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This is the history of the brand Subaru since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The creators of this car have always sought to high technical indicators. Their goal was to create a stable and secure car, capable to stand in a variety of extreme conditions. It is a Japanese car with a loud name - Subaru. What is the historical path of the Japanese legend?

Important historical landmarks Subaru

In 1917, the young enterprising engineer Nakajima in Nakagame opened aviation research laboratory. Which further engaged in the automotive industry.

In 1931, the laboratory was still aircraft manufacturing company. That manufactures its products in the Second World War.

Approximately in 1945, the company received the name Fuji Sangye Ltd. And hereinafter involved in the release of cars.

In 1946, was created the first scooter. It mainly consisted of aircraft spare parts, which have remained since the war time. And only in 1954 it was designed by the first prototype of the car Subaru. Unfortunately, the first car Subaru 1500 and was not released due to financial difficulties.

In 1958 year, there was a significant production of a new car Subaru. He had gasoline consumption is less than three litres per 100 km. This was necessary, as was at the time the fuel crisis. Then was released Subaru 360, which did not descend from the conveyor in the course of 11 years. He was distinguished by a high degree of reliability and the low price.

In 1965, the company issued Subaru 1000. An important feature: it was the first Japanese car with front wheel drive. It should be noted that in this period of time, all focused on rear-wheel drive, but not the В«SubaruВ».

Starting from the 1970s, Subaru has been highly appreciated by specialists and experts, as well as buyers.

Yes, Subaru, indeed for those who appreciate quality, safety and speed!

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