1X but in or opinion. it fits like 2X"). This is not a mistake. it is an opinion and you have measurements listed to help you with the fit/size of the item as well as YOU are capable of asking for clarification and for more measurements if needed. You have a responsibility to due diligence on your own part when making purchases.

D. Seller typos: Typos such as writing 22' (22 feet) (as opposed to writing 22" (22 inches)) (for a chest. waist or inseam on clothing or a necklace measurement for typical jewelry) is not a mistake that warrants a refund. Reasonable due diligence is required for making purchases in any situation. reasonably jeans will not have a 22-foot inseam. a necklace will not be 22 feet long. etc. Mis-spelling brand names and other similar typos. are typos and are not mistakes that affect the functionality of an item and are not grounds for refunds or claims. Be reasonable and use common sense and ASK questions if you are not sure or need clarification and/or if you see a typo. Don't attempt to take advantage of a seller typo. that is shameful.  

E. Color/ Shade: Buyer viewing/assuming an item as one shade of color (green/ blue/ red (any color really)) and then deciding it is not the exact shade or color as it appeared on the buyer's monitor/screen or phone at the time of purchase is not a seller mistake. Please look at item #12 above in our policies and you will see more info on how to best determine the color of an item online.

F.  Reasonable wear. variations. artistic irregularities and nuances on not "retail new". (pre-owned. outlet. vintage. antique. artisan made & handmade items): It is not a seller mistake to sell items that have evidence of being pre-owned. vintage. antique or not "retail store new" when in fact they are listed as used. pre-owned. antique. handmade. artisan made. vintage or from an outlet mall. etc.  

Expect nuances in fabric/paint color and shade from when an item was retail store new. expect subtle and reasonable wear all on pre-owned items.  

Pre-owned. artisan made and outlet clothing may have small variations and irregularities. for instance. they may have a small excess of a thread where the sewing completed etc. . pre-owned clothing may have minor pilling. etc.  

Garment washed and "destroyed. deconstructed or purposely distressed or artisan made" clothing will have variations in color and materials.

Pre-owned. outlet (non-retail new). vintage. nbsp;antique & handmade jewelry may have patina or some plating wear or handmade artistic variations.

Pre-owned. outlet (non-retail new). vintage. nbsp;antique & handmade vases. bookends and general housewares may have tarnish or might be mildly out of the round etc.

Handmade electronic projects. artwork and re-worked. steampunk and/or maker type items will have variations. patina. be distressed and have artistic irregularities.

In short. expect some wear and irregularities on items that are pre-owned/ artistic/ handmade/ vintage/ antique/ outlet mall purchases (all non-retail new items). and take notice that it is not a seller mistake to expect a buyer to understand the nature of such items. The nature of the item (pre-owned/ artistic/ handmade/ vintage/ antique/ outlet mall purchases/ non-retail new items)) will be listed as such for you.  You can always ask questions and you have a responsibility to do so when making purchases if you do not understand what you are buying.

G. Repair/ as/is re-workable /non-retail new/ antique and vintage items in general: We do sell some repair items and some items for re-working and occasionally we will sell "as/is" antiques. vintage items. clothing or jewelry that may be missing an insignificant button or maybe a missing rhinestone. etc. We will photograph the details of such items and state that there are defects photographed (for example a missing rhinestone. a missing collar button. etc. ). We will. for example. state in the item description "please see photos for known wear" "please see photos for known issues" "has wear. please see photos for condition" etc. We may not always state in the text the nature of the exact wear. issue or condition. but will direct you to the photo. This in not done to deceive but only because when listing numerous items. photos DO represent the item best and writing out specific details is time-consuming. and as such we may not always write out the written description of the issue but we will always alert you to any known issues and again. we will photograph it and direct you to look at photos. IF YOU NEED MORE DETAILS OR SPECIFICS. you need to ask it is your responsibility to KNOW what you are buying. YOU SHOULD WANT TO LOOK AT ALL PHOTOS and YOU SHOULD LOOK AT ALL PHOTOS; especially if we have alerted you to a need to see any issue/wear/defect in photos.  

H. SIZE: This subject is covered about 10 times in my listings. know your measurements and go by measurements. not retail size tags.  It is not the seller's mistake if your item does not fit as measurements are provided and if they are not. you MUST reasonably ask for them.  Go by MEASUREMENTS when buying all items that you wear on your body. only YOU know your measurements! Manufacturers can only guess what the median size is for thousands of body types. foot sizes. bracelet sizes. etc. KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS AND GO BY THEM WHEN BUYING.  

16. Unhappy?: Talk to me. do not turn to feedback to vent your frustrations. try talking first. We are easy to reach.

17.  Happy?: Please let us know when we got it right. people learn faster with positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement. Thank you!

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