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This is the history of the brand Citroen since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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The company of the auto sought to create their cars on the American type. Pursuing the goal of turning inaccessible car into a mass product. His appearance in the world, she must Andre Sitroenu. It is the world famous car Citroen. With what started the history of the French auto?

Historical aspects

In 1919, the Andre Citroen designed his first car brand Citroen Type A. This model did not have any technical features, she only had a low cost. A few months later there was a second model of Citroen 5 CV. Which had a 4-cylinder engine. At that time she was glorified reliability, as well as good flow.

With 1925-1929 year there have been several dozens of vehicles. In connection with which the company Citroen has become the leader on volumes of manufacture of automobiles in Europe.

1928 the company had to В«CitroenВ» historic. All models were produced with steel body. This was an important advantage among all competitors, as many companies only a few years later began to produce cars of steel.

In 1955, the company launched the legendary Citroen DS. He had the most beautiful design, gidropnevmanicheskoy suspension system, as well as disc brakes. It should be noted that they were developed by the first in history.

From 1976-1979 year the management of the company passed Peugeot. In connection with what was lost individuality of Citroen. Cars have become maintain a conservative style, inherent in the В«PeugeotВ».

In 2000 Citroen reached its historical maximum. Has sold over 1 million cars.

Citroen is a French car, which in its history has gone through a lot of difficulties, especially in the period of economic crisis. But he was always in demand and popular cars among European cars.

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