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This is the history of the brand Dodge since the establishment of the company and up to the most modern of vehicles produced under this brand.

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Passenger cars of the raised passableness. With the brand in the world. Their range had no equal. Who is it?" It is about the Dodge. This company is a specialized branch of the American Corporation В«ChryslerВ». Their goal is to reproduce and improve models of cars with a high degree of patency.

The history of В«DodgeВ»

on November 14, 1914, was released the first car under the world-famous trademark of the Dodge Brothers. It was a great time for Americans John and Goreysa Dodge. After all, it is they who created his own company, where and launched the production of the now famous in the whole world cars В«DodgeВ».

In 1920, the organization of the brothers Dodge in the world market occupied the second place after the В«FordВ». In 1928, the group called the Dodge entered into the world famous Corporation В«ChryslerВ», in this period, he became known brand Chrysler.

It is interesting that the В«DodgeВ» very often changed. But most of all was the emblem of the head of the RAM. Why? In the opinion of some experts, this was due to the fact that bent exhaust manifold like the horns of a mountain goat.

1954 year. В«DodgeВ» took the first place among all the well-known fuel-efficient vehicles. With the consumption of fuel, as 9,26 l/100 km. It was a sensational success of the company.
1980. Plant Dodge was sold Volkswagen. After that issued the joint cars with some equity his participation.

1984. A true revolution in the automobile market. Was released Dodge Caravan. It was peredneprivodnyy minivan, which had a transversely located the engine. He won a huge number of fans.

The company Dodge was and is the world leader in production of cars of high quality and the degree of patency.

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