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Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster

Sale price: $70,000.00 make an offer

Car location: United States
Sale type: Fixed price listing

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
Year: 1969
Type: Convertible
Color: Black
Mileage: 10,140
Engine: 4.2 Liter 6 Cylinder
Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Trim: Roadster
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster for sale

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Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster Photo
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster
  • Jaguar : E-Type Series II Roadster

Presenting this Stunning.

Jaguar E-Type

Series II Roadster




Original. Triple Black Color CombinationOriginal. Numbers Matching EngineTriple SU Carburetor Setup (Original Zenith Carbs Included)3. 07:1 Axle RatioCA Black & Gold PlatesJaguar Heritage CertificateStayfast Canvas Convertible TopBrand New Vredestein 185R15 Sprint Classic RadialsOriginal Chromed Knock-off Wire WheelsAMCO Chromed Luggage RackOriginal Owner's ManualRecently ServicedGaraged & PamperedMeticulously MaintainedLots of RecordsOutstanding Overall ConditionMuch More!

Please allow time for all 98 GIANT photographs to load and carefully inspect as great cars such as this rarely come along.



Or click on this link for a 163 photo slideshow:

http://s746. photobucket. com/user/cars2k/slideshow/1969%20Jaguar%20E-Type%20Series%20II%20Roadster?sort=9photobucket. com/user/cars2k/slideshow/1969%20Jaguar%20E-Type%20Series%20II%20Roadster?sort=9

The Jaguar XK-E Roadster is considered among the most recognizable classic sports cars in the world. Uniquely pedigreed. the “E” -Type stems from the marque's fabled 1950s Le Mans racers. Designed by Malcolm Sayer. the artist-engineer behind the winning D-type. its rolling sculpture and unbridled performance was sensational in 1961.

The XKE is even more desirable today. Its long. phallic-looking bonnet and sensuous “6” indisputably qualifies the flamboyant Jaguar as the sexiest car around; able to turn grown women into giggling debutantes upon sight.

Constantly upgraded and refined. the 1969 Series II model represents the zenith of its development in six cylinder form. Gone were most of the quirks--such as limited legroom. fixed seats. worm-eye headlights. non-synchronized transmissions and inefficient cooling systems.

The Series II featured a larger. more powerful 4. 2 liter engine and more efficient radiator that was thermostatically controlled by twin electric fans. A fully synchronized transmission. improved brakes and suspension. open headlights. rocker dash switches and fully reclining bucket seats greatly improved driver safety and comfort.

Unfortunately in the late 60's. US EPA imposed ever-tightening emission requirements which emasculated the straight-six-powered. Series II "E" when Jaguar changed the 3 carburetor configuration to only 2.

Fortunately. this elegant E-type roadster not only includes the enhanced features of a typical Series II. but is upgraded with the Triple SU Carburetor systemoriginal to the earlier Series 1. Additionally. the rear differential was rebuilt with a 3. 07:1 gear ratio making this XKE practical and reliable enough to be used as a daily driver. but with performance comparable to the original. European Supercar.

Being a California black plate car. this E-Type possesses an immaculate rust free body with all original panels and superior fit. It has never been damaged nor had a panel replaced - an extremely rare event with any E Type. It is. in fact. also an original black car.

According to Production Record Trace Certificate number 40944 from the Jaguar Heritage Archive (included). this Jaguar E-Type Series II 4. 2 Liter Open two-seater. left-hand drive. chassis number IR 9059 was manufactured on 10 April 1969 with a black exterior. black interior and black hood (soft top) colour.

As we all know. a car has to be more than the sum of its parts. This is one such car. It is a turn-key and go road weapon. It handles as good as any modern car. rides surprisingly well. and brakes without a hint of wobble or fade. The engine's power is tremendous. with a wide. flat power band and gobs of torque. The rear-end gear ratio was selected perfectly. and along with great acceleration. this car comfortably cruises at 100+ MPH.

This NO RESERVE auction represents a rare opportunity to acquire a wonderful and exclusive automobile. in outstanding overall condition in less than one week's time.

Let's have a closer look now.



With black canvas top. leather interior and wire wheels. the Series II Roadster for auction here is the epitome of Britishness.

Professionally repainted once (some 20 years ago) in its original black color. this feline is as healthy as a show cat travelling with its own veterinarian. The buttery finish oozes character and displays a patina that is irreplaceable.



When inspecting a vintage Jaguar. closely examining the structural integrity of its monocoque ("unit body") is of paramount importance.  


A straight body. hallmark of unmolested originality.

The buttery finish has been brush-touched in some areas (see photos of louvered section of the bonnet. just above the exhaust manifold) and there are a few other miniscule dings. chips. scuffs & scratches but nothing to cause the enthusiast sleepless nights.  

Most importantly. body gaps between hoods. doors. and fenders are of reference quality and there is absolutely NO evidence of rust. major collision repair or any other mishap that would cause the enthusiast sleepless nights.

Pictures clearly show the clean lines and rust-free rocker panels of this elegant cat. The long. sexy bonnet and the doors open and close smoothly and feature perfect shut lines.

Apart from being damaged by accidents. rust is a Jaguar's main enemy. If moisture has been allowed to be trapped inside its trunk compartment or beneath its floor mats. an E-Type can rust from the inside out!

Luckily. this fabulous specimen has always been garaged in a warm. dry climate and has never been exposed to rain. salty roads or traffic hazards.


Proudly displaying Black-and-Yellow CA license plates the Jag is currently registered through September. 2015.

This is what a fine Jaguar tail is supposed to look like: chromed dual exhaust pipes. gleaming stainless steel closing panel. bright lenses. undamaged sheet metal. even underneath.


All bumpers and brightwork display sparkling chrome. Rubber weatherstripping is in excellent condition and all electricals work. even the backup lights!



The immaculate body. trim and undercarriage not only speak volumes about the loving care this E-Type received but underscores its Southern California provenance.

E-Types came from the factory with steel disc rims. unless you specified the optional and rather expensive chrome wire wheels. They are true "knock off" center-lock wires. enhancing the beauty of the big cat immeasurably.

Soft paws: since the wheels were so beautiful. we decided to have a brand new set of Vredestein Sprint Classic Radials of the correct dimension. 185R15. installed.

Expensive? Yes. but the Jaguar's ride certainly benefits from factory correct tire technology.

With sparkling chrome and no curb rash. wheel detail is amazing.

Surveying the car's straight and smooth coachwork today. we marvel at every minute detail. In fact. withlittle preparation. this fine example of the marque could be proudly displayed at a local car show or Concours d'Elegance

While we're down on one knee. let's take a look underneath.

More important than shiny paint is a healthy undercarriage. In this case. everything looks good down under with a solid chassis. rockers and floorboards.

With typical fluid seepage consistent with any un-restored. half-century-old. British car. this Jag presents itself free of any kind of damage or corrosion.

A close look at this cat's various mechanical components and suspension confirms: everything is tight and healthy.

Rear differential has less than 7. 00 miles since rebuilt by Unitrax with a 3. 07:1 axle ratio.

In fact. inspecting the Jag's hidden sections "down under. something most sellers would be hesitant to agree to. you'll be as surprised as we were. finding out just how solid this youthful 45-year-old really is.



We'll inspect the interior next. shall we?

Jaguar's interior is no less exciting to behold.

A cockpit lifted straight from the Le Mans-winning D-type. the black leather bucket seats. door panels and trim all look great; as does the wool pile carpeting. dash and full instrumentation.

Only a pampered classic can offer such a delightful original cabin.

Though not perfect. there is a little wear and tear – specifically seen in the above photos on the upper driver's seat where the top-frame lands.

From the wood rimmed. aluminum steering wheel to the traditional. white-on-black SMITHS gauges; this cabin communicates the intoxicating look and feel of the quintessential British Roadster--the last really good one. if you ask the experts.

The fascinating array of Smiths gauges and switches seem to be gleaned from a period aircraft. The tactile pleasures are markedly increased by the knowledge that everything actually works; except for the clock which - like the car is timeless.

Contrary to popular belief. the neatly arranged rocker switches are NOT of the three-position variety (Off - Flicker - Dim). but function as their manufacturer intended. Gauges. map light. interior light . . . they all work!

No corrosion found.  

Only original factory primer can be seen on the floorboards below the carpet padding.  

The upgraded AM/FM CD audio system guarantees pleasurable music. even when traveling topless at speeds well above the double nickel.

There are a couple small cracks on right side of the dash pad seen in this photo.

The original black WILTON wool carpeting is superbly preserved as well. mute testament to the car's well up-keeping.

Finally. the black canvas convertible top lifts up (and folds down) in seconds and fits tight as a drum with no leaks or wind noises.

Like a fine wine. it lends the perfect finish to this Roadster.

Then as now. owning an open-topped sports car surely is a source of almost unlimited pride of ownership.


Allright. let's check out the trunk.

Inside the clean. dry. carpeted luggage compartment is the spare tire and original jacking equipment.

Take out the mat and the wooden trunk floor and you'll gain access to the spare spoke wheel and tire; complete with jack and 2-pound. THOR copper knock-off and hammer neatly tucked and tied into the original pouch.

A typical E-Type weak spot would be the trunk floor. Out of sight and deeply recessed. it is usually the first place where corrosion develops.

Things are different here!

No corrosion is to be found.  

A picture says more than a thousand words: this all original trunk is clean!


Let's take a look at the big cat's heart now.

Engine & Mechanical:


Raising the front-hinged bonnet exposes the heart of the E-Type. the feline's fabulous power plant.


Engine bay is very clean. If you are familiar with E-Types. you know how they can suffer from improper use and storage.

Not so here! There is no corrosion. only minimal surface rust.  

This Jaguar was used very sparingly--never in the rain--and it shows.

Originality abounds.

These numbers stamped on the block confirm this is a numbers matching Jaguar. featuring its factory-installed engine and drivetrain.



This 4. 2-liter. six cylinder power plant inhales through 3 SU Carburetors for added horsepower (a costly upgrade). The original rear differential has been rebuilt and fitted with a European 3. 07:1 gear ratio making this E-Type the ultimate freeway flyer!

The Jaguar XK engine is rightly regarded as a classic design that was well in advance of most others at the time of its introduction. Its remarkable qualities were proven in competition during the 1950s and it was good enough to remain in continuous production for 40 years.

This engine runs exactly like you would expect it from a well-maintained specimen.

It's a bullet-proof drive train. built with long distance touring in mind. certainly provides more than sufficient agility to prevail on any U. S. highway.   Smoke upon start-up. unusual noises and excessive oil leaks? 

Not here!

Beyond routine tune-ups & oil changes. thousands of dollars were invested into preventative maintenance over the years.

The previous owner (a multi-millionaire land developer) said the transmission and head were gone through by the dealer. This would have been approximately 12 years and 10. 00 miles ago but there are no records this work. I have owned the car for the last 10 years. During this time. the car has received religious oil changes. meticulous maintenance and was kept garaged. covered and pampered like my one and only child.

All maintenance was performed by Britalia in Fullerton. CA. Master mechanic Walter Kelly of Britalia (now retired) enjoyed the highest marks from JCNA and British car clubs across the country for his 40+ years. experience and superior knowledge of E-Types.

Just last week. I took the car on a final drive up the twisties to the Walt's mountainous “man cave” where he replaced fluids and hoses. timed. tuned and “tickled” the 3 SU carburetors; blessing the drive train. brakes and suspension. A privilege for both me and the cat - as it purrs like a kitten with 50 lbs oil pressure at warm idle (verified with an auxiliary mechanical gauge).



In short. no wear item has been left unattended; as a result. this Jagis mechanically as strong as it is cosmetically.


Speaking of cosmetics. let us stress how straight the body is. how sparkling the chrome. how glossy the paint: if you wouldn't know differently. you'd think to be looking at a 5-year old. not a 45-year-old car.  

This one is that clean!




Driving this unique XK-E is a revelation!
A trip in any open road car is something to remember. but it becomes an almost mythical experience in this E-Type Roadster!

Once seated snugly behind the aluminum-spoke steering wheel. you pull the choke 2-3 clicks and turn the ignition. Even dead cold. the power plant fires right away and falls into a determined. slightly lopey idle. awaiting the things to come. The well-muffled rumble emitting from its twin end-pipes successfully disguises this cat's power plant.

This engine revs freely and runs oh so smoothly. developing a raspy. bellowing sound through the exhaust system that has to be experienced in person to believe it. Addictive. to say the least is the feeling of 250 well-fed horses ready to pull this lean. 2500-pound cat.

The E-Type's suspension was very well balanced and decades ahead of its time.  

It's steering. braking. suspension. road handling and driving comfort are still comparable to supercars of this new millennium.

The rack & pinion steering remains sure footed and precise and the new Vredestein radials makes handling lite. agile and superb with no rattles. shakes. shimmies or pulls. Parking and slow-speed maneuvers are also SO easy. Four-wheel disc brakes always stop the car in a straight line without a hint of fading.

Top speed is only limited by your guts (or the lack thereof . . . ). All the while you are the center of attention and the recipient of more 'thumbs ups' then you imagined would be humanly possible. Actually. it's the predaceous feline they admire. but you. as her master and tamer. are the man.

Jaguar's XK-E has been rightfully called the World's most sophisticated adult toy. We could not envision a more satisfying. stress-reducing workout than a weekend getaway in this sexy machine. All in all. this Jaguar is a thoroughly convincing performer and a joy to drive!

XK-E's awe-inspiring appearance elicits unanimously admiring comments. In fact. it is one of a handful of cars that look terrific from any angle. hereby confirming that Sir William Lyons created a piece of automotive art. Hence. it's an E-Type Roadster that is displayed in New York's Museum of Modern Art.

This beloved automobile is not only a collector's item but could serve as a stylish daily transport. It's a fully functional museum piece and a welcome alternative to your SUV. To find another one like it would be nearly impossible. to restore a lesser one. a tedious and expensive undertaking.

There's but one stumbling block on the way to XKE heaven: Unrestored. triple black examples almost never come to market. All the more reason to watch this one closely;

Presently. we have a clear. CA Title.  

Local sales tax and DMV transfer fees apply ONLY to residents in CA; no smog test required.  

All questions must be answered and all inspections must be completed PRIOR TO BIDDING. Proof of insurance will be required for a test drive.

This Jaguar is being sold in AS-IS CONDITION and comes with absolutely NO WARRANTIES EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

We are proud to have 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Bid with confidence. knowing everything represented in this auction is accurate.


This Jaguar's present condition and buying terms have been described as accurately as possible.

If you have ANY questions or want to arrange a personal or 3rd party inspection. please email us. You will receive a prompt response.  


E-Type Jaguar roadsters are highly valued among automobile connoisseurs. and command prices well over $100. 00. reflecting the XK-E's supercar status. If you are someone who enjoys drivingyour collector cars. you will appreciate this cat's powerful drivetrain and original state.

This fine automobile needs nothing. and it is poised to become your favorite toy. We do not hesitate to say: "Fly in and drive home!"

This is certainly one of the finest Jaguars in the nation and is offered here with No Reserve.

Appreciating daily. what a great opportunity to purchase a prime example of the World's most acclaimed Roadster; the immortal Jaguar E-Type which is sure to remain an outstanding investment for the winning bidder and a joy to drive for many years to come.


Thank you. good luck and HAPPY BIDDING!

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