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Spectre R42
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Spectre R42

Model Spectre R42 - 2-seater sports car of the British company Spectre Supersport Ltd, manufactured in 1996-1997. The car began to foreign exact copy of the famous GT40 with minor changes to the design, possessed identical wheelbase and overall dimensions. For the first time the Spectre R42 introduced in 1996 in the framework of the London motor show, but soon the company was forced to declare bankruptcy. All sold 23 instance Spectre R42.

Car Spectre R42 was built on the chassis of the type "monokok" alloy metal. The total mass sports car was 1250 kg. The power of the 4.6-litre 8-cylinder engine amounted to 360 HP., that allowed the Spectre R42 accelerate to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The maximum speed of the sports car - 280 km/hour.

Spectre R42 was distinguished by increased resistance of the engine location almost in the middle of the car. Wider wheels provide the perfect coupling with a dry track. Their contribution in a comfortable ride fast on Spectre R42 has made and an independent front suspension, had a shock-absorbing properties.

Other names of this model: Spectre Supersport R42

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