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This is the history of the brand Ford since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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A symbol of loyalty, reliability and endurance. Recognized as one of the safest means of transport. Won the confidence of professionals, as well as ordinary consumers. This Ford. With whom and what has been its history?

History of auto with the great name

In 1903, the company was created Ford Motor. Its founders considered to be 12 businessmen and entrepreneurs headed by Henry Ford, where he held the position of Vice-President, as well as the chief engineer.

In the same year, was released the first car. He was a gasoline carriage, the capacity of which amounted to 8 HP. Such a car could drive even a 15-year-old boy.

In 1907, the first oval logo of the Ford Foundation in the form of the В«hallmarks of the highest sampleВ». That was to symbolize reliability and efficiency.

In 1908, was released on the model of the В«Tin LizzyВ», it was the most well-known and popular model of the Ford of the time. There were sold about 11 thousand.

In 1932, the company issued a vehicle with 8-cylinder engine. It is necessary to emphasize, that Ford, this is the first company, which issued a monolithic 8-cylinder unit.

In 1934, actively began the manufacture and production of trucks, which were equipped with thoroughly advanced engine.

From the 1940s, the company began to give priority to the safe movement. The basic policy of the Ford of the time, Yes and this is a concern for the life and health of the person, i.e. the maximum reduction of the risk when driving.

In 1970 Ford for the first time as a serial producer has let the car with front disc brakes.

In 1976, oval logo Ford, which had a blue background and silver letters, has become a mark of quality and distinctive feature of the Ford cars.

Ford is the most famous and safe form of transport. Over the years, decades worked great minds, experienced engineer-designers.

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