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1984 Porsche 928 928S

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Technical specifications, photos and description:

Manufacturer: Porsche
Model: 928
Year: 1984
Type: Coupe
Color: Red
Mileage: 98,500
Engine: 4.6L V8 FI SOHC 32V
Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Trim: S
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1984 Porsche 928 928S for sale

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1984 Porsche 928 928S Photo
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S
  • 1984 Porsche 928 928S

Hello all. br>I am selling one of my Porsches. This is a 1984 Porsche 928S with a manual transmission and 98K original miles. This is a fairly rare car. I purchased the car recently to add it to my VW/Porsche/Audi stable which includes a 79' Carrera. 87' 951. 03' RS6. 01' S8. a Cayenne. a Jetta. and a Fiat 500:D --- however. I am starting to realize that I am a bit too ambitious with all of my projects going on to allocate the needed amount of attention to this car at this particular time. With that said. I have decided to part with it and allow someone else to finish it off to their standards.
The following history is available of this car since 1991:In 1992 the vehicle was located in Florida. In 1994 it made it's way up to Wisconsin. In 2000 the vehicle came back down to DC/MD/VA area - where it has spent the remainder of it's life. I believe I have purchased it either from the 4th or the 5th owner. The car has a fully clean car fax report (going back to 1991) and a clean title. I have thoroughly inspected it for replaced and non-oem panels. structural work. etc. and have found for everything to be original. The car did get a re-spray with a factory color in the past which was not the best quality --- however. more on that later.
The following service records are available for this car and will come in a nice file along with the vehicle:03/24/2014 @ 92. 53 miles ($3. 97. 20)• Replacement of front and rear strut. Set full ride height and conduct a full alignment.
11/18/2013 @ 91. 56 miles ($7. 42. 45)• Replacement of front shift rod coupler and re-securing of shifter and bushing. • Replacement of clutch hydraulics including brake hoses. clutch master cylinder. slave cylinder. clutch hoses. and the fluid. • Replacement of rear shifter coupler. • Full replacement of the clutch inclusive of clutch plates. driven plate. clutch disk. bushings. pilot bearings. release bearing. cam cap gasket and the rel. brg. guide. • Work on the exhaust system inclusive of welding in new exhaust hangers and the replacement of the exhaust gasket. • Full oil change. • Re-tensioning of the timing belt and balance shaft belts.
01/09/2013– Alignment
01/09/2013 @ 89. 91 miles ($453. 22)• Installation of two new Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 tires.  
06/20/2012 @ 87. 96 miles ($74. 90)• R12 refrigerant flush and dye put into the system.
12/28/2011 @ 84. 97 miles ($7. 11. 97)• Replacement of fuel dampener and regulator. • Replacement of starter. • Replacement of front brake pads. rebuild of front calipers. replacement of pads. brake hoses and replacement of right rear brake caliper. • Replacement of intake gaskets. intake boots. rubber throttle. fuel injector seals. etc. Remedied a coolant leak from thermostat housing and oil leak from oil separator housing. Replaced both fuel regulators. Replaced fuel lines. • Adjusted shifter near transmission. • Replaced the brake booster and brake master cylinder and re-bled the whole system.
08/02/2011 @ 81. 49 miles  ($312. 00)• Replaced thermo-switch for fan and refilled coolant system.
07/27/2011 @ 81. 21 miles ($9. 91. 25)• Full timing belt replacement inclusive of all belts. rollers. tensioners. thermostat. gaskets. rings. cam drive gears. oil pump gears. engine seal kit. distributor cap/rotor. crank gear. tensioning rollers. etc. • Replacement of oil pan gasket. entire power steering rack. steering rack boots. tie rods. motor mounts• Oil change• Alignment• Replacement of the battery
7/27/2010 @ 79. 13 miles ($2. 03. 52)• Diagnosed hard starting and replaced faulty components including cleaning of contacts• Replace the ground cable• Replace alternator• Replace rear brake pads and rotors along with sensors• Conduct cosmetic work on car• Conduct an oil change
11/23/2009 @ 79. 76 miles ($1. 21. 51)• Removed and replaced alternator• Repaired windshield washer• Replaced the expansion tank which was cracked• Installed breather hose to air cleaner
03/16/2009 ($343. 00)• Lloyd floor mats• Stateman rear deck mat
06/26/2007 @ 77. 84 miles ($295. 07)• Conduct a stat e inspection• Replace wiper blades• Conduct an emission inspection• Mount tires and wheels• Conduct a balance on wheels• Conduct an oil change
4/26/2007 ($521. 24)• 4 new Bridgestone Potenza RE750 tires
05/15/2006 @ 76. 85 miles ($747. 68)• Conduct an oil change• Replaced left front tie rod assembly• Perform a four wheel alignment. set camber. caster and toe settings• Align steering wheel 
79. 00 miles ($953. 02)• Repaired loose starter on bellhousing. • Provided and installed a new starter• Repaired rear hatch latch. • Repaired hood cable and attached components inside vehicle
07/05/2005 @ 76. 55 miles ($48. 92)• Conduct an oil and filter change
07/01/2005 ($108. 94)• Replace coolant pressure switch
06/02/2005 @ 76. 47 miles ($222. 00)• Mount and balance four tires
05/24/2005 ($494. 62)• Upgrade of polished wheels
05/23/2005 ($101. 85)• K&N Filter and Porsche Colored Valve Caps
10/01/2004 @ 74. 80 miles ($1. 70. 91)• Conduct a master cylinder cap replacement. greasing of rotor seals. and brake fluid change• Conduct a safety inspection• Conduct an air conditioning service. evacuate and recharge system and replace the expansion valve. AC condenser. compressor and hoses• Repair rear brake sensor wiring• Replace front brakes and rotors and replace front rotor seals/service bearings
11/22/2003 @ 73. 32 miles ($202. 50)• Conduct an oil change
04/29/2004 @ 74. 34 miles ($798. 39)• Performed a sunroof service
07/17/2003 @ 72. 00 miles ($98. 87)• Conduct an air conditioning service
01/29/2003 @ 71. 24 miles• Replace alternator• Starting and charging system test
12/26/2002 ($745. 75)• Installed new shift linkage• Replaced central ECM to remedy dash lights being on all the time
08/30/2002 ($625. 00)• Dye 2 front seats and install new carpet. Install new gasket and seals around sunroof. • Replace interior lights
05/10/2002 @ 70. 56 miles ($501. 34)• Removed and replaced alternator
03/13/2002 ($310. 00)• Replace the smog pump• Replace the alternator housing. fader knob and belt
01/31/2002• Removed and repaired dask board• Checked timing belt tensioner and idlers• Installed antenna• Checked for clutch adjustment• Replaced fuel accumulator• Installed speed mount• Repaired speedometer and replaced circuit board
01/21/2002 ($45. 00)• Replaced battery ground cable• Replaced dash temp sensor
01/19/2002 ($94. 04)• Install new battery
08/09/2001 ($70. 61)• Purchase a new owner's manual• Replace the sunroof switch
07/09/2001 ($215. 86)• Replace 02 Sensors
06/21/2001 ($214. 00)• Replace center muffler
06/14/2001 ($28. 00)• Replace the hood badge emblem
12/26/2000 ($128. 28)• Replace the control cam kit• Replace the pressure switch• Replace the ignition switch
12/06/2000 ($235. 50)• Replace the washer hose connector in hood. Replace the combo switch with cruise control• Replace the washer nozzles (heated)
11/29/2000 ($217. 75)• Replaced central indicator
11/15/2000 ($277. 00)• Replaced fuel pump
11/16/2000 ($64. 75)• Replacement Gas Cap
11/15/2000 ($159. 94)• Replace the shift knob. armrest box. left and right door vents
11/10/2000 ($46. 15)• Instrument bulb with holder
11/08/2000 ($449. 71)• Replaced the 12V instrument bumb. interior lights• Replaced idler roller. water pump. power steering belt. air pump and fan. alternator belt. AC belt. water pump.
09/08/2000 ($1. 35. 10)• Replaced lock nuts• Replaced air filter strap• Replaced upper control A-Arms (left and right)• Replaced steering rack boot and tie rod ends• Replaced hand brake shoes• Replaced splash shield. washer filler neck. washer tank in fender
09/08/2000 ($344. 00)• Replace ball joins with OEM updated kit
08/30/2000 ($159. 80)• Replaced horizontal grill and brackets
08/17/2000 ($706. 95)• Replace one Bilstein shock
08/15/2000 ($241. 00)• Air Compressor and emergency spare purchased
07/10/2000 ($62. 00)• Replaced the wheel skin
07/05/2000 ($63. 00)• Interior rear view mirror
06/26/2000 ($56. 59)• K&N Filter and filter cleaner kit
06/23/2000 ($262. 48)• Replace the belt pulley guide/cover
06/23/2000 ($85. 37)• Spark plug replacement
06/22/2000 ($111. 96)• Replaced hood shocks. deck shock. window switch. and wiper blades
06/15/2000 ($85. 87)• Conducted an oil and filter change• Replaced fuel filter• Replaced spark plugs (Bosch)
06/12/2000 ($219. 00)• Chin spoiler
The previous owner was meticulous about ensuring that the car is mechanically up to par. As you can see --- some of the bill amounts are extraordinary. The clutch remains to only have about 8K miles on it; the struts (factory Bilstein -- adjustable in back) were installed new within the last 7K miles; and the timing belt along with all components only has 17K miles on it as well. The last owner conducted the last oil change at 95K miles.
The interior of this car is also something that shines. The owner had all of the seats re-upholstered very recently. The carpets were all replaced with a Lloyd set and also come with Lloyd car mats. The dash does NOT have any cracks on it! The only other items that could require some perfectionist attention is the headliner. passenger door arm rest. the shifter boot which I think simply needs to be snapped into its holster. and also the rear view mirror which has had the reflective backing inside of it peel. Outside of that you have a show-worthy interior.
More on the exterior. The car has had a re-spray. Appears as all that was done by the shop who simply utilized masking take to mask everything instead of disassembling certain components. Certain areas have a bit of overspray on the gasketing. certain areas the paint is chipping off. What needs to really occur to have this car to 100% is it needs to be sanded. bumpers taken off. glass taken out. and repainted. During this time a few of the minor rust spots can also be handled. The rust spots (as pictured) are all very minor surface rust spots. I have also taken pictures of the inner fenders to show that there is no rust. Below you will also see pictures of the wheels which simply need a bit of a mothers ball polish on them. These are polished and not crappy chrome. There is no curb-rash on any of the wheels.
On the engine and drivetrain. The car runs great. I drove it home when purchased (~60 mile trip) and it drove great. Very fun to drive with the manual. I have driven it several additional times since then. The only thing I have noticed is that since the front brakes are slotted there is a bit of a pulse on the pedal (just needs two front rotors); additionally sometimes there is a bit of a grind when shifting from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. I anticipate the Synchros will need to be replaced within the next 10 or so K miles. This is intermittent and comes and goes. Otherwise it shifts great.
I have 90+ HD pictures of the car I would be happy to provide anyone with. I also do have the CarFax report for the car as well.
As far as price --- I'd like to sell; but I don't NEED to sell. I am looking for a best reasonable offer.
Please ask all questions prior to offering. The car is sold as is/as seen. This is a used. classic car. $500 deposit due within 24 hours of purchase.  

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