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This is the history of the brand Saracen since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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After World War II, Britain has created a series of wheeled armored vehicles FV600, which included armored FV601 Saladin and Saracen FV603 APC . BTR FV603 Saracen was launched in a series by " Alvis " in Coventry in December 1952. The release of these APCs was completed in 1972. A total of 1,838 vehicles manufactured family FV600. During the 1950 BTR FV603 Saracen was the only type of armored personnel carriers , was in service of British Army and the British Army of the Rhine . These machines are used in the Middle and Far East. Last Saracen armored personnel carrier was removed from service in the British Army in 1993 in Hong Kong.

BTR FV603 Saracen was completed with the same vehicle chassis as the armored car Saladin. However, the design of the case is very different from them . The driver's seat in the Saracen armored personnel carrier is in front of the body in the center, the commander - to his left , and the radio operator - the right. The troop compartment is located aft of the APC . There can accommodate up to eight fully -equipped infantry , which are located in the center of four in a row , back to back .

Above the front of the cab on the turret mounted 7.62- mm machine gun on the stern of - 7.62- mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

The front four wheels - controlled . FV603 Saracen armored personnel can continue to move at damage one wheel on each side . Engine 8 -cylinder gasoline " Rolls- Royce " B80 Mk6A installed front and protected by armor .

Based on the BTR FV603 Saracen were created sanitary evacuation vehicle FV611 high silhouette , command vehicles and FV604 FV610. Creating a self-propelled artillery and machine razgrazhdeniya with Katkov trawl failed. The failure befell when creating health machine FV602.

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