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Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport
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  • Volvo P1900 Sport
  • Volvo P1900 Sport

Volvo P1900 Sport

Model Volvo P1900 Sport - the first car company Volvo, published in 1956-1957 years. According to experts, the build quality of the less to the standards by all parameters, so for all time, produced only 68 copies of the Volvo P1900 Sport. Even the President of the company Volvo, one who had such a car for the weekend, I was dissatisfied with its possibilities - it is he, by the way, ordered to stop the production of the same day.

Volvo P1900 Sport had a 4-cylinder engine in volume of 1414 cubic meters and a capacity of 70 horsepower. Imperfect 3-speed manual transmission, but also the Foundation of the body and the weight of the technical details, taken from the Volvo PV444, did not take the car to the benefit. It is interesting, that on the territory of Sweden remained only 44 Volvo P1900 Sport, while the remaining 24 were produced for export to the us.

In spite of the fact that the model was and remains the most of this rare, instances of Volvo P1900 Sport with every year becomes ever less. For example, in the U.S. and there is no third of what was exported in the year 1957.

Other names of this model: Volvo P1900, Volvo Sport, Volvo Sport Cabriolet

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from Ernst, dated 16 december 2015
Hello Allen, saw your post from 150202 just now.

Can you give me some more data about your cousins P 1900: chassisnr, colour, state, preferrably some pictures and the name of your cousin, best regards,
Ernst H L Kasteleijn (owner of P 1900 # 63 and proto # 3)

from Pavel, dated 08 march 2015
Do you have Volvo 1900 for sale now?

from Allen Isaac Fistell, dated 02 february 2015
I know the where abouts of the last P1900, it is in my garage and belongs to my cusin. So for anybody looking for it we have it. It will be forsale this coming summer. You can contact me at [email protected]?

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